Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pujiang Chaoyang Lake Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu is located in Pujiang County, south-west, 83 km away from Chengdu. By the Chaoyang Lake, Dan Xianghu, Long Beach, Lake Xian Ge Fei and attractions such as the composition. Chaoyang Lake landscape is a blend of artificial lakes, mountains and lakes to the main King, the original natural state as the characteristics of the "beautiful clear water," said forward. Lakes attractions, was built in the Han The Xian Ge Fei, Jiro Beach Cliff Figures, the resort Jiuxian Shan Buddhist, Taoist Taiqing resort concept, deputy scientist Song Wei Weng of the founder of the former site of the College of Heshan, Li Yu-old Japanese star, as well as the Warring States Period and Han Dynasty, such as Ba and Shu Chuan Guan . Transport: Chengdu, the south gate of the new bus station, the station has Simon car Pujiang, Direct access to the lake in Chaoyang area.

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