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Wangjiang Park House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wangjiang Xue Tao House, Memorial Park is its heritage of the place. In Chengdu, Wangjiang Park House, and Temple, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage par. Wangjiang floor (that is, Chong Li Ge) for its "both Li and Chong" architectural features, seen as landmarks of Chengdu. Park kept by a group of Ming and Qing buildings, the 1981 is listed as cultural relics in Chengdu Intensive care unit, in Sichuan Province in 1991 was classified as heritage conservation unit. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors to the park Wangjiang floor, Denglou overlooking the beautiful Jinjiang, in the quiet of bamboo linger among the favorite, many of them made a special trip to pay poetess Xue Tao of the Tang Dynasty, because of the Rendezvous Pavilion Court and a bamboo-wood, and all Tao-related. From the Ming and Qing Dynasties era, there have been on to this floor, along Wangjiang pay while you're standing of the poetess, or Ye tomb, or Denglou, or visit well, reward or bamboo, leaving countless poems couplets. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no poetess Xue Tao, there would be no today's Wangjiang Park House, but not park Wangjiang Floor People today it has not been suspended and with the poetess Xue Tao.

  Xue Tao of "equal pay for work of people playing bamboo after the rain" made-up poetry Zhi, Zhu Yu had to, and poetry into people Tsui, future generations will be seen as a poem of her self-portrayal. Xue Tao and Zhu both inextricably linked, and therefore all over the park to plant bamboo Jia, Xue Tao is everywhere are the embodiment of the spirit of poetry. Xue Tao is also a Wangjiang Park House, academic research centers. In 1990, Xue Tao of this study will be set up, is the world's only research Xue Tao academic groups, academic exchanges will be held on a regular basis. Possession of the park by Xue Tao's information-rich, for most of the country, Xue Tao and dedicated showroom information for travel ginseng .

  Some visitors that here is the former residence of Xue Tao, in fact, she never had to settle here. However, several thousands of years, people just came here to pay tribute to her, one of the reasons, a long story. If only one sentence to explain its origin, and that is: first, Xue Tao Well, after Xue Tao's Memorial Pavilion And the bamboo pavilion itself into an Wangjiang Park House.
According to ancient records, Xue Tao Huan Huaxi has lived in the western suburbs of Chengdu, where Xue Tao paper system, the old Xi Beiyu moved to the city of Bristol Place chicken, building floor, poetry, and six years (832 years) the death of the late Tang Zheng Gu There is a poem to describe the tomb Xue Tao, where burial , To be true test. Ming tombs were Xue Tao recorded in the east a few years, Ji Jin Wangjiang floor area; the Ming Dynasty who do not know when the tomb of Li Xue Tao in a tombstone, a letter, "Nishikawa school books XUE Hong degrees Tomb", not after Deposit.

  Xue Tao's well that began in the Ming Dynasty. Here was originally called Lady Tianjin, Shu Wang Ming Dynasty life in the Xue Tao paper imitation of water, named Xue Tao Well, that future generations will Xue Tao was made in this paper. Since the Ming Dynasty, many scholars here Xue Tao Tiyong well. Three years beginning of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi (1664) in order to bear "Well Xue Tao," the words, engraved stone for the banks remain well so far still.
Jiaqing 19 years of the Qing Dynasty (1814 , Xue Tao Jing Pang Jian floor, poetry, Huan-ting raft, Jin Zhuo floor, because the story named Xue Tao, Xianfeng soldiers were unfortunately destroyed in the early years. 15 Guangxu (1889), Chong Li Ge completed. 25 Guangxu (1889), five new Museum Unzen, loquat Gate Lane, and so on. At this point, Xue Tao commemoration of the wells, building, booth, Hall has been at the beginning The size of both the Ming Dynasty relics, acts as tourist attractions.

  In 17 years (1928), set up here, "park on the outskirts of the first", written by Deng Hou Bianpai Park. Covers an area of 20.6 acres, that is, the scope of the Heritage buildings. By the eve of the liberation of Chengdu, the park construction has fallen into disrepair, the decline decline In 1952, on the outskirts of the first to receive People's Park, a new special funds to repair. In 1953, renamed the "House Wangjiang Park", covers an area of 78 acres, then on November 8 officially open to visitors. In 1960, the area increased 176.5 acre park, forming the size of the park. 1984 Li Xue Tao statue. In 1994, the Government has allocated money to repair Chong Li Ge; to build up the same year, Xue Tao Bamboo in the depths of the tomb for visitors to pay.

  Syrian media have been more than Wangjiang Park's history, we can see here is not the former residence of Xue Tao. Qing Li Yao Dong said: "Tang access to their mud Zhe Wu Yan." Several thousands of years Xue Tao, and so well this group Ham and the emergence of complex and waste-hing, thousands of tourists visit the facts already proved this point. Xue Tao and the building will be after the sub-section of the text in detail.

  Park entrance for the antique building. Into a door, there Xiu Huang Jia Dao, Blot out the Sun shade, Chuk Yuen feature of the oncoming. Row Do end suddenly. Rockery is to bypass the pool area of the old buildings, the floor for the Wangjiang Park essence, the clever layout, the strange idea that Sichuan is one of the representative of classical gardens. Kok Chong Li has left, Jin Zhuo House floor, poetry and methotrexate Linjiang old; have the right and well Xue Tao Huan-ting paper. Pavilion after the current Cup pool, loquat Gate Lane, Stephen Champs Qingwan room, five Museum Unzen, constitute an independent area.

  Wangjiang Park House, about 120 acres of planted bamboo, bamboo fine selection of domestic and foreign species, is the largest species of bamboo, bamboo seeds up to the special category of park, which is different from other gardens, the "Penny's Park" and "best in the world Chuk Yuen, "said another. Xue Tao-like Central Park deep in the bamboo forest. Xue Tao tomb is located in the southeast corner of the park.

  Park to the north-east have access to the other side of the Jin Jiang Yu Jin Qiao, Fei and waterfall, such as Taiwan, Mochizuki a transitional landscape. Every month rise in the Moon in Taiwan can wave on video tours, the river bank below the stage engraved with the "Kam-looking pony," 4. Eastbound A temple-building "Spring in Jin Jiang," down from the original Wu Shing Temple, a Qing Dynasty architecture, derived from the name of Du Fu's "Spring in Jinjiang to heaven and earth."

  Along with an entertainment district, including the tea house, chicken Bristol Park fishing areas, restaurants, children's park, and so on. Building a bowl of tea is the major tea house in the park, named in the Ho Shao-chi of the famous people "to spend raft Xiang Ming bowl while you're" well water with tea Xue Tao, Gan incomparably pure. Xibei Yu Xue Tao old age home in the city of Bristol Place chicken, this park is named after this chicken-Bi.

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