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Walled round on - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhai Kaili last round at about 50 km south of the city, is a Hmong village, visitors can tour. Walled within the Miao people dress in costumes for the characteristics of the so called "Miao dress." Apart from here can enjoy the unique Miao Diaojiao Lou wood construction, but also the public can enjoy performances of the highway Walled wine song, dance costumes Miller Lusheng dance, carrying eight Lusheng dance programs, and so on. There are streaming across the stockade support slope, slope back to Xu Ping, 8 acres and 150 meters long of a race track. Ma of the third lunar month every year, Ray Hill, Carey, Ma Jiang, Danzhai County at the junction of four young men and women of the Miao nationality, to be held in the climbing activities, Duige, horse racing, when up to a million-sheng People.

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Libo Zhang Jiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Jiang at Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Libo County, 314 km from the city of Guiyang, karst landforms formed by water features, is the world's latitude with the rare sub-tropical virgin forest remnants of karst areas. Zhang Scenic River by seven holes, Xiaoqi Kong, the spring water of the three river canyon scenic spots, With wild color, odd show featuring, focused on the area Xiaoqi Kong, is a longing for nature, advocating the return of a tourist destination. Puyi of the scenic mountain village more unique customs, pear fields, planting, threshing, and so almost by a woman to bear. Are interested, Zhang Libo can go to the Riverview area Spring River Valley Water Rafting Nearly 3 hours of drifting, after 29 waves, the ship to the Dragon King is the end of the hole.

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Matang (aged leather) home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Matang is more typical of a (aged leather) home village, the villagers usually Zhaizhong farming at leisure to do batik and embroidered clothing. Matang batik designs sophisticated products, color, is widely used to decorate a variety of daily necessities such as clothing, skirts, caps, Pa, bag, curtain, and so on. Matang come, it is exposure to a batik art The feeling in the world. (Aged leather) home is a unique minority, who live scattered in the north-west Carey Yudong, Long rural market alone more than 10,000 population, is not included in the 55 ethnic minorities, is the only country not to identify Nation. (Aged leather) have their own unique family life customs and language, dress For the unique, (aged leather) family of the girl dress like ancient general, the body go up and down Pomp. And their day-to-day attire of some relatively simple, from its single-color look, it is different from Miaojia.

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Xijiang Miao Village 1000 - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West River is located in the southeast of Carey, Ray Hill from the junction to the north-east fold, Carey is the largest around the Miao Village, about 1,000 households, so called "1000 Miao Village." Most houses here are Diaojiao Lou wood, maple are built, according to both sides of the mountain to the start of the dark red maple wooden partition in the setting sun exposure A golden, if visitors come here in the fall, can be seen in front of the house behind the great Pianpian maple leaves, the harvest is really beautiful scenery. There are far Xijiang Ying-famous silversmith village, representing the production of Silver. Miao Village of Cross-girl embroidery, produced a very fine.

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"Li Yung from" Dong Xiang Miao Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Southeast Guizhou Miao Village Dongxiang state, with its focus on the most southern part of the most representative and, along the "Rongjiang, Jiang, Liping" line can savor the most unique style Dong Xiang Miao Village. Tourists usually put together three places known as the "Yung from Lebanon."

Rongjiang: Rongjiang is the birthplace of Dong Miao culture, as a result of the river bank into a row of fig So named because, so far there are more than 40 county, 100 up and down the banyan tree. Rongjiang a total of 15 ethnic minorities, including Dong, Miao, Shui, Yao occupy the four main minority of the total population of 84.4 percent, to build a unique geographical Rongjiang color of the national culture.

The relative distribution of national conditions and customs collection To Sambo Dongzhai 1000, down Dongzutaige Jae, 72 Dongzhai, Tong wonders of life as the main scenic spots.

Congjiang: There has been hailed as a "culture of the Hmong living fossil" Basha.

Basha Miao Village is located in the mountains of 90,000 branch Moon Hill in the hinterland, Liu River from the county seat Congjiang Kilometers from the five natural villages, a total of 422.

Basha said to be the ancestors of the Miao is the vanguard of the movement when, for thousands of years, here's a man to retain the custom of braided hair bundle, and hang the birds all the year round the waist bullet gourd, horn, machetes and carry gun powder; woman was string together -Bun, and Play Salisbury, dressed in Miao Wang Fang-Indian dress Triangle graphics.

Liping: Liping is the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the western Hunan, Guangxi Basin and the hills of the transition zone. Here is the most famous scenic spots and eight states Zhaoxingdongxiang River area.

Zhaoxing formerly known as the "Chao Tung" Walled in row upon row of Diaojiao Lou, Xi Lou, Song Ping embellishment Between. Drum Tower 5 in the current Dongzhai in the Drum Tower is the most concentrated, the Drum Tower in-house full of decorative taste Dong Jia, wing angle side canopy filled with animal patterns, the story characters. Huaqiao and the Drum Tower, along the same ceiling Diaojiao Lou, and even as a Feng Yuqiao, even on rainy days can be an However, not wet unharmed.

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Fanjingshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fanjingshan scenic spot is located in the north-west of Tongren Prefecture, in Jiangkou, Songtao, Indian River County at the junction of three, Wulingshanmo is the main peak, 2572 meters above sea level, with a total area of about 567 square kilometers, the area has a unique scenery, but also in China Sub-tropical forest ecosystems to preserve the integrity of the more typical one. Fanjingshan Shuilv Shan-ching, every one will have between two mountain streams, known as "River 99." These streams come together to form a Black River Bay, 11, and so he manger of the main rivers, Chengfangshezhuang Pentium and, more rapids along the dangerous shoals, the water falls down. Originated in the western region, as of Wujiang River in the north of the river systems, Fanjingshan that is River watershed of the two.
Fanjingshan not only beautiful scenery, Buddhist or resort, "the Vatican net", that is, with extraordinary Buddhist refined meaning. Wanli self-evident starting to build the temple Vatican brakes, Dachaoshan cutting of pavement, and become the Emei Shan, Wutai Mountain, Putuo Mountain, Jiuhuashan corresponding to the distance of the famous Buddhist. In the protection zone, retains a large number of temple ruins, with the growth of a variety of rare and ancient trees, the habitat of rare birds and animals, such as Guizhou golden monkey.

  Fanjingshan preserved 7,000 years ago to 200 million years ago Tertiary and Quaternary ancient plant and animal species and rich biological resources, is Rare sub-tropical community than the original integrity of the ecosystem area.
Fanjingshan because of the special geological formation of the geological structure, its shape thousands, lofty mountains and the landscape of KIWI. The territory of high peaks, gurgling streams, Fei Bao outlet, a Qixiu landscape.
Fanjingshan Buddhist region History has a long history, dating back more than a decade ago during the Tang Dynasty rim and a simple Buddhist temple activities. Out to the early years of Wanli (1573) Buddhist activities in unprecedented prosperity. Fanjingshan and Maitreya is the famous gym and gym Monju Mount Wutai, Mount Emei Fugen gym, gym and King Jiuhuashan, Dao Yin Pu Shan Buddhist equivalent to the five famous mountains in China and gym.

Mountain region has a large number of historical sites and cultural relics. The strong local customs Fanjingshan more tourism has added exotic colors.
Golden Peak is an unexpected isolation of Shi Feng, net of up to 94 meters, at the top of the clouds all the year round Wind around, rising Ziqi, the day when clouds break, brilliant Choi, a Golden Peak, a magnificent view, the Jinding Hongyun said.
Temple also known as the town hall under the wing, at the beginning of next, after the collapse many times without repair deposit. Built in 1992 and opening of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha hall for the Western Regions and usher in the Yu Guanyin, came to worship Mo Jian people one after another.

