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Huang Longxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Longxi Chengdu is located 40 km south-east direction, in recent years the industry was optimistic about the tourists and new tourist attractions - Huanglong Xi. Huanglong Xi River House to the east (Jinjiang), Wrangler north mountain, the town that year there were 7 of the temple and Hui (life), John (Hill), China (Yang) of the total House government offices. Zhou Yi pier Lin, gathered in business with one of prosperity.

Huang Longxi town was aroused by the film and television industry are concerned because this style of the Qing Dynasty Street, the market remains well-preserved architecture. Qingshi Ban paved street, wooden columns Qingwa of the premises loft, beautifully cut out of the window lattice fence, all in order to give people a sense of quiet simplicity . The town was also 6 years old in more than 300 yellow hornbeam, Climb, Zhetianbiri, to the town added a lot of Aura. Now the town has preserved Temple in Zhenjiang, Gu Long and Chaoyin Si Temple Temple of the three annual Lunar June and September Ninth of the Ninth temple, but also reproduce the old town of Yang noisy scenes. Huang Longxi town was favored by visitors, not only because Shanqingshuixiu here, there is no noise of the big cities and noisy; more here because of the winding Shi Jing Road, the Wood River cornices Qiaojiao Diaojiao Lou, on the streets The tea shop inside the temple of the wind around smoke, and so on, show a township in Sichuan Customs map gives a simple and novel experience.

  Huang Long Xizhen House River to the east, north Wrangler Hill, Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery and the town's residents on the quiet simplicity of life in this environment. The first systematic Huang Long Xizhen launch of the show, when the number of Chinese Trade Corporation. 1990 The company in the country to copies of a publication, "Huang Longxi glimpse of the ancient town", detailing the history of the ancient town, Liang Shan Bingtun Wrangler, as well as the ancient town successors Chinese medicine and so on. And a large number of temples, old trees, ancient streets, ancient wooden bridge and the ancient, bamboo-photo, showing the Huanglong "Scenery of the ancient town, the ancient town of folk-sun," the scene. In the same year, "China's civil aviation", "Southwest Airlines" magazine layout, introduced at the beginning of the ancient town of Huanglong Xi style. In'92 China Tourism Year and friendly ", Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Civil Aviation Authority jointly southwest of the ancient town of Huanglong Xi will push for the 8 selected one of the tourist routes. Huanglong Xi is only 30 km away from Chengdu, the people of South South after the opening of the extension line from Chengdu to Huanglong Xi only 20 minutes away; with the House and the River navigable from the sea to the Huanglong Xi, along the way can enjoy the pastoral scenery of western Sichuan Bazi Will be some more flavor.

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Anren town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anren Chengdu Plain is located in the western town, 41 km away from Chengdu, Shuangliu International Airport, 38 km, 8 km Dayi county, is a key state in the town; is the base for the education of young people, the state 4A-class tourist attractions, national key cultural units and Sichuan Province, "one of the Golden Flower 6" - Liu seat of the manor; is Sichuan Province, famous historical and cultural towns and 10 major tourist town in Sichuan Province; by provinces and municipalities as a key support of small cities and towns, is to declare Chinese history and culture of the town. Jurisdiction town 15 villages, four neighborhood, an area size of 21.4 square kilometers of urban area of 3.2 square kilometers with a total population of 23,000, of which Population of the town of 11,000 people.

  Anren town has a long history as early as the Tang Takenori three years (the year 620 AD) built on the An Renxian (as early as the 50th anniversary of Dayi County building), under the Road Jiannan Qiong state, according to "world peace in mind" set by the "benevolent take Anren Meaning, "named after the then rule on the county in today's security In the town, as a result of the ancient "Anren" county government, it got its name. Up to 21 years of the Yuan Dynasty (1284 AD), Build An Renxian withdrawn, the region was placed under the Dayi County. Anren liberation "of the three services nine eighteen brigade mission," said one after another has emerged Liu Wenhui, Liu, and other military and political officials.

  At present there are Anren Kept relatively complete history of ancient residential neighborhoods and estate buildings with an area of about 300,000 square meters; preservation of the public during the Qing Liu estate groups, such as the ancient residence hall Liu Xianggong 27; there are Red Star Street, Shu Street, Yue Man Street Old Streets of the three, and so on; small Western-style building (formerly the Association for the Advancement of public Shezhi), Anren secondary school (the original school color), 10 minutes , The atmosphere of ancient culture and tourism, highlighting the advantages.


  In order to further excavation of the ancient town of Anren cultural history, combined with Liu Manor and the surrounding residential buildings and folk Anren town, the town of Dayi county government and I introduced in 2003 built the Chengdu Sichuan Housing Development Co., Ltd., Chengdu Railway Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. to build a common culture Anren Industrial Park. The first phase will covers an area of 500 acres for the construction of a high standard to the museum the theme of the museum village. Anti-Japanese War of the main building of cultural relics exhibition hall and art gallery of the Cultural Revolution, is also a portfolio of 20 small and medium-sized non-governmental museums, and Museum of Western Sichuan was more casual, people in western Sichuan, western Sichuan food, inn in western Sichuan, western Sichuan, and other folk performances around the siege. Chuan invited to present at home and abroad, more than 20 well-known architects, the museum branch to carry out the design, construction of 20 single museum program has been completed, construction plans are under way monomer Dollars, by the end of March will be the standard approach for single building and construction of municipal infrastructure construction, the museum is expected in December this year in the settlement basically completed in June 2005 the official opening to the outside world. To the museum the theme of the museum village is Anren town of Culture and Tourism industry in the new project leader. Anren town of unique tourism Source of strong cultural, caused by the provincial, city and county leaders and relevant departments attach great importance, since 2003 there have been provincial party secretary Zhang Xuezhong, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary Li City, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Gan Daoming, the main city People's Political Consultative Conference Luo Longsen degrees, and other municipal leaders on many occasions to Anren office and on-site inspections. Anren town rich in tourism resources, tourism industry scale, Anren town of tourism resources are divided into two sections. First, the very early development of the well-known Liu's estate (including large-scale clay sculpture of "rent house"), the main attractions in the residence of Liu Wencai and the residence of Liu Wenhui. Liu Manor its unique calendar As well as the connotation of its own building on the great Chinese folk art of the craftsman and?????fully reflect the international tourism organizations recognized by the Sichuan Tourism Development "6 Golden Flower", "Sichuan Provincial Tourism Master Plan" has been out Focusing on the development of tourism resources, the country was classified as Class 4A tourist areas, and A national youth patriotism education base, the current estate Liu 4,100,000 yuan from ticket sales, tourism revenue of about 12,000,000 yuan. Second, the town is well-preserved cluster of residence and Shi Yuzuo Anren unique to the town of Old Streets, Road, Gu Xiang and ancient architecture. Old Streets of the three (Red Star Street, Shu Street, Yue Man Street), House, and the ancient tower Anren secondary school (the original school color) well-preserved, well reflected in the public Qing architectural styles and cultural characteristics, while the Chuanximinju with European style architecture skilful blend to form a unique The Chinese and Western architectural styles, all of which has not yet been opening to the outside world, the great The value of tourism development.

