Thursday, January 8, 2009

Phnom Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phnom Park is located in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, next to the starting point, covering an area of 410 mu, the ups and downs shallow hill in the park, a vast terrain, verdant forests, quiet environment. Park Bi You Lamei Park, Begonia Park, Park Lagerstroemia, bamboo, fishing ponds, forests Quan Shi, Ginkgo Court, Yu Ming-Xuan, and other scenic areas. Also new is Prachuab miniature monuments Court, Chengdu landmark nine-floor, landscape, but also Biyou area for the majority of people Yechui light a fire in the district. Phnom Cedar Park in Pu-sik, ginkgo, camphora, Lagerstroemia, Metasequoia, peach, osmanthus, magnolia trees, such as a total of more than 80 strains of 4 million, covering about 80 acres of Zhuhai, Bamboo pole million Green and luxuriant, a total of nearly 100 varieties of more than 60,000 trees, the forest park dotted with lawns, pool Lake, Ting Xie, trails, rather Wild in the mountains. It is a fun, leisure, fishing, recreation, and pay homage to a plethora Yechui, a good place to drink tea. Nine-floor tower is located in shallow hill in the park at the top of the Hill, the project to start In 1995, cost more than a million have been completed and opening up. Its name from the nine-floor Shi Xian Li Bai poem of "San Hua Teng-cheng House," "this one to Gordon Wang, as nine Tour" building up to 70 meters, a total of 13 layers with a total construction area of 1,000 square meters 4. Layer 1, 2, the square for the main hall, 3 -- 0-for-eight tower structure, cornices to the sky, 11-13, 15-19, Alice-12-4 by the combination of small Fang Ting, the top floor of a large collection Fang Ting-top. The sophisticated design of the tower, a unique structure, melting into one floor tower pavilions, ancient architecture and modern clever civil architecture, a prominent local architectural style characteristics Tower appears to be far, appears to be nearly flat, style unique, as a landmark in Chengdu Tim's magnificent landscape.

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