Yabian party rock perseverance, more than 10 meters high, on top of a bucket-shaped rocks on a smaller stone pillars, large small, such as the mushroom-shaped, it got its name. This great touch stone dumping trend, the odd dangerous abnormal, but it is the top site, to stand firmly a number of years.
Fanjingshan mushroom is the soul of the fine is a symbol of Fanjingshan. Hill at the top of the mountain as a whole layer upon layer, the ultimate aim of fostering an orderly manner, such as the potential of the ancient books voluminous code piled Qitian, towering momentum, it is referred to as "rolls of the book." Tang legend was to return to West to learn from their experience, the white horse riding through the clouds and fog, the former kick hit Fanjingshan Fall from his horse into a pile of Buddhist fossils.
  Jin Daoxia located in the middle of the Golden Summit, about 90 meters deep, narrow the Office of less than 1 m, only one passed, could be described as "Kazuo when Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo." Legend is that Sakyamuni and Maitreya Buddha dispute Jinding religious, and the fair determination of the Jade Emperor, gold therefore have to break Daopi . Believe in the people based on the legend on the left to build Hall of Sakyamuni, the right to build Hall of Maitreya.

  Prince Edward Stone is a unique scenic spots, according to legend Emperor of the Nine Emperors Feizi mother Fanjingshan to practice, the mother did not see a small Prince Edward, the palace has quietly slipped out of difficult obstacles s finally came to the riverside Port Fanjingshan feet, looking at Prince Edward Kim , The mother has kept shouting, tearing people's minds, tear ... ...
From the western Indian River on the direction of the Gap Fanjingshan way from the Golden Summit 2,500 meters, Gap Kuanjin one person through, Deep Gap million Ren Jian, head bottomless, is not a dangerous place, the Vatican is watching the net Hill beauty of the place.
  Ecological Fanjingshan Good habitat, streams all over, and he is called "99 River." Clear streams, and the supremacy of the Pentium, the more dangerous shoals in the white water, or water falls. Yu Shan is a good place for the water.

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Dragon and phoenix palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon and phoenix palace is located in the city of Liupanshui Shuicheng Iron and Steel Company of the West, is a very unique park on the ground floor. This natural cave was nearly 100 meters deep with a total length of 2.8 km, a very odd view of wonderful, beautiful.
Dragon and Phoenix entered the palace, first of all to see that hole Thunder, Thunder-off hole to habitat Hole, which features Qixia have running water inside the cave, the walls have a natural karst formation of the Dragon and modeling Fei, Xu shed, such as Health, it is said that the underground palace dragon and phoenix as its name. In the first area, formed a stalactite of thousands of modeling for visitors to dizzying. Crane cents a sheep, the Tigers have a gallop, a Buddhist-chee days, almost step King.
After this - as the area is an ancient river, the water features on the ground floor of the stream was up to 800 meters. Specialized departments, like the ancient river boat set up for visitors by tourism. River rafting, enjoy a cool underground river of clear water, enjoy a river bank and shrinkage of the cliff, all visitors to click one's tongue spray Odd. A lot of cross-strait along the river landscape, welcoming Shuangshi, small ice-snow lotus, a flying stone, Yixian Tian. Optimus Prime ... ... there is magic to the extreme.

Long Feng to the palace and a magic hall, known as Concert Hall, in the tens of meters deep underground, the hole-up area of competition more than 1600 square meters, To accommodate 1,500 people. In the right side of the hall, there is a natural stage, covering an area of 80 square so that the natural underground concert hall looks more lifelike. Hall, no theory is the Office of the Office of the top wall, floor or stage, were filled with thousands of karst stalactite shapes, Shi Shi Man Wai curtain down in the wall, hanging - Top wall, set up in the artificial light of the lantern, one Hong flow blurred, so beautiful.

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Grassland plateau scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Grassland plateau scenic spots located in the northern part of the SAR Panxian the four-frame, and two of the Yi Ping Township and at the junction of Shuicheng Xian, with the plateau grasslands, the Georgia River Valley, River cave area, there is a long cloth pasture, Hai Zi Long Lake, River cave, Leong Che-cow and many other high-visual goods.

  Grassland plateau above sea level on average 2 00 meters, with a total area of 1.2 million mu of grassland, of which artificial improvement of 4,000 acres of pasture, the sheep wool of the existing 1060, 183 black and white hybrid cattle, the province is a modern 12-point model of grassland animal husbandry. At the same time, domestic and foreign tourists also enjoy the scenery of the plateau ideal, the peak of cow pasture Leung , Up more than 2700 meters above sea level, said Panxian-tops peaks.

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Al-River area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River Scenic Area is located in Shuicheng Xian Bao-hua and Rural Zhongshan Qu, according to the junction of Township, from the central urban area only 18 kilometers, there is direct access to the main highway, traffic is extremely convenient. Karst area better-canyon cliff, Li Po Valley, the arc-feng, Cong Feng, cave, such as Tianshengqiao typical plateau karst landscape as a whole, the shape The thousands of karst landscape. Its features are: rise amid Pinnacle, deep valleys, towering cliffs, steep confrontation, the same cave, changes in the singular.

  Zone to the mountains, a big hole that set valleys, caverns, rivers into one, covering an area of 16 square kilometers. There are 2.5 km of the river canyon tour, hope Rock on the shore Tengluo clouds, dense turn small trees and vegetation to protect the good. Aare River Scenic Area has been included in the development of Liupanshui city in 2002 one of the 10 practical things, the city and county (district) level, the Government has invested 1,000,000 yuan for infrastructure development and construction of scenic areas.

  Area will be in the building However, the ecological focus to the core of the water tunnel cave Tanqi group, live in a cave, Canyon sightseeing, rock climbing, national conditions and customs, environmental protection, education, industry and tourism projects. Eventually built into the hills and water, holes, ethnic customs, leisure holiday as one of the natural landscape and human landscape combined with the scenic quality.
The area within Tall and magnificent 800-meter-long tunnel, about 100 meters inside the cave, and 30-10 meters wide, inside the cave, there are innumerable stalactites of various patterns, water inside the cave and canyon can be linked to sail. There are scenic cliffs more than a dozen large and small dry cave, the largest hole can accommodate tens of thousands of people, the size of the rooms were small hole-like beads Cloth, silver stalactites, and strangely shaped.

