Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jiulong Gou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Jiulong Gou, 38 kilometers away from Chongzhou urban area, 76 km away from Chengdu. Large number of overlapping peaks range upon range of hills, quiet setting Dicui everywhere, as a result of the "ditch nine nine nine-long trough," named after the myths and legends. Area known as "Dragon King's palace on earth" in the world. Trench, water hit with stones such as the voice of the Dragons, lying on the rocks like a Lung Poon, Qi Shape of the Great Wall stands as the "Dragon King presented Bao", "Zhuo Fei Long Quan", "Long Gui-picking" bizarre landscape, are the "Dragon King's palace on earth," a vivid interpretation. And along the ditch, "Dragon" melting snow from the Kowloon Zhi Xie Fei Bao meters, is moving Christmas soul; 6 Shan Qun, such as the size of six peaks here, it is Xinchanshenyao. The main peak looked Manshanbianye azaleas, welcoming thousands of pine, Siguniang Mountain snow, clouds, sunrise, Yuet Wah, Buddha, and other celestial phenomena endless landscape changes, Banpo verdant green trees, Banpo Yushu Qionghua yin and yang of the odd sector Habitat mysterious, "Xian-feng unlimited scenery in" endless charm in the best of them. This And if the water in the East China Sea Dragon King James linked to pro-Qi, as a bounce I do not know the girls worry about; there is shade of the pines Calocedrus Feng Qi Shan Monastery and the Millennium Shuangnan embrace of the Daming Si; Merry Emperor Li Longji and there's Yang Legend; a 6-Feng Shan sea of clouds of fantasy and Buddha is the heart Dang Shen Yao; Kowloon to Lao Xiong Fei Bao Gang paragraph Bamboo forest, rhododendron into films, giant pandas go. 6 Hill for the concept of the ideal Sky ......

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