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Chaoyang Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chaoyang Lake is located in Pujiang County, southwest of Chengdu, 83 km away from Chengdu. By the Chaoyang Lake, Dan Xianghu, Long Beach, Lake and Xian Ge Fei, and other scenic spots, 110 square km area. Chaoyang Lake scenic area away from the earth, elegant Ming-jie, beautiful scenery, "Qingcheng water" in the world. Lake lush vegetation, water birds which come and go As if Shangri-la, known far and near, the first provincial-level scenic spots one. Chaoyang Lake landscape is a blend of artificial lakes, mountains and lakes to the main King, the original natural state as the characteristics of the natural landscape and human landscape with Health and long-hole landscape of the essence of rock, show a surprising feature of the ancient quiet, "Bi Quiet, "said forward. Lake 75 km long, has two branch water, forming 4 island, turning 28, 108 peaks. Mountain lake, there are more than 1,000 plant trees and flowers, rattan, green Peng Rong. Eagle Lake can be seen, thrush, as The group of white crane, duck, mandarin duck play. Chaoyang Lake 1 km from the Office of the lake in Long Beach, Long 75 , Island 3, 4 large branch water, turn 20, "Water broad macro trend" for its characteristics. 8 km outside the Dan Xianghu lake hectares of perennial lush pine forest, the shade of "Nine ditch fork 18," the lake. A lot of relics in the lake, was built in the Han Dynasty in Xian Ge Fei, Han Legend has it that there was a general here after , Obsessed with the beautiful scenery here, then off Zhengyi, in practice, the last immortal left. Jian Xian Ge Fei later to commemorate. In addition, Jiro Beach Cliff Figures, the resort Jiuxian Shan Buddhist, Taoist resort concept Taiqing; there are agents of Jurists Song Wei Weng of the founder of the former site of the College of Heshan, Li Yu-old Japanese star, as well as the war Ba and Shu Chuan Guan during the Han and so on. Chaoyang Lake elegant natural scenery and rich human landscape, attracting visitors eight points of the compass.

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Pengzhou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Xi Pengzhou, Chengdu, a small, bustling city as Jin." As early as the Tang Pengzhou Chuigong 2002 (the year 686 AD) in this home Pengzhou, Pengzhou Park, which is named after. Located in the golden days of Peng Peng's West Park Pengzhou, an area of more than 200 acres; green flowers and trees, bending three to nine, winding streets, wide boat down the lake pulp Wang Ru-fei, a hilly lawn of the ups and downs Shop Green Jade Diego, lions Qiaolan charm to greet guests, God cents Wall Peony Fairy Feelings are not words, the plastic artificial isolation of unexpected strange magic stone to the wall of water falls on behalf of the layer stack see a Roll and diarrhea, lanterns and fountains Xiangyingchengqu Linzeng Hui Park, a new type of entertainment young and old are rich and varied entertainment . . Gardening art in the form of financial and art together, F, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion, Tse, Ting, Tang, Gallery, Fang, Hall, have surfaced in the landscape garden, and contrast each other so that the plane layout of the rigorous, colorful space, embodied Park in the park, there are four King

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Jiulong Gou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Jiulong Gou, 38 kilometers away from Chongzhou urban area, 76 km away from Chengdu. Large number of overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, quiet setting Dicui everywhere, as a result of the "ditch nine nine nine-long trough," named after the myths and legends. Area known as "Dragon King's palace on earth" in the world. Trench, water hit with stones such as the voice of the Dragons, lying on the rocks like a Lung Poon, Qi Shape of the Great Wall stands as the "Dragon King presented Bao", "Zhuo Fei Long Quan", "Long Gui-picking" bizarre landscape, are the "Dragon King's palace on earth," a vivid interpretation. And along the ditch, "Dragon" melting snow from the Kowloon Zhi Xie Fei Bao meters, is moving Christmas soul; 6 Shan Qun, such as the size of six peaks here, it is Xinchanshenyao. The main peak looked Manshanbianye azaleas, welcoming thousands of pine, Siguniang Mountain snow, clouds, sunrise, Yuet Wah, Buddha, and other celestial phenomena endless landscape changes, Banpo verdant green trees, Banpo Yushu Qionghua yin and yang of the odd sector Habitat mysterious, "Xian-feng unlimited scenery in" endless charm in the best of them. This And if the water in the East China Sea Dragon King James linked to pro-Qi, as a bounce I do not know the girls worry about; there is shade of the pines Calocedrus Feng Qi Shan Monastery and the Millennium Shuangnan embrace of the Daming Si; Merry Emperor Li Longji and there's Yang Legend; a 6-Feng Shan sea of clouds of fantasy and Buddha is the heart Dang Shen Yao; Kowloon to Lao Xiong Fei Bao Gang paragraph Bamboo forest, rhododendron into films, giant pandas go. 6 Hill for the concept of the ideal Sky ......

