Thursday, January 8, 2009

Century Plaza Baoguang Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bao Guangsi the new capital city is located in the north of Chengdu, China Southern is one of the four major Buddhist temple, built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, after the war, has made several attempts to repair, and end up in the Hong Kong scale. The whole temple covers an area of more than 8 square meters, Shen You temples, and verdant trees, five layers of progressive Temple School 16, the stupa was built in the Tang Dynasty, 30 m high. Ocean's halls 500, about two meters high painting of the gold statue of Rohan, life, different patterns, not identical. Transport: Chengdu Railway Station North Station, the station has Gaosun Tang car to the new capital. You taste our visitors Baoguang Si Su Zhai Yu Guilin lotus leaves taste our porridge. Qingbaijiang to, Jintang, Guanghan, Deyang and other places of steam Must be passed by the new capital. Tickets: 5 yuan

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