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Hu Guosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Guosi Guizhou Province is located in the city of Liupanshui Danxia the Town Panxian water in the mountains, 17 kilometers from the county seat. Hill Danxia 1888 meters above sea level, limestone topography around the cave, mild climate, abundant rainfall and sunny, suitable for tree growth, the ancient "Lin" said Ran in animals and botanical gardens.
  Protector Wanli Ming beginning, the beginning of Taoism as the "Emperor Xuan Gong." Apocalypse 2002 (1662) destroyed in the war, to build the Temple Road to I do not know. Revealed a four-year, Yu Hai, also known as "Bu Mei," Kim Su Xing Anhui, was the Ming Dynasty general. After more than ten years of its hard, Siyu begun to take shape, is the ancestral Danxia Shan mountains. 11-year-zhen (1638), geographer, travel explorer Danxia Xu Shan in person visits. In the shadow of the repair monks, accompanied by Xu visited the place of mountains and rivers, rivers, the humanities, such as traffic, and the information included in one by one, "Xu's Travels", has greatly enhanced the country's Red Hill in the know Degrees.
  Chang Yue-Qing Emperor Qianlong 46 years monk in the beginning of this open Jietan; 30 Guangxu light followed by a monk Tan Kai initiation ceremony for monks, to carry forward Buddhism; Guangxu St. 32 largest financial monks in Beijing have all the Royal Secret Inspector possession of Emperor Guang Xu After, scarf, jade and India, Jinbo. Royal Emperor Guang Xu was also closed, "Qian set of state for South-West Hill Danxia State jungle ", which got its name," Hu Guosi. "Guangxu years, the fruit Zong, who often had to Lingshan Si Guizhou Guiyang, Kunming Qiongzhu Si, Yi Liang of farmington temple abbot, is very popular.
  In 29 years (1940), Yuan Xiu monks Danxia Tan Kai initiation ceremony for monks. At the same time also held 49 days of water and land Lent to the anti-Japanese spirits in front of Memorial. The Buddhist, Xu Yun, China and India, and other optical 13 provinces 7 in the city of 65 monks participated in Dade, Danxia for Temple since the biggest Buddhist activities.
  In 1949, after a large number of monks in the monastery Hu Guosi office of the National abbot of the temple, the abbot. One well-known persons Master welcome home, out of Red Hill, he served successively as Burma, founder of the Buddhist Association of China, the United States after New York, New York, to create Miaojue Temple Monastery is now the abbot. Hu Guosi when people have a reputation, "the monk times," said.
  1958 Danxia forest was felled tree supervisor. In 1964, Hu Guosi fire accidentally, the temples were destroyed. However, no deposit of the temple, but local believers and tourists up the mountain four-Jingxiang remain the same ceremony. In 1981, when the smell in the Master Zhuoxi Danxia Hill, and his disciple Hui is jointly funded reconstruction Hall. In very difficult conditions, the completion of three Tile House, worship Buddha, pilgrims to rely on public donations just to make ends meet. 198 , Chang Wen transferred to master Mercury Temple Hill Danxia are involved in the management of one of the state, Xijie houses destroyed. In April 1985, members of the County People's Political Consultative Conference Tung-jung are Buddhist in the county during the Second Session of the Sixth People's Political Consultative Conference, submitted a "rehabilitation of historical sites Danxia Hill, the development of tourism in the county," Let's case, the initiative to repair Danxia Hill Protector , Have the attention, to be approved by the reconstruction, and the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1986, the foundation official.
  After several years of construction, Hu Guosi existing Mountain Gate, the Hall of Maitreya, the Main Hall, Yu permitted, the Hall of Avalokitesvara, Zhaitang, Kwun Tong, and other construction. Chinese Buddhist Association, Mr. Zhao Puchu personally wrote to the "Dan Hill, "" Hu Guosi "and" Main Hall "horizontal inscribed board. Terauchi is further building Danxia Mountain plan, within a few years to solve traffic one by one, lighting, drinking water and so on.
  Hu Guosi in addition to a collection of Emperor Guangxu of the Royal Secret Inspector objects, there to Zhao Kuo-chung, Weng Tonghe important questions and others, Ying , Paintings and so on. Temple abbot of the New York Miaojue welcome home Master contributions are Yufo Temple, gold Maitreya, the Buddha in Tibet, and Avalokitesvara, and other instruments used in a wide range. Another previous possession of the initiation ceremony for monks with brass by the "bright golden ring Bao Wang Fan-Indian" and the millennium-old "Pattra Sutra", "Guizhou Panxian Danxia Lotus Peak Hill with a warning qianfoensis Recorded ". Hu Guosi scenic spots and historical sites are:
Danxia Jade Buddha Temple Hill. Hu Guosi Yufo hall for a sit-Yufo, Yufo a horizontal, "Lin Yu Fo." Yufo such as domestic and Myanmar, the United States by the Buddhist community gift, an air of serene, with wonderful solemn, can be Fodiao of products. Longpumuta. Long Pu in the 12th Masters with the Hill on behalf of Danxia Fasi, after the death of the all-monks Muta legislation for a public, high-five, before the tower there, "Long Pu Shi Lue's life monument." Muta Block parking spaces for coffins, five from fabric for stone, the ground floor of the Chamber of Secrets Xiucheng. Bier a big front, more than 300 oil-sheng jin, a built-in oil Batteries, fuel lines after the closure of Lotus Lantern, "a long light." This would be subject to a mid Tim oil. "Cultural Revolution" was to blow up Muta has been repaired.
Building on view. In the Tenth Five or six years, where the monks of the Middle Temple in the pool concept to build on the floor, five-storey high, hanging on "South-day scenic spots," horizontal inscribed board. Now be re-financing , Is still "Guanyin floor," Deng Lou considerable magnificent sunset view.
Zi-dong. Danxia at the foot of a mountain, the hole over 400 meters long, Linlang stalactite, Saga rocks. Is now in the construction of a stone cave-in-class, the introduction of lighting circuits, is a further extension of `.

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Ping leek area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liupanshui city is located in Zhongshan Qu with the Bijie area at the junction of Hezhang County, as a result of the growth of the mountain into a film in the wild leek side of the ridge slope everywhere a slow-zone named. The area from the center of Liupanshui City, about 60 kilometers, the main peak of 2900.3 meters above sea level, the highest peak in Guizhou, and cool in summer and winter snow. Known as "house in Guizhou The''said the top board, look around the eyes, Bang Bo Wumeng panoramic view of the momentum. Thus there is "less than a leek Ping, Guizhou in vain to see mountains," said.

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Longhorn Miao customs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou Province in the central and SAR 6 Zhijin County at the junction of the mountains, in the Special Administrative Region 6 60 km away from the shuttle worked a village inhabited by the ancient and mysterious Miao branches - Longhorn Miao. They speak dialects of Central Miao, mainly in the Long-standing alone 12 villages, the only branch of the Miao 4,000 They live year round in an elevation of 2000 meters or so deep in the mountains, Mao Fang wall, spinning weaving, still living a mysterious and ancient tribal life-style, little contact with the outside world is still relatively intact and the continuation of an ancient , To head for the Longhorn symbol of the unique cultural traditions of the Miao, whose unique Is that women have to wear on their heads like a big Longhorn Mushu, Liangjiao higher than that of both sides of the head, around the corner are 2-4 kg of hair.

This culture is very simple: there is a very original democracy and equality; there are very rich married marriage, funeral and religious rituals; there are unique and very beautiful music and dance Batik art of embroidery. Men and women to live their cultivation of the natural texture of economic life in Huangruo Shiwaitaoyuan, isolated, or even marriage in this nation has concluded. This marriage has become a strong bond, this 12-Longhorn Miao village closely linked.

  Longhorn Miao Department Miller, the head as a result of banding to the 1.5-foot 2-foot wooden named Longhorn, 3 kg ? ? 6 kilograms of black and white sets of wool banding huge headdress of the adult characters. Like color embroidered Jing chicken feathers woven into a beautiful dress, modeled on the chest Qing chicken produced by the navy sheep Weiyao blankets and white blankets sheep leg wrappings, forming a single Wonderful landscape. La-painting every family, every household cloth, the women back bucket with water, sewing kit made of straw, old spinning wheel and Gongnu, seven small small knife Prince, Prince small pot, as well as color harmony beautiful dress, so that Dizzying people, the annual day of the first Five-Year Plan to spend the jump section, Miao is the Longhorn young men and women Shall We Love the season, the beautiful love duet, the courting of the tug-of-war as the way, playing matchmaker to marry the beautiful sounds of 3 and low tactfully Shaw's Lusheng, picturesque, people stay pleasant side.

Longhorn Miller not only a grand wedding, and also a grand funeral, burial "Ga fight," mourning "ga", Friends of the money to send gifts carved bamboo, in the presence of many relatives and friends of the deceased and read out the gifts and gift collection, which means to allow the deceased to go to another world when people suddenly forget their relatives and friends for their concern and
  Longhorn Miao Richuerzuo this, the sunset and the interest of mankind can be called the Min living fossil.

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Panxian big hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

State-level protection unit - Panxian big hole beads at the village of Dongxiang ten, 49 km from the county seat. Aims to teach people the original cave, Guangxu, "Pu Chi Zhili Office" in mind "Hong Kuo bright, dark pain-free, flat land, in three Buddhist temples built by the Temple-song set and, with one stone milk and high-rise flat-top, on Guanyinge building. Fold , Shek Pik force, and on their sides while Im Krebsgang big hole in the behavior. "After the villagers by Ao Glass. Holes and mountains of fossils, they were free to discard broken or pigs or fertilizers. In the 1970s , Geological workers have been found.

