Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chengdu Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Museum in Chengdu, southwest China is a comprehensive museum, located in the Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu Shudutaidao Daci Si Road 23 (that is, the famous ancient temples Daci Si). In charge of the city within the scope of History, the collection, display, publicity and research. Chengdu Museum collection of old and new stone In recent times to the modern pieces of more than 10,000 cultural relics, of which hundreds of precious cultural relics, especially in the ancient stone, brick of the most famous portrait of the Han Dynasty. The library is displaying a fixed picture like "ancient history ---- Chengdu historical relics on display," it from different angles showed the historical and cultural city of Chengdu from the Neolithic to the opium war The grand history. Chengdu Museum was founded in September 1958, when the "topology of Chengdu Museum of the Preparatory Committee", by famous writers, Li Jie, vice mayor of Chengdu were comrades-term director of the Preparatory Committee, responsible for the city's heritage collection, investigation, identification and Keeping work. In 1962 to 1 On the custody of the Preparatory Committee collected a wide range of items collection, data on 10,000. In the same year, the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Bureau decided to postpone the establishment of the Chengdu Museum of topology. Early in 1974, Chengdu City Cultural Bureau in accordance with the needs, to form a "cultural relics management office in Chengdu," the restoration of the original topology of the museum's cultural business, Chengdu, the heritage and cultural cities of the work to a new level. In 1982, the Chengdu municipal government decided to resume on the basis of the "Chengdu Museum," After intense preparation, choose the site, and finally in 1984 the National Day official opening to the outside world. The formal establishment of the Chengdu Museum In the region marked the beginning of the cultural work of the stability and prosperity of the period. Display a large number of exhibitions, archaeological excavations and research results come out one after another, as well as Chengdu in Sichuan's cultural work has won the reputation. After decades of archaeological excavation and multi-collection, the Chengdu Museum collection is now a wide range of items million Pieces, formed from the ancient Stone Age, under the Republic of China until a more complete collection of the series. The collection of bronze, gold and silver jade, pottery, stone tools, pottery, stone carving and furniture, such as calligraphy and painting, in terms of quantity and quality have been formed and the size of the system. Particularly in the areas of the Han Dynasty in ancient stone and brick portrait of the most , Also the highest artistic value. Such as: Yau package Mumen portrait of the posterior wall of stone and rock carvings, stone carvings Southern Buddhism, the Five Dynasties Zhang Qian Zhao tomb stone, have reached a very high standard of art, classical style, the whole idea of big-hearted, lively local fine, can be A treasured work of art. Han brick-portrait is not significant, and precision Stacked up, in reputation at home and abroad, its history and culture of the Chengdu research is of great significance also for the Chinese art history has added a bright, Chengdu is the museum's Zhenguanzhibao. In addition bronze in the "Western Zhou bronze button sheep's head" and "Warring States silkworm Wen Ge copper," pottery "Eastern Han Dynasty figurines story-telling Such as single objects, but also collections of rare cultural relics treasures.

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