Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xinhua Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xinhua Park is a use of modern methods in the construction of the garden, set in modern landscape architecture, the amusement park into one integrated, open space, woodland park lawn with a very different level. Park reflects the modern landscape: woodland grass, flowers. Plant pruning style, European-style architecture. Park watch Zone features: The Night Garden: symmetrical setting of the European Diego water fountain, exquisite and unique. Die pattern, the exquisite beauty; Begonia Gallery: early spring bloom each other, like clouds steamed Wei-Xia stunning capture as color, form a 300-meter-long red corridor; Sutie Lin: into groups, into a film, single or multi-stem, thousands of large-scale Beautiful Cong poured green leaves, a tropical scenery; colorful carp: Cliff goes back Fei Bao, Ikegami Terrier cross small bridges, water and golden carp in Japan as clouds gathered; foliage: flame-like leaves, bright golden yellow ginkgo, fresh Cui-Qing Feng of the green, the deep Anhong Prunus cerasifera ... ...; view of flowers: Cherry Yan play in the spring, summer pomegranate Sihuo, Autumn Garden Lagerstroemia Yan, Qin Xin Fei Lamei flavor; Hawthorn: lotus leaves swaying, visible dew, flowers overflowing, fresh Long Run. Aquarium science projects, theater movement, the voice of music, such as Square pigeons. Children's play a video game palace, bumper cars, pirate ships, space coaster, to horses, dancing dolls, controlled flight And so on. There are water sports in the world, roller skating field. Cultural Plaza, 5000 square meters of perennial various kinds of cultural activities. Park a number of various grades of tea tea service provided by the Office of tea. Xinhua, born in the park during the reform and opening up to government-funded social forces and the combination of investment to build park. Followed on stringent business management, quality service purposes, Chengdu has been civilization, and other units honor. Park is open vision into the community to participate in market competition, and explore the survival of a free park development.

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