  In 1990, Liupanshui city departments will pieces from several Panxian Hole-in deposits collected stone products, please send the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Research Institute. The ancient human research, such as Huang Wei-wen, director of view, a few well-made stone products displayed on the surface to repair and clear traces of technical standards, and this technology has always been seen as the same period in the Western culture There are then sent geologists for on-site, such as the new Yuan Zhen-spot survey, in the big hole collected a dozen pieces of stone products and a large number of fossils of mammals, including the East Stegodon, the Chinese rhinoceros, tapir, and other huge several species extinction.

  In April 1992, approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Panxian had a big hole for 21 days Excavation of clean-up, striking gains, with an area of 12 square meters, and unearthed more than 700 pieces of stone products, and more than 500 fossil specimens, including a human tooth fossils and a small number of mammals and dozens of birds, fish fossils and so on. Panxian to explore the outcome of several big hole, caused by archaeologists at home and abroad more and more attention and surprise. Is a big hole on the other sites of cultural relics and preserve the original surface of life at the time of disposal, contains a wealth of potential information. Big hole in the fourth century, the accumulation of rich and well-preserved for the establishment of a cave in southern China Quaternary accumulation of standard scratch the surface to provide ideal conditions.
  1993 Panxian big hole is carried out Excavation, was 4 ancient human tooth fossils, more than 2,000 pieces of stone products and nearly 10,000 pieces of fossils, as well as a number of ash, ash debris, burned bone, and other ancient relics of human civilization. Panxian Pleistocene cave is a big hole in the excavation of ancient human mid-Paleolithic sites, a rare world. In 1993 the top 10 national test The new discovery, Panxian big hole sites on the list was China's domestic and foreign experts believe that the cave site of a major ancient human found Panxian big hole in the excavation of the ancient world of early human sites are also rare, is a multi-disciplinary And a major research study on the value of the ideal places, the size of the cultural deposits in , The number of varieties of archaeological materials, with rival Beijing Zhoukoudian.

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Panxian ancient ginkgo scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Panxian ancient ginkgo scenic spots located in Anshun county set Town's 35km properly Stonebridge Village, the scenic area of about 146km2, including the Lok Man stone bridge in the town area, water Town area, a scenic area outside a city gate, the fire Town area. Growth area within the strain of thousands of ancient ginkgo tree and the youngest 300 years old and older up Chitose.
?? experts believe that such a focus and merging into one village and the ancient ginkgo community in the world is very rare. The local government is planning to declare end of the Shanghai Guinness Book of World Records. Guizhou Province has Panxian ancient ginkgo as a provincial-level scenic spots Scenic Area

?? ginkgo tree is 30 0 million years ago the Earth left over from the ancient plants, known as "living fossils" of the ginkgo tree tree leaves strange, delicate, four seasons, spring green, golden yellow in the fall, the fruits of their "medicine ginkgo can''is rare Ornamental trees. Panxian ancient ginkgo scenic area of Ginkgo biloba tree is extremely unique. Trails, ridge, Wu Ji, stone steps, stretching out in all directions, the whole due musicians up in a village above the roots. Summer in layer upon layer of green leaves now turned into a golden-wide, covered with fallen leaves a stone path, Heiwa housing, post-harvest rice fields ... ... Even in the village of clear and transparent stream, river, stone , Is also a fan of Ginkgo biloba has become the gold decorate.

?? It is reported that the sale of ginkgo fruit, which is the local villagers, one of the main source of income, which the villagers of ancient ginkgo tree all the more cherish. Ginkgo biloba are the body, said nuts, "ginkgo", are valuable drugs and health care hard to come by and file the best food. Ginkgo biloba can extract the drug in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

?? local village people live longer, the average life expectancy of 70-80 years old. Scenic areas within the village of Le due oldest old 106-year-old, ruddy face, every day drinking wine on February 2, 2 Meidun eat a bowl of rice, a bowl of meat and potatoes of the two. In order to improve the ancient ginkgo tree The ecological environment, the local government plans to move about two-thirds of the villagers, only the ancient tile-roofed house of wood and a small number of villagers. I hope this nature be left to the people's strange village has been retained to go for visitors and local people to bring more enjoyment.

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South River Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Tao Yuan-ming's second home, Guizhou and the Shangri-La" - South River Grand Canyon;

Yang Kai-South River Valley Park, away from Guiyang City more than 60 kilometers. With typical development, the momentum of the grand canyon karst scenery and the variety of types, the attitude of the thousands of community features waterfalls, is the aesthetic value and scientific value The high spots.

Canyon more than 40 kilometers in length, Qiao Li peak, reached the depths of 398 meters, the experts complete the scientific test results showed that: South River Canyon formation of the oldest, deepest valley, typical for low Zhongshan Valley landscape, Very beautiful and magnificent. Canyon, there are eight natural landscape Yu, falls more than 40 kinds of gestures, the highest drop up to 150 meters.

Development of the area is now 18.4 km, tourists may shun River in Jasper as the river carried out in the thrills of rafting, or a stroll on the cliff path along the cliff, but also through the typical karst forests. Possession of the cliff Monkey, monkey climbing in the play, mandarin ducks in the river, duck tour, groups of fish can be seen on the River Osprey birds flying egret, Wild scene.

South River Grand Canyon has set up a model eco-tourism area rich in natural resources, ethnic song and dance every night you away, the distinctive wooden plant fine Bath, natural spring water swimming pool, a vivid of the Buddha Sakyamuni, as well as the Maitreya Buddha many flickering million, consisting of Foshan, outdoor barbecue, Kuajiangliusuo made you feel good, too happy.

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Yang Ming-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Ming-dong was originally called "East-hole", located in Xiuwen county seat of the newly developed National Yang-Ming Avenue side of the mountain Tatsuoka, covers an area of 1.5 hectares, is the only repair the existing text of a group of old trees, there are more than 50 kinds of Mingmugushu . The famous Ming Dynasty philosopher and military strategist, writer, thinker and educator in Wang Yang-ming was to relegate Guizhou Long Course ( Xiuwen county) Yi Cheng, Jie Lu has been studying this, he Dawu here, "Gewuzhizhi" surely, the establishment of the "terms" theory, the formation of a "letter of conscience" and the embryonic form, launched the "Tatsuoka College. " East then-named "Dong Tian Yang Ming small," said the World Bank, "Yang Ming-dong." Yangming Mountain is not high, not deep hole, because of the "eternal master," Wang Yangming lectures and enlightenment in this famous Chinese and foreign, at home and abroad, Wang said the expert study here, "Wang Holy Land." Coupled with well-known patriotic general, the "eternal hero," General Zhang Xueliang was imprisoned 3 this year, so that even more famous for Yang Ming-dong. Yang Ming-dong at the provincial level for the protection unit. Long Okayama towering old trees, Cui Bo Sensen, matched Pavilion, distinctly tablets, elegant landscape, the wonders of the pleasant. Yang Ming-dong and more obsessed cave, stones are arising, there are hole-hole, through before and after, is Journey Into Amazing Caves. It has a long history, as a result of human and physical, well-known. Wang is here Ming Zhang Xueliang and whereabouts remains imprisoned in the preservation of the most complete, well construction, rich culture.

In the Ming and Qing, the Republic of China is years, Wang Bachelor of Science researchers and scholars often pay a good tour, is also a modern international cultural exchanges, history, culture and education, patriotism and a good education field . Tatsuoka Apart from the mountains outside Yang Ming, Wang Yang-ming was also built by the College Tatsuoka, Ho Xuan humble, a gentleman Pavilion, Binyang together and then he built in memory of Wang's Ancestral Hall, such as construction, but also future generations to pay respect to the Yang Myeongdong Cliff many of the books inscribed tablets.

