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Dan Longmenshan Jingshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan River is located in Jingshan the source - the south bank of Jiang Jian, Yu Mo Longmenshan, relatively little high, but Tsui Diego mountains, beautiful scenery, has always been "only 10 minutes inspiring area of natural," "Xishu famous" enjoy "Danyue Zong. " Han is the late philosopher retreat Alchemy Taoism, Buddhism and then eastward to co-existence of Buddhist mountains Sheng view special. "Chong Luan Hall of planes, stacked floor, business peaks, hak lim shrines, Buddhist Longquan Shadow" is its portrayal of the real. However, ancient and modern yearning for celebrity, nostalgia or Dan's Jingshan peony. Dan Jingshan is a well-known since ancient times to watch the peony, Zhaoyuan for no reason, that is, when the Tang Sheng, Sheng Tai Zhi Song for five generations. The fall of Luoyang Kim, Dan Jingshan the only well-known for peony base to watch, but not only because of governance, and the fall of Cao Chang, the most important thing is Dan King peony in full bloom in the mountain cliffs, Daochui mosaic, the most famous and the Wild . According to Shi record books: the first Chutangsijie Wang Bo was demoted to be old friends Longxian nine Liu made too easy Dan Yao You Jingshan, leaving the famous through the ages , Dan Jingshan described the wanton, much appreciated: "Dan leakage, bi-tobacco habitat. Leg three off-duty leaf, flower Four strict secret. "This is a cliff that is a true portrayal of the peony. Sun Yuan-year period, Shi-Sheng Liu Yu Chengdu, Du Fu, a famous poet friend Pengzhou History of high relevance to invite, Dan Yu Jingshan Peony Awards, in the face of the country Ruxia color display Tang Yang, too close to play, Daihatsu poetic inspiration, wrote a famous poem Peony "by the end of flowers": "Grimmia supporting the new core, to be yellow According million to spend. Muyu line suddenly suspect, to what Asaka. Is the fear of Pan County, Kan Wei Kai-stay car. Well aware of the color is good, Mo Committee for the sand. " Ancient men Pan, Wei doing referred lining analogy Dan King's beautiful Peony, the end of a joint expression of love Shisheng Dan King of Peony Xihua complex. WANG Yan Emperor Qian Shu from the Five Dynasties Queen Mother Schiff, Tai Fei Dan tour Jingshan, the potential of its "rust wear cotton valley, the purple mountains Serling, the old and very prosperous," after viewing the Dan King helenahat Sing poetry: "A slope at a scene, Dai significant lock up the house ... Ping ... Folders water, why Penglai envy." "Biyanhongwu people bashing clothing, danger Cangtaishijing exposed places ... ... the good physical and mental acetabular quiet, corner crown Xia Xi Yi Phi matter." Dan Jingshan water scenery, is obsessed with peony flower color has not returned. Song income, Chengdu, four successive home Dan King of making a soft spot for Peony, the value of each flower, fast horses sent to Chengdu, at the famous garden - bar Flower Park West, to watch The Banquet, leaving behind a lot of Chan Yung-peony poems. The great patriotic poet Lu You love Peony Dan King, made a special trip to visit Dan Jingshan, wrote a valuable, "Peng days Peony spectrum . Old age home in Zhejiang, Sichuan distant from their still Hunqianmengrao. Yuan, Chen Zhao Song left the famous musician Wang Yuan-liang attracted to Sichuan Dan Jingshan Vitex on tour, but had to miss the flowering period, the only space to spend time to hear the booming grand occasion, to express the National Palace by King millet from the nation's sorrow. When the new capital of the Ming, Ching Tak champion Yang Shen Dan Yu Jingshan, Fushi brush description of Dan Sheng Jing Jing, of the Cuiwei "Even if the level of the Blue" and beam when compared with the Thai Temple, the Buddhist singing bell, ring-4:00, long gone; Dan Green if the water flow Song, Pingshang peony in full bloom like peony pink clouds of the sky, poet Poem Xiejiu pregnant, in the face of Choi Hung Liu Bao, Lian of the clean water, the Vatican Pavilion Smoke all over the Peony Hill, Jiang Yan wish to use pen God "a hundred times Yin-ho." Qing Dynasty, a gifted scholar in Sichuan transfer LUO Jiang Li Yuan (Guangdong, a former political science, history of the Department of principal), a miscarriage of justice rehabilitate return home, enjoy a few Dan King, the mountain flowers in the play-Chen, Jing Yong Fu Shi, praised the "Long-nine Yunfeng More surprisingly, "" flowers, such as bovine heart Yamashita . "Mount a further step Cuiwei shoes, boarded the" Pan Tuo stone on a clock back before the letter Cijing rare earth. "Modern times, the early years of Emperor Guangxu, Chengdu House know, Jian-Nan Huang Yunhe Ancha Shi-kai Bingbei Road, Lei Tang monk , And other travel professionals leave Dan King, the growing interest, chimed in with each other left a lot of poetry together, the answer is yes, poetry, the Suozhuan contained in the Peng procession in mind. " Well-known scholars, curator of the Academia Historica in the Chuan Yun Wang Kai, the board reward Dan King peony flowers to hang around, is pleased to joint title, "Yong day in the mountains for a long time for it to see the tree any Niaofei the sky outside." Master the art of well-known stem Zhang, Feng irrigation father, John Chen, also attracted Dan King a beautiful, natural Wild, unique Dan, Hill went to painting and painting, left a very deep impression on him. "East Van Gogh," Chen Chong Chan-title: "The cliffs are love setting Peony Health, Johnson-day search of women, it leaves Chui Hua, gorgeous valley"; What is more, several decades later, Mr. Chang lived in Brazil, but also fond memories of King Yu Dan, Poems straight; "is not a non-Luo Chang , Pengshan days of my hometown, spring flowers such as sea million, but the temples Inflow cream. "Contemporary, Dan Jingshan in the joint efforts of monks and laymen have been gradually restored building has become a tourist area at the provincial level, well-known country to watch one of the three major peony. The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries cooked Zhang, Zhang and Ma Shitu, Yang Chao, Good Ju, Yang Xin, and other mechanized old provincial leaders in person inspection tour guide, Dan wrote Jingshan praise and Peony. Especially the beloved familiar old show, initiated the resumption of Peony and Pengzhou City, as a flower, the peony favorite, Sierra Leone cent had three years of King's visit to Dan flowers, "the three-day visit to Ho Peng frequently, spend more for the love of love." Or even because of leg Can not go to the Fair event, only a small seat studio also fascinated Dan King: "The spectrum of Fang Weng Yi-even obscure, remote Dan King presented frankly." Familiar old show Jingwo pass away after a pair of peony in Jingshan Dan shows his Feeling loved. West Germany, Japan and other countries of the plant academic experts and scholars also traveled long distances to test Chadan Peony King. Beautiful mountains and rivers, Peony So that the color of their eye-opening, awe, straight as "a paradise on earth." Dan Jingshan peony not only for the history and celebrity scholars, seekers can explore longing, love and admiration, especially the civilian population, the annual flowering April, open the floodgates to people, Dachaoshan, Buddha, flowers (Tang has since gradually survey Flower Festival) Extraordinary excitement, not Yang Diallo. To poetry as evidence; "let alone sublime Central Plains, Fashion through the ages since Liufang. Marlon water concept car Dan is that the foot of the mountain to make the formation of the market."

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