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Dan Longmenshan Jingshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan River is located in Jingshan the source - the south bank of Jiang Jian, Yu Mo Longmenshan, relatively little high, but Tsui Diego mountains, beautiful scenery, has always been "only 10 minutes inspiring area of natural," "Xishu famous" enjoy "Danyue Zong. " Han is the late philosopher retreat Alchemy Taoism, Buddhism and then eastward to co-existence of Buddhist mountains Sheng view special. "Chong Luan Hall of planes, stacked floor, business peaks, hak lim shrines, Buddhist Longquan Shadow" is its portrayal of the real. However, ancient and modern yearning for celebrity, nostalgia or Dan's Jingshan peony. Dan Jingshan is a well-known since ancient times to watch the peony, Zhaoyuan for no reason, that is, when the Tang Sheng, Sheng Tai Zhi Song for five generations. The fall of Luoyang Kim, Dan Jingshan the only well-known for peony base to watch, but not only because of governance, and the fall of Cao Chang, the most important thing is Dan King peony in full bloom in the mountain cliffs, Daochui mosaic, the most famous and the Wild . According to Shi record books: the first Chutangsijie Wang Bo was demoted to be old friends Longxian nine Liu made too easy Dan Yao You Jingshan, leaving the famous through the ages , Dan Jingshan described the wanton, much appreciated: "Dan leakage, bi-tobacco habitat. Leg three off-duty leaf, flower Four strict secret. "This is a cliff that is a true portrayal of the peony. Sun Yuan-year period, Shi-Sheng Liu Yu Chengdu, Du Fu, a famous poet friend Pengzhou History of high relevance to invite, Dan Yu Jingshan Peony Awards, in the face of the country Ruxia color display Tang Yang, too close to play, Daihatsu poetic inspiration, wrote a famous poem Peony "by the end of flowers": "Grimmia supporting the new core, to be yellow According million to spend. Muyu line suddenly suspect, to what Asaka. Is the fear of Pan County, Kan Wei Kai-stay car. Well aware of the color is good, Mo Committee for the sand. " Ancient men Pan, Wei doing referred lining analogy Dan King's beautiful Peony, the end of a joint expression of love Shisheng Dan King of Peony Xihua complex. WANG Yan Emperor Qian Shu from the Five Dynasties Queen Mother Schiff, Tai Fei Dan tour Jingshan, the potential of its "rust wear cotton valley, the purple mountains Serling, the old and very prosperous," after viewing the Dan King helenahat Sing poetry: "A slope at a scene, Dai significant lock up the house ... Ping ... Folders water, why Penglai envy." "Biyanhongwu people bashing clothing, danger Cangtaishijing exposed places ... ... the good physical and mental acetabular quiet, corner crown Xia Xi Yi Phi matter." Dan Jingshan water scenery, is obsessed with peony flower color has not returned. Song income, Chengdu, four successive home Dan King of making a soft spot for Peony, the value of each flower, fast horses sent to Chengdu, at the famous garden - bar Flower Park West, to watch The Banquet, leaving behind a lot of Chan Yung-peony poems. The great patriotic poet Lu You love Peony Dan King, made a special trip to visit Dan Jingshan, wrote a valuable, "Peng days Peony spectrum . Old age home in Zhejiang, Sichuan distant from their still Hunqianmengrao. Yuan, Chen Zhao Song left the famous musician Wang Yuan-liang attracted to Sichuan Dan Jingshan Vitex on tour, but had to miss the flowering period, the only space to spend time to hear the booming grand occasion, to express the National Palace by King millet from the nation's sorrow. When the new capital of the Ming, Ching Tak champion Yang Shen Dan Yu Jingshan, Fushi brush description of Dan Sheng Jing Jing, of the Cuiwei "Even if the level of the Blue" and beam when compared with the Thai Temple, the Buddhist singing bell, ring-4:00, long gone; Dan Green if the water flow Song, Pingshang peony in full bloom like peony pink clouds of the sky, poet Poem Xiejiu pregnant, in the face of Choi Hung Liu Bao, Lian of the clean water, the Vatican Pavilion Smoke all over the Peony Hill, Jiang Yan wish to use pen God "a hundred times Yin-ho." Qing Dynasty, a gifted scholar in Sichuan transfer LUO Jiang Li Yuan (Guangdong, a former political science, history of the Department of principal), a miscarriage of justice rehabilitate return home, enjoy a few Dan King, the mountain flowers in the play-Chen, Jing Yong Fu Shi, praised the "Long-nine Yunfeng More surprisingly, "" flowers, such as bovine heart Yamashita . "Mount a further step Cuiwei shoes, boarded the" Pan Tuo stone on a clock back before the letter Cijing rare earth. "Modern times, the early years of Emperor Guangxu, Chengdu House know, Jian-Nan Huang Yunhe Ancha Shi-kai Bingbei Road, Lei Tang monk , And other travel professionals leave Dan King, the growing interest, chimed in with each other left a lot of poetry together, the answer is yes, poetry, the Suozhuan contained in the Peng procession in mind. " Well-known scholars, curator of the Academia Historica in the Chuan Yun Wang Kai, the board reward Dan King peony flowers to hang around, is pleased to joint title, "Yong day in the mountains for a long time for it to see the tree any Niaofei the sky outside." Master the art of well-known stem Zhang, Feng irrigation father, John Chen, also attracted Dan King a beautiful, natural Wild, unique Dan, Hill went to painting and painting, left a very deep impression on him. "East Van Gogh," Chen Chong Chan-title: "The cliffs are love setting Peony Health, Johnson-day search of women, it leaves Chui Hua, gorgeous valley"; What is more, several decades later, Mr. Chang lived in Brazil, but also fond memories of King Yu Dan, Poems straight; "is not a non-Luo Chang , Pengshan days of my hometown, spring flowers such as sea million, but the temples Inflow cream. "Contemporary, Dan Jingshan in the joint efforts of monks and laymen have been gradually restored building has become a tourist area at the provincial level, well-known country to watch one of the three major peony. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries cooked Zhang, Zhang and Ma Shitu, Yang Chao, Good Ju, Yang Xin, and other mechanized old provincial leaders in person inspection tour guide, Dan wrote Jingshan praise and Peony. Especially the beloved familiar old show, initiated the resumption of Peony and Pengzhou City, as a flower, the peony favorite, Sierra Leone cent had three years of King's visit to Dan flowers, "the three-day visit to Ho Peng frequently, spend more for the love of love." Or even because of leg Can not go to the Fair event, only a small seat studio also fascinated Dan King: "The spectrum of Fang Weng Yi-even obscure, remote Dan King presented frankly." Familiar old show Jingwo pass away after a pair of peony in Jingshan Dan shows his Feeling loved. West Germany, Japan and other countries of the plant academic experts and scholars also traveled long distances to test Chadan Peony King. Beautiful mountains and rivers, Peony So that the color of their eye-opening, awe, straight as "a paradise on earth." Dan Jingshan peony not only for the history and celebrity scholars, seekers can explore longing, love and admiration, especially the civilian population, the annual flowering April, open the floodgates to people, Dachaoshan, Buddha, flowers (Tang has since gradually survey Flower Festival) Extraordinary excitement, not Yang Diallo. To poetry as evidence; "let alone sublime Central Plains, Fashion through the ages since Liufang. Marlon water concept car Dan is that the foot of the mountain to make the formation of the market."

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Tong Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tong Lake Park is located in the side of Shuangliu county, 18 km away from Chengdu, lakes and Begonia is featuring a new antique garden, covers an area of 250 mu, of which more than 70 acres of water surface, as in western Sichuan in a garden of the Black Pearl Cui . Lake tong to 000, according to park on the lake, named "tong Lake Park." Park layout for China On behalf of the Royal Garden style, multi-area, type Collection, skillfully built around the 15 spots are skillfully combines the Shuangliu county's long historical and cultural origins, the park has two couplets as "tong Lake" a true portrayal of the scenic spots. A joint is: Smoke Ring fog wrapped Qian Shu-tong; clouds on the first floor of the living waves. Another joint is: Zhuge Sang street left, left - 're Shi; Begonia Spring and Autumn drunk, lying in western Sichuan into the second lake.

