Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pengzhou Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Xi Pengzhou, Chengdu, a small, bustling city as Jin." As early as the Tang Pengzhou Chuigong 2002 (the year 686 AD) in this home Pengzhou, Pengzhou Park, which is named after. Located in the golden days of Peng Peng's West Park Pengzhou, an area of more than 200 acres; green flowers and trees, bending three to nine, winding streets, wide boat down the lake pulp Wang Ru-fei, a hilly lawn of the ups and downs Shop Green Jade Diego, lions Qiaolan charm to greet guests, God cents Wall Peony Fairy Feelings are not words, the plastic artificial isolation of unexpected strange magic stone to the wall of water falls on behalf of the layer stack see a Roll and diarrhea, lanterns and fountains Xiangyingchengqu Linzeng Hui Park, a new type of entertainment young and old are rich and varied entertainment . . Gardening art in the form of financial and art together, F, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion, Tse, Ting, Tang, Gallery, Fang, Hall, have surfaced in the landscape garden, and contrast each other so that the plane layout of the rigorous, colorful space, embodied Park in the park, there are four King

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