Scholars goes: if research Mencius must Shandong, research Two-way (Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi) must Henan, Jiangxi to the study of Zhu Xi Bi, Yang Ming's research, not less than Guizhou, can not repair, can not be less than Yang Ming-dong

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Riverside Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Riverside Park is located in the inner city, south-west of Guiyang, Yishanbangshui, the compact appears to be unique. Flower and fish pond Cuoluoyouzhi Gallery Ballroom, Ting Xie up the house and recreational facilities in the shade green leaves. This is the game tea to visitors, a good place for the Mid-Autumn Open, a number of leisure visitors to this Duige, the birds away, constitute the park Special style. Children's Paradise Garden is the children's joy in the world. Riverside Park in Guizhou Province as the largest recreation, entertainment, well-known in the fortification, the majority of young people to become deeply loved "young people's homes,"?????140 million.

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Red Rock Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Red Rock Star Resort is located in scenic 4 km downstream, the Accessibility by boat to drift. This is a broad valley, the environment elegant, very pastoral valley sub-tropical natural scenery resort. In recent years, with the flourishing tourism industry, such as Red Rock Resort is planning a new attraction development.

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Qingyanguzhen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyanguzhen located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang City, about 29 km away from the urban areas, only 11 years Ming Hongwu (1378), Guizhou is one of the most famous cultural town.
3 square km area of town, follow the layout of the town of Yong Ming and Qing pattern, so far still intact towards the door, back door, as well as old and the oldest stone Taiwan and the wooden counter. Ciyu town buildings, built nine Temple, the Temple of eight, five Court, three holes, the second temple, a palace, a hospital, 30 more than the ancestral hall of the temple, the momentum of these magnificent old buildings, Diaolianghuadong, absolutely exquisite technique, it is Amazing. Although many of them dilapidated, most of the charm still remains, rather watch the price .

Here is a Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity, God taught a few co-exist. In addition to a small town in a large number of temples, retain a Christian church and a Catholic church. Here in Western culture has reached an unprecedented blend.

Qingyanguzhen has a long history, since the Ming-hong 11 (1378) has been set up Qingyan fort 600 years. Early Ming, the central dynasty to control the Southwest border, in 2006 Hongwu (1373) Home Secretary to make Guizhou Wei command, control Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi Yidao, as a result of Qingyan located in the Guangxi Guiyang into the portal of your (yang) Fan ( Fan set, this benefits County) are the main Yidao, Yi Dao in the transmission of documents based on the "Shop" and the transfer of military intelligence, "Tong." Garrison Shuangshi peak in the next Yidao next to the construction of the Tuen Mun, known as "Tuen Qingyan." 14 Hongwu (1381) Zhu Yuanzhang expeditionary force sent 300,000 Yunnan-Guizhou, a large number of army Qianzhong into the hinterland after in the next Dynasty, "don" by Into the same soldiers and civilians in the village, "Tuen Qingyan" into a "castle Qingyan." Revealed four years to seven years (in 1624-1627) when the green collar rock garrison, leading Walled 72, eight Fan Control Division of the twelve-lin your class from Fort Qingyan about 1 km of "four" Singapore (place names) to build Tucheng, when they were known as the "city of WANG , The Chinese transliteration of "soldiers city" or "Ying Pun," meaning that this is the embryonic form of this Qingyan City. Tucheng high-risk home, the former Walled Baonei Qingyan people to avoid Binghuo, Tucheng moved into the residence to a gradual scale of Tucheng, the south has become a set back (this water-hui), Guiyang northward, into the West Pingba (County) , Take the East-ri (county) of the Cross to pay Fort. After hundreds of years history, many times the expansion of renovation, and Tucheng to stone walls, stone streets and alleys. Qingyan this city has become a culture of the ancient town of the Ming and Qing style.

Guizhou Province as a historical and cultural town, Qingyan the point as many as 100 cultural relics, of which 23 have been incorporated <. At that time immemorial Change the Lion Rock, the ancient town sites can be seen everywhere. Staggered over the town in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient buildings, including nine Temple, the Temple of eight, five Court, three holes, the second temple, a palace, a total of 37 homes, of which 8 of the existing stone Square Square 3. These old buildings are sophisticated design, exquisite technique works, such as the stone Ciyun Si, life Temple carvings of art are seen in Guiyang fine. Temples, pavilions carved beams are painted buildings, flying white Zhong Yan Kok, although dilapidated, most of the charm still remains.
Qingyan town follow the layout of the town of Yong Ming and Qing pattern, so far still intact towards the door, back door, as well as old and ancient stone and wood counter the counter, Relics in order to give people long. The new mall is more so that the ancient town of the ancient town of charm to carrying forward the legacy.

In the stands have been set to repair the door wide wall, is still faintly visible remnants of the site of the ancient city wall, reminiscent of the ancient town of that year as a military fortress Bingzhun re-set at the majestic. In the face of "Zhao Lun 100 "Unique creative style, Liu was a master sigh as" rare "down the mountain lion, as well as the other two stone Square behind the historical and cultural accumulation, you can savor the epitome of the ancient town part of the culture. Entering Guizhou The first champion ZHAO Jiong to the mansion, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Marshal Office of the Secretary-General's just - Habitat, and shocked the world, "Qingyan lesson plans," as well as the site of Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao, LI, and other relatives of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries have been home, you will have a small town so rich in cultural and admiration.
Qingyan have their own unique and well-known far and near the native products. Sugar Rose (formerly " Piece of sugar ") sweet and delicious, the Department of Euparagonimus wide home in 1874 to 000 in the first production has passed the century-old name. Qingyan two-vinegar has spent 100 years old, has not changed, its thick holding a bowl of vinegar, soy sauce, such as black in color with Red, medium acidity, long aftertaste and the Hong Qu slightly sweet, "the old Guiyang," it is their preference.

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Ethnic customs zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou ethnic customs to the city of Kaili Miller, group, the Dong ethnic style and more features. Kaili City, near the Green Man, the top Weng, Matang, on Grande, West River, Shi-dong, the newspaper Beijing, anti-ranked, Tonggu 9 Miao, Dong, and other national conditions and customs of the main tourist attractions. Here the colorful costumes of ethnic minorities, national holiday under various names, suspended House, Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, and other appropriate national construction density, in perfect order. Walled string of villages, everywhere can enjoy not only to minority women Tape embroidery spinning weaving, batik, and so on Cross-technology labor, the purchase of local ethnic flavor to the meal, and according to traditional protocol for the guests of the National Organization of song and dance and sports Activities Carey simplicity of its rich ethnic customs and rich in unique culture, was established as the eastern Guizhou ethnic customs tourism. Hmong living in the here and other minorities, in the long-term life and work to create the splendid traditional culture, they Walled to the mountain, while the family together , All Walled Village village Tsui bamboo wood, tree-lined. The large number of festivals, every major assembly, all singing and dancing together, "Song of the world, the dance of the marine"; here national territories have different customs and wind, especially in the river boat in the south of flowers, the Green Man, Ma Tong, Weng of ethnic villages, such as customs and the most Type.

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Baihua Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baihua Hu Guiyang is located in scenic areas on the northern outskirts of the West, about 22 km away from the urban area. Area with a total area of 83 square kilometers, the size of the lake spread over 100 islands, with karst landforms and the natural landscape dominated Huguangshanse, clear water here, Xun scale rocks, and hot spring cave. As a result of scenery like Lijiang River in Guilin, it is " Guilin. "

The entire area from the cave, hot springs, the temple Hongwu, the appetite for food and drinks Ying, ZHU castle composed of 12 spots. With the winding mountain and lake scenery, mild climate. Gu Feng arrived in a string Lakes Island, the natural place for the division of Baihua Hu Lake, South Lake and North Lake. Baihua Hu total area more than 50 scenic spots, is now open, 23, have a look at the pine, two-Shou monkey park, crab Lo Chau Island, Guanyin Dong, narrow double flowers, Pinnacle peaks, Jinchan leisure, lonely Feng show alone, stones, Camp Castle, Bird Island, and so on. Bird Island is one of a precious Baihua Hu Jing, when winter spring Quarter, the birds circled the island, to the beautiful natural landscape adds a lot of fun. The Wild Garden is also a major feature of the lake, there are three small villages, dozens of farm households on the island recovered from the fishing boat parked next to the water's edge Lin, poetic, Wild doubled.