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Da muddy area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xindu County farm into the mud at the scenic da Pihe River tributary in the upper reaches, from Chengdu, 13 km north gate, 2 km Xindu county, Pihe River to the well-known ancient pier. At this point Pi He detour into the water on three sides of the peninsula, mud-da Scenic Area, covering an area of 180,000 square meters, divided the waters of bamboo. Along the river Huang Ting have a hidden listening Liuting, Fu Liu Ting, to be Apgujeong and watch fishing booth, Wangjiang Ting, Ting Jiang Da, King has deep Bamboo Garden in the House, with tearful. Da mud not far from the new capital are well-known Longmen Mountains, Song Zhao Bian, Yang Shen Ming Chung Yeung board, all love da mud scenery, left, "Sumikawa wild show put on such plans," "multi-Chao Mu Qi , The vegetation with heavy atmosphere of Hope "lines. There are foreign missionaries Wang Qing Dynasty established by the Joseph's Catholic Church is eco-tourism and recreational water good place.

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Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot (virgin forest Dayi) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot Dayi formerly known as virgin forest, located in the West Dayi County of Chengdu with a total area of 483 square kilometers. Temple-highest peak in scenic ridge 5364 meters above sea level, towering into the sky, the snow. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's Thatched Cottage in Chengdu residents had looked at Cijing, wrote a "window containing future Xiling Snow The famous. Set Linhaixueyuan scenic mountain weather, Xian-feng rocks, the rich different trees, rare birds and rare animals, such as the Rapids Landscape Feibao in one, is the state-level scenic spots. To rely on forests for landscape, travel to the four seasons: spring flowers to see, the concept of group waterfall summer, red leaves in autumn tours, winter snow and ice get. Especially in the vertical mountain The fabric of the most attractive scenery of the seasons. Water-rich area, thousands of water rafting. Kau Yi Xiantian waterfall, colorful waterfall, Xiao Quan Leopard is the best water features. "Kau Yi Xiantian waterfall", "Fei Quan hole", "Xiao Quan Leopard," "Buried Stone Forest" and "rhododendron forest," and so on more than 10 scenic spots in order to "fly the water falls," wow is: Township of the two-mountain valleys, springs from the 1400 m high mountain Baique roll down a cave to fly more than 360 meters, thundering roar, causing a "Galaxy off nine days of Kunming," a heavy heart! To be clear, sun, rainbow and Fei Bao seamless, beautiful. Another attraction is the perfect white sand along Kong Yin and Yang circles. "Yin and yang is the mountain community, but also two very different climate of the watershed. On one side is blue skies, blue sky Zhanzhan; side of the steam fog is a cloud Chung, hazy twilight deceive, to the mysterious visitors to unlimited reverie. With the visitors Climb a high degree of changes in the same season can be laid scenery with the seasons. When the sea level 13 0 meters to 2100 meters in the low Pinnacle Mountain Castle, flowers, and more than 3200 meters in the high mountains are snow-wrapped, the pure white snow. 3312 meters above sea level Redstone's tip, is the natural viewing platform, stretching several hundred in the West see the Snowy Mountains, when the rising sun, we can see, "Gold Mountain sunshine" Concept. East is expected to Yixieqianli Chengdu Plain.

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Xinhua Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinhua Park is a use of modern methods in the construction of the garden, set in modern landscape architecture, the amusement park into one integrated, open space, woodland park lawn with a very different level. Park reflects the modern landscape: woodland grass, flowers. Plant pruning style, European-style architecture. Park watch Zone features: The Night Garden: symmetrical setting of the European Diego water fountain, exquisite and unique. Die pattern, the exquisite beauty; Begonia Gallery: early spring bloom each other, like clouds steamed Wei-Xia stunning capture as color, form a 300-meter-long red corridor; Sutie Lin: into groups, into a film, single or multi-stem, thousands of large-scale Beautiful Cong poured green leaves, a tropical scenery; colorful carp: Cliff goes back Fei Bao, Ikegami Terrier cross small bridges, water and golden carp in Japan as clouds gathered; foliage: flame-like leaves, bright golden yellow ginkgo, fresh Cui-Qing Feng of the green, the deep Anhong Prunus cerasifera ... ...; view of flowers: Cherry Yan play in the spring, summer pomegranate Sihuo, Autumn Garden Lagerstroemia Yan, Qin Xin Fei Lamei flavor; Hawthorn: lotus leaves swaying, visible dew, flowers overflowing, fresh Long Run. Aquarium science projects, theater movement, the voice of music, such as Square pigeons. Children's play a video game palace, bumper cars, pirate ships, space coaster, to horses, dancing dolls, controlled flight And so on. There are water sports in the world, roller skating field. Cultural Plaza, 5000 square meters of perennial various kinds of cultural activities. Park a number of various grades of tea tea service provided by the Office of tea. Xinhua, born in the park during the reform and opening up to government-funded social forces and the combination of investment to build park. Followed on stringent business management, quality service purposes, Chengdu has been civilization, and other units honor. Park is open vision into the community to participate in market competition, and explore the survival of a free park development.

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World theme park in Chengdu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu has been the most popular ones among the world's park was built in 1994, is located in the western suburbs of Chengdu, 213 country road, away from the urban area 8km, covers an area of 700 mu with a total investment of 438,000,000 yuan, a renowned around the world on behalf of the national conditions and customs of 108 construction sites . The park had a record year in visitors to join in more than 10 Million records. Hungary has the heroic landscape of the main square, the European street, the European village church, the Church of Norway, Cyprus Garden, Venice Corridor Bridge, Hadrian detached palace portico, the Netherlands Shijie, the Netherlands windmill tower house, the church of Jesus, the Japanese residential areas, Guanyin, the Indonesian boat-shaped house, Tallinn, Ju Yung South-East Asia, Levin water, the big Buddha group Thailand, India Sarnath Buddha, Niagara Falls, the United States the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. House in the south, Uruguay balcony, the American Indian totem pole, Miriam Moe statues, temple of the snake-yu, Morocco market, the top hotel in Kenya , The Sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt, the African desert-sik Landscape, the concept of non-big house, the Mexican market, the tenth of its cotton ear fort, the United States in the western mountain scenery, Rainbow Bridge, the Maori people's home, such as the Mediterranean. Most scenic spots in accordance with 1:1 imitation prototype, known as "China's western region of the most scenic spots in the humanities."

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Chengdu Sichuan Opera Art Gallery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first museum in Chengdu Sichuan Opera Sichuan Opera Art Museum on December 28, 2001 Liaokai mystery. Museum valuable information, photos, such as in-kind to the Sichuan Opera show the audience the history, art, and so on the outcome. Chengdu Sichuan Opera Art Museum in Chengdu, Sichuan Opera Art Gallery on the basis of re-group The. Museums from "pear cluster Kam", "Lau-fong, Qu Shu," "Flower in full bloom," composed of three branches. "Kam pear cluster" of the main display of rich repertoire of Sichuan Opera, exquisite stage performances, unique and brilliant Sichuan Opera percussion on the stage arts. This brought together props, costumes, masks, mask, etc. Hall is a museum in three of the most content-rich. "Qu Shu Liufang" main display of the Sichuan opera from the three countries in the early prototype by the Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, the Republic of China until the early 1980's history and development. "Flower in full bloom" details of the Sichuan Opera national art Care, Sichuan Opera's revival artistic, creative performances and prosperity, and so on.

