Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chengdu Amusement Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

One bridge in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu is located in River House, an area of 165 acres, in southwest China is the only modern recreational facilities, both scientific, sports and recreational nature of the integrated large-scale multi-functional park. The park has been operating since the opening, have been China, Japan and the United States, Britain and other countries in the production of large and medium-sized pleasure-based 28 and more than 60 small projects, the current national maximum height of the largest Ferris car, air, Central Park, train, train, bumper cars, fun chair, firing Museum, the world's water, and so on; tourists and the immense high-altitude rolling Train wheel of the brave, wild rats, super swing, off-road racing parachute team ; There are widespread attention for the children of the electric motor, remote control cars, remote control boats and air planes, lifts, jumping castle, fitness discovery, and other recreational vehicles. The park is also designed to inspire children to build a rich intellectual small-scale amusement project. Park catering business matching service and a quality living environment, bamboo trees, Jessica grass, and measures to improve safety management, accident insurance into an exclusive, is the leisure, entertainment, fitness ideal place. Transport: Accessibility by 5, 6 Road, 7 Road, Road 28, Road 42, Road 45, 307 and so on the way to reach a bus or taxi.

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