Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sichuan Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

-Enjoy "Tianfu" reputation of Sichuan Province, with beautiful mountains and vast fertile land, around scenic spots and historical sites around the colorful and archaeological finds, reflects the history of Sichuan's development process, which is China's cultural treasure-house of the components. Sichuan Museum collection is displayed in Sichuan Province and an important site of cultural relics . Sichuan Province in the early museum was built in 1941, said the Sichuan Museum. At the beginning of the founder, with inadequate facilities, insufficient funding costs, few professionals, until the end of 1949, only a collection of all 10,000 pieces. In the early liberation, the museum changed its name to the museum in western Sichuan, in 1952 known as the Four Provincial Museum. After 30 years of construction, has now begun to take shape, all the collections up to as many as 160,000. Sichuan is a museum with local characteristics of the comprehensive Museum of History at the provincial level. Over the past 40 years, the museum has been discovered, cleaning up thousands of ancient sites and tombs. Currently, In addition to the regular display on display more than 3300 pieces of ancient and modern heritage, but also held a variety of temporary or special commemorative exhibition. Through these exhibitions displayed on the masses to carry out a vivid image of the revolutionary tradition and history so that people can learn from the historical development of Sichuan and the profile of the characteristics of local culture.

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