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Huaxi Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaxi is spent River Park, located 17 km away from the urban areas of the West Huaxi town in the southern suburbs, which I mt really into water, scenes of the past, as one ethnic customs, as the "Pearl of the plateau." Marshal Chen Yi to swim across the Huaxi, had left the "true-san water everywhere is that the layout of Huaxi is more natural; Shili He Beach as bright as a mirror, a few steps Garden a few fields. "The poem.

  Beautiful small mountain, stands on the River to spend the two sides, Yamauchi many runs through the cave, its underground river running under. River twists and turns of the flowers, clean water Enuoduozi. Hill cliff over the river through, the more the bridge hit the wall, forming a small number of turbulence, a small waterfall, a small lake dam, Flood land. Yanxi the two sides, Cuoluoyouzhi distributed to a number of halls in the south-pointing carriage Ting Xie, step-by-step stile fly bridge, the Hotel Villa, to the Hill this ring around the water, again and again-Yan Tang, flood land of ten beautiful scenery of the magnificent Qing Zhi added. Near the banks of the Shan-lin, but meters high, looking like a big natural landscapes. On top of the hill Cui Yan, Qu path loop, across the cave, "Ge Fei," Qiao Jian-shan, the board of visitors to the Peak, overlooking the panoramic Huaxi. Another called Kameyama hills and Shan-lin dependent, in Huaxi center. Fei Jia in the foothills of the bridge, the river flow falls whereabouts of the Department of green water flow rate slowed down to form a band of small lakes, travel Boating can be roaming, the list of cross-strait magnificent scenery. "Dam bridge" above the trees shade of red there is a small white house, is said to the Anti-Japanese War, Chiang Kai-shek in command of this "war of resistance" issues. Bridge at the bottom of a game booth, Marshal Chen Yi in 1959 in the poem says: "A bit Ting Huaxi game mountainside More than the fee-scrutiny. Jun persuade him to a forward, striking the highest game. "Fresh idea, Nairen aftertaste.

Founded in 1937, the Huaxi Park, located in the south-west of Guiyang City, Huaxi town, is well-known scenic spots.
  Park Bridge dam, hundred bridges, repair Xiangjiaba Flow thunder, Ben Chu Yu Fei; Hibiscus Island, Cape Island put the quiet streams, the little green Lee; Shan-lin, Snake Hill, Kameyama, Meishan, Hill got up craggy rocks, Man Guteng Drive, a tree or rock crevices; Park Song-Mei, Taoyuan Bi , Cherry Park, Gui Garden, 4:00 Garden flowers, Chaziyanhong, gold Yishanbangshui Avenue, the picturesque. Yan River Park spring flowers, cool summer, He Feng, Jin Qiugui-air, the depth of winter plum Qingxin, Ting, Taiwan, the floor, House, albeit not very clearly, the entire park throughout the year on the cover of shade. For this reason, enjoy-the "Pearl of the plateau," Huaxi Park's reputation spread far and wide names. Premier Zhou Enlai, Zhu Peng, such as roaming and the great man had lived in a small Creek Park. Premier Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao rafting park praise "beautiful mountains and rivers of Guizhou and pleasant weather." Dong: "Even as they hang around your building, it is said Zhang Xing cited Huaxi" Yaxing. By Chen Yi Yin "real-san water everywhere is that the layout of Huaxi is more natural. Shili He Beach as bright as a mirror, a flower bed a few steps farmland." She is Miao-dimensional portrayal. In recent years, General Secretary Jiang Zemin, Premier Li Peng and other Party and state leaders also swim across the Huaxi Park.

Huaxi is located in the scenic sub-tropical, 1100 meters above sea level, climate Wenliang, no summer heat and winter cold without, is long recognized tourism resort. Huaxi Park is located in scenic areas, 10,312 National and Hunan and Guizhou, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guizhou-Guangxi railway through Huaxi, Guiyang airport in the region, domestic and international telephone points around the park, both inside and outside the park grade hotels, boarding houses spread all over, the style snacks, delicacies many tricks, soil Special technology products, the list goes on. Welcome domestic and foreign tourists come to visit and tour .

Huaxi Park Hill is a really really natural water park, known as "China's first love," a flower in the wind and the River, the river bottom clear, the scenery around the next show; There are many features of the landscape, Gui Garden, Garden, Bristol, and so are well-known gardens in Taoyuan; the history of this people Landscape is also extremely rich in both well-known writer Ba Jin and Xiao Shan in 1945, held the wedding of East homes, and Premier Zhou Enlai had been staying in homes of the West, Japan's Dai Anlan General tomb is located here also.

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Can Yang's Tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Can Yang tomb is located in the southeastern city of Zunyi, is the focus of national heritage. The Southern Song Dynasty tomb, broadcast An Fushi Can Yang and his wife buried together in a large tomb Shishi, Munei carved all over the civil warrior, Flower People, Long Yi-long bed, and so on, Diaogong exquisite, lifelike. There are around the cemetery's Tomb of the Qing Dynasty Zheng Zhen, Mo Chi has the tomb, such as the tomb of Li Shu Chang As the "Southwest art treasure-house of ancient sculpture," there is a higher and watch the value of scientific research.

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Qianling Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qianling Park is located in the northwest corner of the city of Guiyang, as a result of Qianling Shan got its name, towering old trees in the park, Stephen Qing Shi Qi, Aura-Guizhou plateau in one, known as "the first Qiannan Hill." Growth in the mountains with more than 1,500 species of trees, flowers and more than 1,000 species of valuable medicinal herbs, as well as flocks of birds, monkeys and a variety of habitats in the . Tourists along the "nine Labyrinth" Hong Fu climbers can reach the Temple Monastery was built in the early, is a Temple, Church, Temple, in place of the old gallery building. Pavilion building on the Peak, the panoramic view of Guiyang City, which is a comprehensive tour of the park.

Hong Fu Temple and the foothills of the mountains and the unicorn-Cliff Carved base at the provincial level are key cultural unit. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the patriotic general Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng has been under house arrest inside the unicorn.

Qianling Park is a national class AAAA tourist area, next to Qianling Park Hill, Silk, Youlin, the temple, Quan, and the famous Monkey. Public Built in 1957, Pinnacle, which rise amid the park, towering old trees, trees Conglong, Kwu Tung Qingjian, secluded deep tan, Qingyuan landscape since ancient times Guizhou Plateau is a bright pearl, "the first Qiannan Mountain" in the world.
  Qianling Shan has developed more than 600 years, history seekers can explore many Tiyong, in the mountains there are many Sheng monuments, such as Hong Fu Temple, Kirin holes, nine Labyrinth, the zoo, monuments, Qianling Lake, bird's-eye view to build kiosks, and Hong Fu Temple, built pavilion bird's-eye view, nine Labyrinth, Kirin hole, Qianling is the Lake The best part.

  Qianling Shan Wang Ling as the main, white Ling, Tan Shan, Ma On Shan, your mountain, knife-related, Luo Ling, Shi Ziyan, stick-Feng Bo, Pagoda Peak and North Peak, and other components of the mountains and peaks. Pinnacle rise amid ups and downs mean, magnificent, vertical and horizontal valley, You He mixed, and varied terrain. The entire low-lying North High South, the peak forest landform on the strip known as the Valley.

  Guiyang Qianling Shan is one of the syncline on the West Wing Sub-anticline structure. By the late Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic stratigraphy, mainly middle-aged dolomitic limestone and Triassic Late Paleozoic limestone under the composition of the Permian. Here folding, faulting, spring water, dissolved collapse breccia, peaks, valleys, basins, and so complete, more than 1,000 plants, but also to learn Biological research and teaching the ideal place to attract a large number of overseas scholars and experts.

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Nine Dongtian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dongtian at nine generous, Nayong County at the junction of the river is six Zhong key national scenic spots, with a total length of 6 km, divided into two sections. Underground river inside the cave, the expansion of the formation of a number of lakes inside the cave, a smooth flow.