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Phnom Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phnom Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, next to the starting point, covering an area of 410 mu, the ups and downs shallow hill in the park, a vast terrain, verdant forests, quiet environment. Park Bi You Lamei Park, Begonia Park, Park Lagerstroemia, bamboo, fishing ponds, forests Quan Shi, Ginkgo Court, Yu Ming-Xuan, and other scenic areas. Also new is Prachuab miniature monuments Court, Chengdu landmark nine-floor, landscape, but also Biyou area for the majority of people Yechui light a fire in the district. Phnom Cedar Park in Pu-sik, ginkgo, camphora, Lagerstroemia, Metasequoia, peach, osmanthus, magnolia trees, such as a total of more than 80 strains of 4 million, covering about 80 acres of Zhuhai, Bamboo pole million Green and luxuriant, a total of nearly 100 varieties of more than 60,000 trees, the forest park dotted with lawns, pool Lake, Ting Xie, trails, rather Wild in the mountains. It is a fun, leisure, fishing, recreation, and pay homage to a plethora Yechui, a good place to drink tea. Nine-floor tower is located in shallow hill in the park at the top of the Hill, the project to start In 1995, cost more than a million have been completed and opening up. Its name from the nine-floor Shi Xian Li Bai poem of "San Hua Teng-cheng House," "this one to Gordon Wang, as nine Tour" building up to 70 meters, a total of 13 layers with a total construction area of 1,000 square meters 4. Layer 1, 2, the square for the main hall, 3 -- 0-for-eight tower structure, cornices to the sky, 11-13, 15-19, Alice-12-4 by the combination of small Fang Ting, the top floor of a large collection Fang Ting-top. The sophisticated design of the tower, a unique structure, melting into one floor tower pavilions, ancient architecture and modern clever civil architecture, a prominent local architectural style characteristics Tower appears to be far, appears to be nearly flat, style unique, as a landmark in Chengdu Tim's magnificent landscape.

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Chengdu Shu-Ming Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu Shu-Ming Zhu Yuan Ming Tomb is the tomb of the royal family group, has been 564 years ago, is located 4 kilometers from Chengdu Ching Ling Zhen foothills around ten. The excavation in 1979, in 1996, the State Council was announced for the fourth installment of the national key cultural unit of Capital Cities Shu-Ming Zhu Ming Tai Zu is Zhangdisunshu mausoleum of Zhu Xi Wang. Next ten hills in the Ming Dynasty Tomb of the third generation Shu Wang Xi as the center, around and around its neighboring region has the largest concentration of the tomb of Princess Zhao Xi Wang, Xi Wang Fei's Tomb, Qianjiang Huai mourn King, King Wai, Capital Cities-Hui, Zhao Mausoleum , As Capital Cities, as Wang Fei at the tomb, half of the tomb and tomb of Prince Dozens of tombs, ten Lingzhen be named. Ling is now in the tenth to explore the Capital Cities Xi, Zhao Mausoleum tomb of the two. Xi Capital Cities in 1979, archaeological excavations by the clean-up, unearthed more than 500 pieces of glaze terracotta warriors and horses, Dance and Music of figurines, and other precious artifacts. A total length of 28 meters underground palace, 8.96 meters wide and 6.59 meters high, only to resume The ladder up to 44 meters. Houdian its walls are inlaid center of the circular outline in gold hollowing Ssangyong glaze can be set in the Ming Dynasty art, Zhao Mausoleum of Zhu Yuanzhang's like a dragon head for the nation must. The Xiling than the Tomb of Wang Jian (Yong Ling) is even more magnificent, more beautiful than the Ming Tombs Beijing, and its exquisite carving of the calligraphy of bold, Wealthy's Palace, the mausoleum of focus, as the ancient Chinese emperors of the most beautiful hills with the highest concentration of the underground palace. December 1996 Shu-Ming Tomb of the State Council have been listed as national key cultural unit.

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Chengdu Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum in Chengdu, southwest China is a comprehensive museum, located in the Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu Shudutaidao Daci Si Road 23 (that is, the famous ancient temples Daci Si). In charge of the city within the scope of History, the collection, display, publicity and research. Chengdu Museum collection of old and new stone In recent times to the modern pieces of more than 10,000 cultural relics, of which hundreds of precious cultural relics, especially in the ancient stone, brick of the most famous portrait of the Han Dynasty. The library is displaying a fixed picture like "ancient history ---- Chengdu historical relics on display," it from different angles showed the historical and cultural city of Chengdu from the Neolithic to the opium war The grand history. Chengdu Museum was founded in September 1958, when the "topology of Chengdu Museum of the Preparatory Committee", by famous writers, Li Jie, vice mayor of Chengdu were comrades-term director of the Preparatory Committee, responsible for the city's heritage collection, investigation, identification and Keeping work. In 1962 to 1 On the custody of the Preparatory Committee collected a wide range of items collection, data on 10,000. In the same year, the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Bureau decided to postpone the establishment of the Chengdu Museum of topology. Early in 1974, Chengdu City Cultural Bureau in accordance with the needs, to form a "cultural relics management office in Chengdu," the restoration of the original topology of the museum's cultural business, Chengdu, the heritage and cultural cities of the work to a new level. In 1982, the Chengdu municipal government decided to resume on the basis of the "Chengdu Museum," After intense preparation, choose the site, and finally in 1984 the National Day official opening to the outside world. The formal establishment of the Chengdu Museum In the region marked the beginning of the cultural work of the stability and prosperity of the period. Display a large number of exhibitions, archaeological excavations and research results come out one after another, as well as Chengdu in Sichuan's cultural work has won the reputation. After decades of archaeological excavation and multi-collection, the Chengdu Museum collection is now a wide range of items million Pieces, formed from the ancient Stone Age, under the Republic of China until a more complete collection of the series. The collection of bronze, gold and silver jade, pottery, stone tools, pottery, stone carving and furniture, such as calligraphy and painting, in terms of quantity and quality have been formed and the size of the system. Particularly in the areas of the Han Dynasty in ancient stone and brick portrait of the most , Also the highest artistic value. Such as: Yau package Mumen portrait of the posterior wall of stone and rock carvings, stone carvings Southern Buddhism, the Five Dynasties Zhang Qian Zhao tomb stone, have reached a very high standard of art, classical style, the whole idea of big-hearted, lively local fine, can be A treasured work of art. Han brick-portrait is not significant, and precision Stacked up, in reputation at home and abroad, its history and culture of the Chengdu research is of great significance also for the Chinese art history has added a bright, Chengdu is the museum's Zhenguanzhibao. In addition bronze in the "Western Zhou bronze button sheep's head" and "Warring States silkworm Wen Ge copper," pottery "Eastern Han Dynasty figurines story-telling Such as single objects, but also collections of rare cultural relics treasures.

