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Anren town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Anren Chengdu Plain is located in the western town, 41 km away from Chengdu, Shuangliu International Airport, 38 km, 8 km Dayi county, is a key state in the town; is the base for the education of young people, the state 4A-class tourist attractions, national key cultural units and Sichuan Province, "one of the Golden Flower 6" - Liu seat of the manor; is Sichuan Province, famous historical and cultural towns and 10 major tourist town in Sichuan Province; by provinces and municipalities as a key support of small cities and towns, is to declare Chinese history and culture of the town. Jurisdiction town 15 villages, four neighborhood, an area size of 21.4 square kilometers of urban area of 3.2 square kilometers with a total population of 23,000, of which Population of the town of 11,000 people.

  Anren town has a long history as early as the Tang Takenori three years (the year 620 AD) built on the An Renxian (as early as the 50th anniversary of Dayi County building), under the Road Jiannan Qiong state, according to "world peace in mind" set by the "benevolent take Anren Meaning, "named after the then rule on the county in today's security In the town, as a result of the ancient "Anren" county government, it got its name. Up to 21 years of the Yuan Dynasty (1284 AD), Build An Renxian withdrawn, the region was placed under the Dayi County. Anren liberation "of the three services nine eighteen brigade mission," said one after another has emerged Liu Wenhui, Liu, and other military and political officials.

  At present there are Anren Kept relatively complete history of ancient residential neighborhoods and estate buildings with an area of about 300,000 square meters; preservation of the public during the Qing Liu estate groups, such as the ancient residence hall Liu Xianggong 27; there are Red Star Street, Shu Street, Yue Man Street Old Streets of the three, and so on; small Western-style building (formerly the Association for the Advancement of public Shezhi), Anren secondary school (the original school color), 10 minutes , The atmosphere of ancient culture and tourism, highlighting the advantages.


  In order to further excavation of the ancient town of Anren cultural history, combined with Liu Manor and the surrounding residential buildings and folk Anren town, the town of Dayi county government and I introduced in 2003 built the Chengdu Sichuan Housing Development Co., Ltd., Chengdu Railway Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. to build a common culture Anren Industrial Park. The first phase will covers an area of 500 acres for the construction of a high standard to the museum the theme of the museum village. Anti-Japanese War of the main building of cultural relics exhibition hall and art gallery of the Cultural Revolution, is also a portfolio of 20 small and medium-sized non-governmental museums, and Museum of Western Sichuan was more casual, people in western Sichuan, western Sichuan food, inn in western Sichuan, western Sichuan, and other folk performances around the siege. Chuan invited to present at home and abroad, more than 20 well-known architects, the museum branch to carry out the design, construction of 20 single museum program has been completed, construction plans are under way monomer Dollars, by the end of March will be the standard approach for single building and construction of municipal infrastructure construction, the museum is expected in December this year in the settlement basically completed in June 2005 the official opening to the outside world. To the museum the theme of the museum village is Anren town of Culture and Tourism industry in the new project leader. Anren town of unique tourism Source of strong cultural, caused by the provincial, city and county leaders and relevant departments attach great importance, since 2003 there have been provincial party secretary Zhang Xuezhong, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary Li City, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Gan Daoming, the main city People's Political Consultative Conference Luo Longsen degrees, and other municipal leaders on many occasions to Anren office and on-site inspections. Anren town rich in tourism resources, tourism industry scale, Anren town of tourism resources are divided into two sections. First, the very early development of the well-known Liu's estate (including large-scale clay sculpture of "rent house"), the main attractions in the residence of Liu Wencai and the residence of Liu Wenhui. Liu Manor its unique calendar As well as the connotation of its own building on the great Chinese folk art of the craftsman and?????fully reflect the international tourism organizations recognized by the Sichuan Tourism Development "6 Golden Flower", "Sichuan Provincial Tourism Master Plan" has been out Focusing on the development of tourism resources, the country was classified as Class 4A tourist areas, and A national youth patriotism education base, the current estate Liu 4,100,000 yuan from ticket sales, tourism revenue of about 12,000,000 yuan. Second, the town is well-preserved cluster of residence and Shi Yuzuo Anren unique to the town of Old Streets, Road, Gu Xiang and ancient architecture. Old Streets of the three (Red Star Street, Shu Street, Yue Man Street), House, and the ancient tower Anren secondary school (the original school color) well-preserved, well reflected in the public Qing architectural styles and cultural characteristics, while the Chuanximinju with European style architecture skilful blend to form a unique The Chinese and Western architectural styles, all of which has not yet been opening to the outside world, the great The value of tourism development.

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