  "Dong Tian" dry hole, with wide, the hole is a hall with an area of about more than 3000 square meters The average high is 80 meters, stalactite on the wall Dongding unusual, extraordinary and magnificent; "Dong Tian II" is turned into electricity chamber, through the gates to control access cited gap 11 meters of water for power generation, is a rare natural plant inside the cave without power , The most economic; the "three Dongtian" tall inside a wide, quiet roundabout, on the left bank of stone Abnormal smooth, such as Fu Xiao knifed, on the right bank of wall hanging of colorful stalactites;

"Four Dong Tian" by a number of caves is composed of natural scenic spots, like pyramid or stalactite cave, or temples, crystal clear, realistic image; "Five Dong Tian", was gourd-shaped dark lake, close on decentralization, Natural form; Six Dongtian "linked to the Tianshengqiao hole window at the top of the horizontal distance of about 100 meters, very Xianyao;" Dong Tian seven "serious drought is a hole inside the cave, a hundred thousand windows holes can pass each other, which can hold thousands of people;

"Dong Tian eight," Kuan Jin hole 23 meters, and up to tens, like high-rise in alleys, the sun reflected into the water Changes color to life; "Dong Tian nine" of the cave is divided into three tiers, the lower the strangely shaped lake with dark water tunnel Pat Dongtian connected, extending in all directions.

The middle is a 90 m long, 120 meters wide Tianshengqiao great, as a "door" shaped from the bridge overlooking the square tunnel concept, mysterious and hard, looked up, the sky For the huge painting of the two arc, as if Cowboy Girl meet the Bridge. With the upper arch of Tianshengqiao Dongting parallel, an area of about tens of thousands of square meters and numerous cave mouth connected to form three-dimensional maze, the world's rare.

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Zhi Jindong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou is located in scenic areas Zhijin Dong Zhijin County, 156 kilometers away from Guiyang, Anshun distance of 145 km. An area of about 450 square kilometers, as a state-level scenic spots. The whole area is divided into the ancient city of woven gold, Zhi Jindong, colon River Canyon, Hongjiadu Hydropower most of the four. And Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace, the three countries Hongfeng Formed in the western area of Guizhou Tourism Golden Link.

Zhi Jindong, also known as chicken-fight was due to the previous Miaojia young men and women often play in the hole a feather shuttlecock, the local call it "playing chicken", which got its name. Area with a total area of 307 square kilometers, 12.1 kilometers long, the most wide-span 1 5 meters, the relative elevation of 150 meters, are generally high in the 60-100 meters wide, inside the cave, with a total area of 700,000 square meters.
Zhi Jindong is the essence of the area, "large, odd-wide" features, it is found that China is a large-scale, the strange shape of the cave treasure house of resources. Have Karst accumulation of more than 0 kinds of patterns, known as "karst museum."

There are outside Bouyei, Miao, Yi ethnic minority villages. Zeng Zhi Jindong tourists praise: "The Basics of Global Huang Yue, Dong Tian Zhi Jindong without outside, Lang Lei King Jade Pool resort, such as the letter temple in the world."

Zhi Jindong China is currently found in a grand scale, the strange shape of the holes in the treasure house of resources. More than 10 meters deep hole, Liang Bi widest point 173 meters, up to 50 meters. Zhi Jindong investigation has 12.1 kilometers long. The most chamber-wide span of 175 meters, the relative elevation of 150 meters, the general aspect in the 6 -100 Meters, inside the cave, with a total area of 700,000 square meters. Zhi Jindong divided into 11 Hall 47 Hall, showing thousands of weather, endless scenery: "Tallinn on the ground floor" and "cloud Tieshan," "Silent Hills", "Chui Lian is room for improvement", "Guanghan Gong," " Ling Xiao Dian, "" Silver Rain Tree, "" stone curl , "Like riding a Fugen," "love mother-in-law" ... ... a big picture pieces, a small all scenarios, it is shocking spirits Lumpur.

Open space inside the cave, the rock has a complex karst piled up more than 40 kinds of patterns, including the cave in the world in the shape of the main categories, known as "karst Museum . There are outside Bouyei, Miao, Yi ethnic minority villages. Visitors had to stay Zhijin Dong poems of praise: "The Basics of Global Huang Yue, Dong Tian Zhi Jindong without outside, Lang Lei King Jade Pool resort, such as the letter temple in the world."
Zhijin Caishen Miao is the rare ancient architecture, and Osaka, Japan Tianshou similar to the Court for the Unit-level protection.

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Tourism Bijie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bijie Prefecture of Guizhou Province is located in the north-west, east Guiyang and Zunyi City, south Anshun area and the city of Liupanshui, West and the junction of Yunnan, Sichuan, which borders with the north, has a good advantage.

  The region is also bijie ethnic minority inhabited areas in the region's 26,800 square kilometers of land , The life of the Han, Yi, Miao, Hui, Gelo, Bai, and other national total of more than 670 million people. To travel here, not only can enjoy the picturesque scenery, but also enjoy the thick of the customs of ethnic minorities.

  Bijie mineral resources have sulfur, iron, coal, zinc, marble, silica sand, copper, grass , Clay, kaolin and so on more than 20 species, of which: The coal reserves there are 2,160,000,000 tons. Anthracite in the main, a small amount of bituminous coal, coal layer 4-5, good mechanical properties, heat 7000-8000 calories; sulfur ore reserves of 841,000,000 tons, iron sulfur, brown iron sulfur, iron Ling-methyl, such as sulfur iron pin Type High grade, easy to adopt, easy election; marble is particularly rich in resources, construction materials, as well the value of mining.

  Bijie City is rich in biological resources, forest resources, the city has more than 700 species of agricultural resources, including 455 kinds of food such as vegetables, maize, rice, wheat, potato MA Ling Flue-cured tobacco, rapeseed, peanut, citrus, garlic, ramie, Chinese herbal medicines have Eucommia, Tianma, Pinellia, Polygonum multiflorum, honeysuckle, such as Sophora 2,000; more than 400 types of flowers, as well as ferns, Feed, and other types of fungi and plant resources, 378 kinds of grass seed resources, rich in resources and full implementation of the Bijie Materials engineering, the prospects for substantial.

  Bijie have more abundant water resources. The average annual surface runoff to 1,492,000,000 cubic meters, with an average per mu of land surface precipitation total 654.3 cubic meters, 291.4 cubic meters for the runoff, groundwater reserves of 433,000,000 cubic meters, yet Further development and utilization. Water resources development capacity of 115,714 kilowatts, Guizhou provincial city rich in hydropower resources.

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Baiyun Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

JIAXIAN Baiyun Mountain in northern Shaanxi is located 5 km south of the Yellow Sea, as a result of the mountain monuments built Baiyun, the foot of the mountain valleys of the Yellow River singular style and famous. Baiyun built in the Song dynasty, the Qing Ming owners. Wanli next 46 years, the Wanli emperor Zhu Yijun Baiyunshan to a pro-imperial decree issued, thanks to the pro-imperial "possession of Road" 4726 Since then known earthquake, local officials and people with disabilities letter literally create a Taoist temple. After experiencing continued construction on behalf of the conversion, a total of Baiyun covers an area of 81,000 square meters, mainly built by Road, both Buddhist and Confucian temples, 54, 99 kinds of paintings, there are both ancient, sculpture, painting, calligraphy And music-rich culture of fine , Become famous Taoist Holy Land, the Northwest's largest group of ancient buildings in the Ming Dynasty, the most influential in northern Shaanxi Taoist culture destination. Baiyunshan a national key cultural unit, scenic spots and places of worship.

