Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yue Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yue Lake Park is located on the northern outskirts of Chengdu Qingbaijiang build a new highway next to the cotton Yue Lake Park, away from Chengdu, about 30 km area, covering about 213 acres, including Lake area of about 70 acres. The park in 1986 by the Qingbaijiang District Construction Construction work started in a short period of time to build more than two years, in 1988, officially Release. Yue Lake Park belong to the modern large-scale integrated parks, the Park for its strong flavor of the city's modern architectural style garden and exotic attracted tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists, Shanghai Xuelin Press that the park had been incorporated into domestic-oriented Outside the issue of "China Tourism Attractions" album. The garden gate design Coincidentally, unique, elegant of mind and very symbolic. Wu Yi of the United States, the United States in the green, the United States in the novel. The peculiar structure of a gate into the park, many of the beautiful scenery, dizzying, the faint green trees around the lake clean, covered by a resumption of Valley down the middle into two sections to create artificial hills and waves The Department of the lake full of water using high and low bit-for-three mobile home, during which the formation of the waterfalls, waterfall curtain Huahua audio, green trees, green, green grass seamless, at Dangzhou Lake, Immersi� Corridor Bridge, the other shore tea Have fun. Lake Park, the main focus of the attractions, like Hubei end Japanese Tea Garden music, as linked to the three "high profile" All decorated with brown glass, architectural style throughout the novel, a crisp, ship terminals to connect with the music of the Office of tea is a unique construction of the Corridor Bridge Water, fish in the lake between the shuttle continued on both sides of the viewing public, laughter can not. Lake to the east of a winding Liu Di, Panicum Jiaorou rippling in the wind, such as long You drag; south of the park is a water-facing three antique Roman architecture platform, open-air music, standing in the back of the stands tall and straight, beautiful shape alone portico, as if people see the phrase it says that the ancient Greek theater Yue's Green Lake Park is not only characteristic but also with the coordination of the building, each other, As well as major "(Bonsai Garden) for the park's garden park, located at the northeast corner of the park, quiet environment, well-structured, flower garden, King Portal, assorted windows, and so on, Bogut antique planes, pool, a rockery, and so on Tinglang Cuoluoyouzhi, this has become quite well-established market, flowers and birds and flowers and birds of the newly established company, where Chen With all kinds of potted flowers of elegant chic, silver, the people walking for King, as if into a piece full of poetic mean that the nation is rich in the arts world.

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