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Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base is located on the northern outskirts of Chengdu axes Hill, covers an area of 540 mu, ex-situ conservation of giant pandas is an important place. The base now has a full range of various kinds of breeding giant pandas necessary facilities, Shoushe, feed room, medical station, the giant panda museum floor, and experimental, there are also large Cat food tens of thousands of cluster bamboo and shrubs, is planning to expand the base of 3,000 acres of land, built the simulation of the wild giant panda habitat of the wild semi-range area, in order to eventually be sent to the nature of giant pandas to prepare.

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Yue Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yue Lake Park is located on the northern outskirts of Chengdu Qingbaijiang build a new highway next to the cotton Yue Lake Park, away from Chengdu, about 30 km area, covering about 213 acres, including Lake area of about 70 acres. The park in 1986 by the Qingbaijiang District Construction Construction work started in a short period of time to build more than two years, in 1988, officially Release. Yue Lake Park belong to the modern large-scale integrated parks, the Park for its strong flavor of the city's modern architectural style garden and exotic attracted tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists, Shanghai Xuelin Press that the park had been incorporated into domestic-oriented Outside the issue of "China Tourism Attractions" album. The garden gate design Coincidentally, unique, elegant of mind and very symbolic. Wu Yi of the United States, the United States in the green, the United States in the novel. The peculiar structure of a gate into the park, many of the beautiful scenery, dizzying, the faint green trees around the lake clean, covered by a resumption of Valley down the middle into two sections to create artificial hills and waves The Department of the lake full of water using high and low bit-for-three mobile home, during which the formation of the waterfalls, waterfall curtain Huahua audio, green trees, green, green grass seamless, at Dangzhou Lake, Immersi� Corridor Bridge, the other shore tea Have fun. Lake Park, the main focus of the attractions, like Hubei end Japanese Tea Garden music, as linked to the three "high profile" All decorated with brown glass, architectural style throughout the novel, a crisp, ship terminals to connect with the music of the Office of tea is a unique construction of the Corridor Bridge Water, fish in the lake between the shuttle continued on both sides of the viewing public, laughter can not. Lake to the east of a winding Liu Di, Panicum Jiaorou rippling in the wind, such as long You drag; south of the park is a water-facing three antique Roman architecture platform, open-air music, standing in the back of the stands tall and straight, beautiful shape alone portico, as if people see the phrase it says that the ancient Greek theater Yue's Green Lake Park is not only characteristic but also with the coordination of the building, each other, As well as major "(Bonsai Garden) for the park's garden park, located at the northeast corner of the park, quiet environment, well-structured, flower garden, King Portal, assorted windows, and so on, Bogut antique planes, pool, a rockery, and so on Tinglang Cuoluoyouzhi, this has become quite well-established market, flowers and birds and flowers and birds of the newly established company, where Chen With all kinds of potted flowers of elegant chic, silver, the people walking for King, as if into a piece full of poetic mean that the nation is rich in the arts world.

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Sichuan Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

-Enjoy "Tianfu" reputation of Sichuan Province, with beautiful mountains and vast fertile land, around scenic spots and historical sites around the colorful and archaeological finds, reflects the history of Sichuan's development process, which is China's cultural treasure-house of the components. Sichuan Museum collection is displayed in Sichuan Province and an important site of cultural relics . Sichuan Province in the early museum was built in 1941, said the Sichuan Museum. At the beginning of the founder, with inadequate facilities, insufficient funding costs, few professionals, until the end of 1949, only a collection of all 10,000 pieces. In the early liberation, the museum changed its name to the museum in western Sichuan, in 1952 known as the Four Provincial Museum. After 30 years of construction, has now begun to take shape, all the collections up to as many as 160,000. Sichuan is a museum with local characteristics of the comprehensive Museum of History at the provincial level. Over the past 40 years, the museum has been discovered, cleaning up thousands of ancient sites and tombs. Currently, In addition to the regular display on display more than 3300 pieces of ancient and modern heritage, but also held a variety of temporary or special commemorative exhibition. Through these exhibitions displayed on the masses to carry out a vivid image of the revolutionary tradition and history so that people can learn from the historical development of Sichuan and the profile of the characteristics of local culture.

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Mount Qingcheng Laojun Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingcheng Laojun Pavilion at the first peak in excellent shape (that is, Peng peak, or high Taishan, the old top-Xiao), more than 1600 meters high above sea level. Laojun ko ko-wide 400 square meters, a total of six layers. On the bottom of the circle. Tianyuandifang meaning; 1.80 layer as a sign of the Eight Diagrams; was the appearance of pyramid, the top three round pick Po, Heaven, Earth, in order to Zhao Sancai meaning. Court Laojun statues, to Qingcheng Xu was in the left "Ziqi East" (Green Cross Lao Niu exit map) modeled by many scholars, artists and connoisseurs acquired by the Friends of the Road map Qingcheng, By shaping. Laojun high as 13 meters six, and even cattle are 16 meters-high. Noted by classical building codes, Casting of steel and concrete, refined bag, Kim Kwang-dazzling, lifelike. Since ancient times and today! None is as ancient Lao financial thinkers, philosophers and plain old materialist dialectics theory of relativity to a brilliant Sculptures founder of Taoism. Laojun Court buildings, including the Tung Wah Group of the Middle Temple, etc.. One of the Hall of Tung Wah Group of 100 square meters, 5, in the Tung Wah Group of Si Ti, or so niche and sub-Si Lu Shun Yeung Chung from the right. Laojun Court in the autumn of 1992 the construction, lasted three completion. Qingcheng Shengjing for 800 years, also hit a grand spectacle.

