Thursday, January 8, 2009

Huang Longxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang Longxi Chengdu is located 40 km south-east direction, in recent years the industry was optimistic about the tourists and new tourist attractions - Huanglong Xi. Huanglong Xi River House to the east (Jinjiang), Wrangler north mountain, the town that year there were 7 of the temple and Hui (life), John (Hill), China (Yang) of the total House government offices. Zhou Yi pier Lin, gathered in business with one of prosperity.

Huang Longxi town was aroused by the film and television industry are concerned because this style of the Qing Dynasty Street, the market remains well-preserved architecture. Qingshi Ban paved street, wooden columns Qingwa of the premises loft, beautifully cut out of the window lattice fence, all in order to give people a sense of quiet simplicity . The town was also 6 years old in more than 300 yellow hornbeam, Climb, Zhetianbiri, to the town added a lot of Aura. Now the town has preserved Temple in Zhenjiang, Gu Long and Chaoyin Si Temple Temple of the three annual Lunar June and September Ninth of the Ninth temple, but also reproduce the old town of Yang noisy scenes. Huang Longxi town was favored by visitors, not only because Shanqingshuixiu here, there is no noise of the big cities and noisy; more here because of the winding Shi Jing Road, the Wood River cornices Qiaojiao Diaojiao Lou, on the streets The tea shop inside the temple of the wind around smoke, and so on, show a township in Sichuan Customs map gives a simple and novel experience.

  Huang Long Xizhen House River to the east, north Wrangler Hill, Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery and the town's residents on the quiet simplicity of life in this environment. The first systematic Huang Long Xizhen launch of the show, when the number of Chinese Trade Corporation. 1990 The company in the country to copies of a publication, "Huang Longxi glimpse of the ancient town", detailing the history of the ancient town, Liang Shan Bingtun Wrangler, as well as the ancient town successors Chinese medicine and so on. And a large number of temples, old trees, ancient streets, ancient wooden bridge and the ancient, bamboo-photo, showing the Huanglong "Scenery of the ancient town, the ancient town of folk-sun," the scene. In the same year, "China's civil aviation", "Southwest Airlines" magazine layout, introduced at the beginning of the ancient town of Huanglong Xi style. In'92 China Tourism Year and friendly ", Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Civil Aviation Authority jointly southwest of the ancient town of Huanglong Xi will push for the 8 selected one of the tourist routes. Huanglong Xi is only 30 km away from Chengdu, the people of South South after the opening of the extension line from Chengdu to Huanglong Xi only 20 minutes away; with the House and the River navigable from the sea to the Huanglong Xi, along the way can enjoy the pastoral scenery of western Sichuan Bazi Will be some more flavor.

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