Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xiling Snow Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiling Snow Mountain is located 105 km away from Chengdu, the Dayi County. Peak snow, not of the millennium. Live in seclusion as a result of Du Fu Cottage, once wrote, when "a window containing future Xiling Snow, the door-Park Wan-li Wu ship" and its name. More than 3200 meters above sea level yin and yang of the sector for the high altitude climate and climate basin dividing line, the side of the sky , The side of the wind around the clouds, like Yin and Yang of Tai Chi composition. Plant a wide variety of scenic spots and at the same time, the giant panda, golden monkey, antelope, and other cattle more than 40 rare animal species which are also distributed. Snow is characterized by high mountains, dense Lin, Qing Quan, the odd beast, away from downtown Chengdu, only 105 kilometers of the place will be able to enjoy such as Magnificent natural scenery of the original, it's fortunate for the people of Chengdu. Heavenly Master Taoism in the region also is the birthplace of a teaching He Mingshan, as well as the famous Liu Wencai estate landlord. Transport: From the start of the Chengdu You can make use of weekends Xiling Snow Mountain. Chengdu Railway Station and Luo have direct access to the grind of the scenic tourist car, but the ban Very little. Passenger north of the city center, Qingyang Gong, Sands station every day there are dozens of places to train Dayi. Xiling Snow Mountain in Dayi station to the shuttle lot. Chengdu Dayi to less than 1 hour's drive, the fare of about 7 yuan. Chengdu, the new bus station have direct access to the South Gate area of the bus. Climate: subtropical area with a wet Monsoon climate, four seasons, the annual average temperature of 16.2 ?, the average January temperature of 4.2 ?, the average July temperature of 23.7 ?. Room and board: Huashui Wan area near the hot spring resort accommodation is not only good, but there are few areas of Chengdu, spa, away from scenic areas and closer, is the preferred tourist accommodation . Tickets cost of transportation and scenic areas within: ski down the mountain to the cable: 60 yuan /person (round-trip) ski ticket: 80 yuan /person ski to the sun and the traffic Ping cable: 60 yuan /person (round-trip) to the ski day Ping on the bus: 60 yuan /person (round-trip) ski Sun Ping to the cable viewing: 80 yuan /person (from) alpine slide: 30 /000 (in the cable station to ski) area within insurance: 3 yuan cost of skiing: Skiing (Snowboarding): 100 //2 hours (including equipment, apparel and other accrued expenses coach) Huacao 40 yuan /person /hour (including equipment, space and cable Huacao) motorized snow: 100 /15 minutes (other recreational items and more in charge 20-50 yuan)

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