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Century Plaza Baoguang Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao Guangsi the new capital city is located in the north of Chengdu, China Southern is one of the four major Buddhist temple, built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, after the war, has made several attempts to repair, and end up in the Hong Kong scale. The whole temple covers an area of more than 8 square meters, Shen You temples, and verdant trees, five layers of progressive Temple School 16, the stupa was built in the Tang Dynasty, 30 m high. Ocean's halls 500, about two meters high painting of the gold statue of Rohan, life, different patterns, not identical. Transport: Chengdu Railway Station North Station, the station has Gaosun Tang car to the new capital. You taste our visitors Baoguang Si Su Zhai Yu Guilin lotus leaves taste our porridge. Qingbaijiang to, Jintang, Guanghan, Deyang and other places of steam Must be passed by the new capital. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Chengdu Amusement Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

One bridge in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu is located in River House, an area of 165 acres, in southwest China is the only modern recreational facilities, both scientific, sports and recreational nature of the integrated large-scale multi-functional park. The park has been operating since the opening, have been China, Japan and the United States, Britain and other countries in the production of large and medium-sized pleasure-based 28 and more than 60 small projects, the current national maximum height of the largest Ferris car, air, Central Park, train, train, bumper cars, fun chair, firing Museum, the world's water, and so on; tourists and the immense high-altitude rolling Train wheel of the brave, wild rats, super swing, off-road racing parachute team ; There are widespread attention for the children of the electric motor, remote control cars, remote control boats and air planes, lifts, jumping castle, fitness discovery, and other recreational vehicles. The park is also designed to inspire children to build a rich intellectual small-scale amusement project. Park catering business matching service and a quality living environment, bamboo trees, Jessica grass, and measures to improve safety management, accident insurance into an exclusive, is the leisure, entertainment, fitness ideal place. Transport: Accessibility by 5, 6 Road, 7 Road, Road 28, Road 42, Road 45, 307 and so on the way to reach a bus or taxi.

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Pujiang Chaoyang Lake Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu is located in Pujiang County, south-west, 83 km away from Chengdu. By the Chaoyang Lake, Dan Xianghu, Long Beach, Lake Xian Ge Fei and attractions such as the composition. Chaoyang Lake landscape is a blend of artificial lakes, mountains and lakes to the main King, the original natural state as the characteristics of the "beautiful clear water," said forward. Lakes attractions, was built in the Han The Xian Ge Fei, Jiro Beach Cliff Figures, the resort Jiuxian Shan Buddhist, Taoist Taiqing resort concept, deputy scientist Song Wei Weng of the founder of the former site of the College of Heshan, Li Yu-old Japanese star, as well as the Warring States Period and Han Dynasty, such as Ba and Shu Chuan Guan . Transport: Chengdu, the south gate of the new bus station, the station has Simon car Pujiang, Direct access to the lake in Chaoyang area.

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Longquan scenic tourist area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longquan scenic tourist area of Chengdu is located in the eastern part of Long Fall in the mountains, including Huaguo Shan, Baigong Weir, Longquan Lake, Stone Temple by the scenic spots, such as. Longquan Lake is located in Chengdu Longquan City in the mountains, 38 kilometers away from Chengdu, 12 km from east to west, wide 4 km north-south, the water up to 8273 acres, the island's waters, 1 , And 14 peninsula. Lake hills and lakes within weeks island, a forest fruit, clean water, groups of wild ducks, fish sparkling. Every spring and summer, Jade, a beautiful, autumn and winter season, the vast mist, hazy landscape, the more quiet. Scenic spots in hotels, restaurants, dance halls, resorts, the fire camp facilities, water Motor yachts, boating hand, Zuta boat, hovercraft were readily available, is Yechui, vacation, the ideal place to visit. The many attractions in the region, the Bay mill, the Peach Blossom Island, a cat nose is one of the distinctive attractions. By Shi Longquanyi Temple is located in Longquan district of the tea Dianxiang the highest mountains in the hinterland Hill, 37 km away from Chengdu, More than 200 acres of land, on behalf of the orthodox three-Ming (1438 AD), formerly known as Temple Tiancheng, 32-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1767 AD), known as the Temple Shi Jing. Monastery in 1966 by the loss, maintenance and redevelopment in 1984, King Hall, Main Hall nine temples in order to reproduce the resplendent. It is into Fozong visited the gym on the outskirts of leisure and resort holidays.

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Wangjiang Park House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wangjiang Xue Tao House, Memorial Park is its heritage of the place. In Chengdu, Wangjiang Park House, and Temple, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage par. Wangjiang floor (that is, Chong Li Ge) for its "both Li and Chong" architectural features, seen as landmarks of Chengdu. Park kept by a group of Ming and Qing buildings, the 1981 is listed as cultural relics in Chengdu Intensive care unit, in Sichuan Province in 1991 was classified as heritage conservation unit. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors to the park Wangjiang floor, Denglou overlooking the beautiful Jinjiang, in the quiet of bamboo linger among the favorite, many of them made a special trip to pay poetess Xue Tao of the Tang Dynasty, because of the Rendezvous Pavilion Court and a bamboo-wood, and all Tao-related. From the Ming and Qing Dynasties era, there have been on to this floor, along Wangjiang pay while you're standing of the poetess, or Ye tomb, or Denglou, or visit well, reward or bamboo, leaving countless poems couplets. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no poetess Xue Tao, there would be no today's Wangjiang Park House, but not park Wangjiang Floor People today it has not been suspended and with the poetess Xue Tao.

  Xue Tao of "equal pay for work of people playing bamboo after the rain" made-up poetry Zhi, Zhu Yu had to, and poetry into people Tsui, future generations will be seen as a poem of her self-portrayal. Xue Tao and Zhu both inextricably linked, and therefore all over the park to plant bamboo Jia, Xue Tao is everywhere are the embodiment of the spirit of poetry. Xue Tao is also a Wangjiang Park House, academic research centers. In 1990, Xue Tao of this study will be set up, is the world's only research Xue Tao academic groups, academic exchanges will be held on a regular basis. Possession of the park by Xue Tao's information-rich, for most of the country, Xue Tao and dedicated showroom information for travel ginseng .

  Some visitors that here is the former residence of Xue Tao, in fact, she never had to settle here. However, several thousands of years, people just came here to pay tribute to her, one of the reasons, a long story. If only one sentence to explain its origin, and that is: first, Xue Tao Well, after Xue Tao's Memorial Pavilion And the bamboo pavilion itself into an Wangjiang Park House.
According to ancient records, Xue Tao Huan Huaxi has lived in the western suburbs of Chengdu, where Xue Tao paper system, the old Xi Beiyu moved to the city of Bristol Place chicken, building floor, poetry, and six years (832 years) the death of the late Tang Zheng Gu There is a poem to describe the tomb Xue Tao, where burial , To be true test. Ming tombs were Xue Tao recorded in the east a few years, Ji Jin Wangjiang floor area; the Ming Dynasty who do not know when the tomb of Li Xue Tao in a tombstone, a letter, "Nishikawa school books XUE Hong degrees Tomb", not after Deposit.

  Xue Tao's well that began in the Ming Dynasty. Here was originally called Lady Tianjin, Shu Wang Ming Dynasty life in the Xue Tao paper imitation of water, named Xue Tao Well, that future generations will Xue Tao was made in this paper. Since the Ming Dynasty, many scholars here Xue Tao Tiyong well. Three years beginning of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi (1664) in order to bear "Well Xue Tao," the words, engraved stone for the banks remain well so far still.
Jiaqing 19 years of the Qing Dynasty (1814 , Xue Tao Jing Pang Jian floor, poetry, Huan-ting raft, Jin Zhuo floor, because the story named Xue Tao, Xianfeng soldiers were unfortunately destroyed in the early years. 15 Guangxu (1889), Chong Li Ge completed. 25 Guangxu (1889), five new Museum Unzen, loquat Gate Lane, and so on. At this point, Xue Tao commemoration of the wells, building, booth, Hall has been at the beginning The size of both the Ming Dynasty relics, acts as tourist attractions.

