Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mount Qingcheng Laojun Court - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingcheng Laojun Pavilion at the first peak in excellent shape (that is, Peng peak, or high Taishan, the old top-Xiao), more than 1600 meters high above sea level. Laojun ko ko-wide 400 square meters, a total of six layers. On the bottom of the circle. Tianyuandifang meaning; 1.80 layer as a sign of the Eight Diagrams; was the appearance of pyramid, the top three round pick Po, Heaven, Earth, in order to Zhao Sancai meaning. Court Laojun statues, to Qingcheng Xu was in the left "Ziqi East" (Green Cross Lao Niu exit map) modeled by many scholars, artists and connoisseurs acquired by the Friends of the Road map Qingcheng, By shaping. Laojun high as 13 meters six, and even cattle are 16 meters-high. Noted by classical building codes, Casting of steel and concrete, refined bag, Kim Kwang-dazzling, lifelike. Since ancient times and today! None is as ancient Lao financial thinkers, philosophers and plain old materialist dialectics theory of relativity to a brilliant Sculptures founder of Taoism. Laojun Court buildings, including the Tung Wah Group of the Middle Temple, etc.. One of the Hall of Tung Wah Group of 100 square meters, 5, in the Tung Wah Group of Si Ti, or so niche and sub-Si Lu Shun Yeung Chung from the right. Laojun Court in the autumn of 1992 the construction, lasted three completion. Qingcheng Shengjing for 800 years, also hit a grand spectacle.

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