Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chaoyang Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chaoyang Lake is located in Pujiang County, southwest of Chengdu, 83 km away from Chengdu. By the Chaoyang Lake, Dan Xianghu, Long Beach, Lake and Xian Ge Fei, and other scenic spots, 110 square km area. Chaoyang Lake scenic area away from the earth, elegant Ming-jie, beautiful scenery, "Qingcheng water" in the world. Lake lush vegetation, water birds which come and go As if Shangri-la, known far and near, the first provincial-level scenic spots one. Chaoyang Lake landscape is a blend of artificial lakes, mountains and lakes to the main King, the original natural state as the characteristics of the natural landscape and human landscape with Health and long-hole landscape of the essence of rock, show a surprising feature of the ancient quiet, "Bi Quiet, "said forward. Lake 75 km long, has two branch water, forming 4 island, turning 28, 108 peaks. Mountain lake, there are more than 1,000 plant trees and flowers, rattan, green Peng Rong. Eagle Lake can be seen, thrush, as The group of white crane, duck, mandarin duck play. Chaoyang Lake 1 km from the Office of the lake in Long Beach, Long 75 , Island 3, 4 large branch water, turn 20, "Water broad macro trend" for its characteristics. 8 km outside the Dan Xianghu lake hectares of perennial lush pine forest, the shade of "Nine ditch fork 18," the lake. A lot of relics in the lake, was built in the Han Dynasty in Xian Ge Fei, Han Legend has it that there was a general here after , Obsessed with the beautiful scenery here, then off Zhengyi, in practice, the last immortal left. Jian Xian Ge Fei later to commemorate. In addition, Jiro Beach Cliff Figures, the resort Jiuxian Shan Buddhist, Taoist resort concept Taiqing; there are agents of Jurists Song Wei Weng of the founder of the former site of the College of Heshan, Li Yu-old Japanese star, as well as the war Ba and Shu Chuan Guan during the Han and so on. Chaoyang Lake elegant natural scenery and rich human landscape, attracting visitors eight points of the compass.

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