Thursday, January 8, 2009

World theme park in Chengdu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu has been the most popular ones among the world's park was built in 1994, is located in the western suburbs of Chengdu, 213 country road, away from the urban area 8km, covers an area of 700 mu with a total investment of 438,000,000 yuan, a renowned around the world on behalf of the national conditions and customs of 108 construction sites . The park had a record year in visitors to join in more than 10 Million records. Hungary has the heroic landscape of the main square, the European street, the European village church, the Church of Norway, Cyprus Garden, Venice Corridor Bridge, Hadrian detached palace portico, the Netherlands Shijie, the Netherlands windmill tower house, the church of Jesus, the Japanese residential areas, Guanyin, the Indonesian boat-shaped house, Tallinn, Ju Yung South-East Asia, Levin water, the big Buddha group Thailand, India Sarnath Buddha, Niagara Falls, the United States the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. House in the south, Uruguay balcony, the American Indian totem pole, Miriam Moe statues, temple of the snake-yu, Morocco market, the top hotel in Kenya , The Sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt, the African desert-sik Landscape, the concept of non-big house, the Mexican market, the tenth of its cotton ear fort, the United States in the western mountain scenery, Rainbow Bridge, the Maori people's home, such as the Mediterranean. Most scenic spots in accordance with 1:1 imitation prototype, known as "China's western region of the most scenic spots in the humanities."

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