  In 17 years (1928), set up here, "park on the outskirts of the first", written by Deng Hou Bianpai Park. Covers an area of 20.6 acres, that is, the scope of the Heritage buildings. By the eve of the liberation of Chengdu, the park construction has fallen into disrepair, the decline decline In 1952, on the outskirts of the first to receive People's Park, a new special funds to repair. In 1953, renamed the "House Wangjiang Park", covers an area of 78 acres, then on November 8 officially open to visitors. In 1960, the area increased 176.5 acre park, forming the size of the park. 1984 Li Xue Tao statue. In 1994, the Government has allocated money to repair Chong Li Ge; to build up the same year, Xue Tao Bamboo in the depths of the tomb for visitors to pay.

  Syrian media have been more than Wangjiang Park's history, we can see here is not the former residence of Xue Tao. Qing Li Yao Dong said: "Tang access to their mud Zhe Wu Yan." Several thousands of years Xue Tao, and so well this group Ham and the emergence of complex and waste-hing, thousands of tourists visit the facts already proved this point. Xue Tao and the building will be after the sub-section of the text in detail.

  Park entrance for the antique building. Into a door, there Xiu Huang Jia Dao, Blot out the Sun shade, Chuk Yuen feature of the oncoming. Row Do end suddenly. Rockery is to bypass the pool area of the old buildings, the floor for the Wangjiang Park essence, the clever layout, the strange idea that Sichuan is one of the representative of classical gardens. Kok Chong Li has left, Jin Zhuo House floor, poetry and methotrexate Linjiang old; have the right and well Xue Tao Huan-ting paper. Pavilion after the current Cup pool, loquat Gate Lane, Stephen Champs Qingwan room, five Museum Unzen, constitute an independent area.

  Wangjiang Park House, about 120 acres of planted bamboo, bamboo fine selection of domestic and foreign species, is the largest species of bamboo, bamboo seeds up to the special category of park, which is different from other gardens, the "Penny's Park" and "best in the world Chuk Yuen, "said another. Xue Tao-like Central Park deep in the bamboo forest. Xue Tao tomb is located in the southeast corner of the park.

  Park to the north-east have access to the other side of the Jin Jiang Yu Jin Qiao, Fei and waterfall, such as Taiwan, Mochizuki a transitional landscape. Every month rise in the Moon in Taiwan can wave on video tours, the river bank below the stage engraved with the "Kam-looking pony," 4. Eastbound A temple-building "Spring in Jin Jiang," down from the original Wu Shing Temple, a Qing Dynasty architecture, derived from the name of Du Fu's "Spring in Jinjiang to heaven and earth."

  Along with an entertainment district, including the tea house, chicken Bristol Park fishing areas, restaurants, children's park, and so on. Building a bowl of tea is the major tea house in the park, named in the Ho Shao-chi of the famous people "to spend raft Xiang Ming bowl while you're" well water with tea Xue Tao, Gan incomparably pure. Xibei Yu Xue Tao old age home in the city of Bristol Place chicken, this park is named after this chicken-Bi.

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Xiling Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiling Snow Mountain is located 105 km away from Chengdu, the Dayi County. Peak snow, not of the millennium. Live in seclusion as a result of Du Fu Cottage, once wrote, when "a window containing future Xiling Snow, the door-Park Wan-li Wu ship" and its name. More than 3200 meters above sea level yin and yang of the sector for the high altitude climate and climate basin dividing line, the side of the sky , The side of the wind around the clouds, like Yin and Yang of Tai Chi composition. Plant a wide variety of scenic spots and at the same time, the giant panda, golden monkey, antelope, and other cattle more than 40 rare animal species which are also distributed. Snow is characterized by high mountains, dense Lin, Qing Quan, the odd beast, away from downtown Chengdu, only 105 kilometers of the place will be able to enjoy such as Magnificent natural scenery of the original, it's fortunate for the people of Chengdu. Heavenly Master Taoism in the region also is the birthplace of a teaching He Mingshan, as well as the famous Liu Wencai estate landlord. Transport: From the start of the Chengdu You can make use of weekends Xiling Snow Mountain. Chengdu Railway Station and Luo have direct access to the grind of the scenic tourist car, but the ban Very little. Passenger north of the city center, Qingyang Gong, Sands station every day there are dozens of places to train Dayi. Xiling Snow Mountain in Dayi station to the shuttle lot. Chengdu Dayi to less than 1 hour's drive, the fare of about 7 yuan. Chengdu, the new bus station have direct access to the South Gate area of the bus. Climate: subtropical area with a wet Monsoon climate, four seasons, the annual average temperature of 16.2 ?, the average January temperature of 4.2 ?, the average July temperature of 23.7 ?. Room and board: Huashui Wan area near the hot spring resort accommodation is not only good, but there are few areas of Chengdu, spa, away from scenic areas and closer, is the preferred tourist accommodation . Tickets cost of transportation and scenic areas within: ski down the mountain to the cable: 60 yuan /person (round-trip) ski ticket: 80 yuan /person ski to the sun and the traffic Ping cable: 60 yuan /person (round-trip) to the ski day Ping on the bus: 60 yuan /person (round-trip) ski Sun Ping to the cable viewing: 80 yuan /person (from) alpine slide: 30 /000 (in the cable station to ski) area within insurance: 3 yuan cost of skiing: Skiing (Snowboarding): 100 //2 hours (including equipment, apparel and other accrued expenses coach) Huacao 40 yuan /person /hour (including equipment, space and cable Huacao) motorized snow: 100 /15 minutes (other recreational items and more in charge 20-50 yuan)

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Wenshu Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wenshu Temple is located in Wenshu Temple Street, Luoma Shi away from the shopping center just 10 minutes away, is in western Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty, "the four jungle," one of the country's key areas of the Buddhist temple of the Han nationality. Its predecessor was the Tang Dynasty, "Miao Park Tower," Song "with the letter Temple", was destroyed when the next war. 30 years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1691 AD) of repair Called "Wenshu Temple." Wenshu Temple of the existing iron, bronze, stone, jade carving, from yarn, colorful, and other technology more than 200 highly skilled statue of Buddha. Zhaobi supper at the moment, "Wenshu Temple" He Department of Emperor Kangxi of the three-year period Tsz Benedict Monastery Zen master to write on the sea, the hospital Manjusri on behalf of the god of wisdom, and attracts pilgrims who come to Hong prayer. Traffic: 16,55,64 and so on to reach the bus. Tickets: 2 yuan

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