  Baiyunshan Guchen Yong Ling, also called Ridge Saga, after the white clouds throughout the year as a result of wind around, Baiyun Mountain said, because of the temple, "the Mountain Gate without lock Bai Yun Feng" and called Baiyun. Baiyun Taoist resort, since the Ming Emperor Wanli thanks to the pro-imperial "possession of Road" after the 4726 volume to reputation earthquake, focused incense over the centuries, pilgrims near and far who have come so far. In addition, Baiyun, or the entire northwest region's largest Gu Ming Dynasty buildings, row upon row of large and small halls of the temple, look at the major magnificent, absolutely exquisite look small. In the Baiyun can also be seen not far from the Yellow River Grand Canyon, the vigorous northern Shaanxi Loess scenery at a glance.

  According to the "good records" records, Wanli next 33 years (1605), and finally Sandoz Liyufengyun tour of the Quartet, came to Baiyun Mountain, Mountain View, and watch his show, we live Jie Lu, medical herbs, and set up of Christians, Puji all living creatures, he noble medical ethics, medical skills, a four-time famous, Million by name Yufeng respect for the real person. Baiyun is a real person under the auspices of the start of construction.

  White Hill is a typical view of the temple culture, it is the motherland's traditional culture, in all cultures, the Yellow River culture, the Loess culture, national culture, such as organically in a melting furnace, and its profound meaning, diversity, wide-ranging, after all, a great culture Treasury security.

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Hong Danxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulin city in the northern suburb of 3 km, also known as "Shek-hung," is a human into the natural landscape and the landscape in one spot. Qi Hong Danxia Shan Shui Sau, many ancient temples Grottoes, also in Shaanxi Province Mo Yan's largest group of stone has attracted a large number of fans visited the calligraphy.

  Redstone Hill as a result of all, it got its name Hong Danxia. Two Tiger Hill store, opened in Shek Kip, a note and a clean, from the oasis. Hong Danxia Dongbi to build the original red Temple, it was "permitted the creation of stone tablets," it reads: "Song and Yuan between the ancient temples", the Hong Danxia can be traced back to at least cut as early as the Song Dynasty, the last thousand years of history.

  Inter-dimensional integrated in the Ming Dynasty , Read-hung Temple. 28 Wanli (1600) spring, Gap cliff collapse, wall construction, and so do pavilion was destroyed. To the Qing Emperor Kangxi period and rebuilt, renamed Chen-yuan Temple. Temple Gate Tower son of the openings on the carrying amount of words "Hong Danxia" words, by well-known artists, educators Mr. Wang Senran 89-year-old when Inscription of the book. Hong Danxia, North-South Gap two hours. Gap North Liangbi middle, upper-yu is the coalescence River from the sparkling, shining gold floating natural lakes. A spill and a clean lake, clothing and stone, waterfalls Fei Liu, water hit with stones, "snow curtain, Qiyun Cave." Yantou standing, with the sound of water hit, Ming thundering, Bo Fan rolling waves, clouds and take off. Board hole, he could feel the chill Dunjue, Qin cool, as always wonders. Entrance engraved with "tiny Wo Long Cave", describe their dazzling eye-catching. South Gap, 12 meters high Dongya J, a long 250 meters, 18 meters high cliffs of the West, 284 meters long, Liangbi confrontation between the two peaks, depending on the wall cutting Into a cave, according to historical records, there are 44 caves, caves within the original stone statues, like clay, stone reliefs, tablets title in mind that in mind, according to the Ming Dynasty created during the "Cultural Revolution" was to do damage, keep the left. Is only the size of 33 caves, most of them are located in Dong Ya, the only West Cliff Cave 5, but Neither the face, wins over non-Xi. More There are caves Shengmu Dian, the main sanctuary, Kwun Tong, Shi permitted, Yuanjue Hall, permitted to sleep, Cihren hall, small hall Sumeru, the Park qin, such as Hall, with the exception of individual re-statue, mural, such as tablets gone .

  1. Zhongyuan in the first King; experience 14 years ago Aurora crustal movement caused by geological remains, making "The landscape of the world narrowed to expand the art of bonsai."
2. Red rock cliffs, rare in northern China Danxia Valley landscape.
3. Bailong waterfall, the valley falls within the first hanging. Is divided into Triassic, vertical drop more than 60 meters, two on short and hidden, under the long and open, If the Yulong snow, and shiny silver.
4. Longdong black, 30-meter-long, pitch dark inside the cave. Both here in considerable Jian Tan Fei Bao, but also look at flying rock cliffs, funny dangerous situation.
5. Yixian Tian, Jianshui here at all mountain, and thus jet, the towering cliffs, Cui Wei confrontation, mountain Consistency, leaving only first-line world.
6. Longtan Huang, 20 to 30 meters wide gorge. Very deep blue water, shallow Department clear bottom. And a few have a large number of ornamental stones.
7. Xiang Wen Shi, leap two red rock surface, like a pair of lovers embracing sweet kiss - Legend has it that this is black and white II Dragon King's closure of the sub-romantic incarnation.
8. Happy stone, 2 meters high and 3 meters long and 1 meter wide and half on shore, half in the water, the texture of natural, ancient long, graceful free and easy, is a masterpiece of nature.
9. Heilongtan to Austria to the quiet, green body of water that backed the vermilion Mountain disclosed by the wonders of the Ming bright. Boating on Lake may be playing Tan Zhong, Tan Bian can also take a walk.
10. Stalactite, here in the quartzite formation of stalactites, white stalactites in the red rock wall backed by, beautiful elegance.
11. Overhanging rock, stone caught between two cliff On the verge of collapse. Stand on their next Xinjingroutiao inevitable, it can be called "stone heart test."
12. Huanglong waterfall, silver-white water pouring down from the bottom, elegant chic, such as the Voice of pelting rain falls, such as Liebo. Falls behind its springs as the disproportionate piece of a huge beautiful water sculpture.
1 . Frescoes natural, in the spring water flows on the wall, cast a little bit of water, the water in the sunlight exposure, vivid and colorful streamer, traditional costumes everywhere, has developed a unique natural mural.
14. Tiannvsanhua falls, two waterfalls scattered up and down, a North-South, one out of a dark, add radiance to each other. Gone with the Wind Sa Sa, Suiyu fly.
15. Jian Cang Long, long and narrow You Qu, Shen Jian towering mountains.

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Hong Jiannao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the 140 km to the north of Yulin, Shaanxi Province is the largest inland freshwater lake, "Sha Pearl." The lake area of 60 square kilometers, the vast Yan Bo, the unique landscape. Here you can enjoy sun, sand and water, sand can also watch the gulls, Swan Lake and the fish itself, very happy Kosai the south bank of a peninsula known as Red Rock Island, the island has many wild plants of the sand, it is worth to go.

  Hong Jiannao Forest is located in the northeast corner of the town of Rabbit with a total area of 54 square kilometers, Shaanxi Province as the largest inland lake. The average water depth of 15-16 meters, the greatest depth of 20 meters, with a total volume of 8.1 Cubic meters. Zhasa cents a dry creek, covered Python Rabbit River 7, and other seasonal rivers into the lake. Hong Jiannao white swans, gulls, wild fish, mandarin ducks, egrets, and so on more than 30 kinds of birds and more than 10 kinds of fish such as carp. Hong Jiannao not only as a tourist destination, Hong Jiannao of fresh fish and delicious and tender and delicious.

  Hong Jiannao clear water Days, yellow and white clouds, vast Yan Bo, the shuttle boat, the fiery sunset, night fishing boat song, the Youth Pre-employment swans, gulls sand Xiang Ji, lakeside grassland groups of sheep, people to enjoy the natural beauty of a harmonious environment.

  Hong Jiannao is a good place for leisure travel, yachts, boats, yurts, trees and grass, flood land, restaurants Hotel can be found everywhere, blue sky and white clouds, water grass distance call accordingly, backed each other, even more charming.

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Yulin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulin City in Shaanxi Province is located in the north, east and separated from the Yellow River in Shanxi Province across the West and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Gansu Province, which borders, Inner Mongolia, north, south of Yan'an. Area of 43,000 square kilometers and a population of about 3,160,000. Yang Yu-wide municipal, Tree, Fugu, Yokoyama, Jingbian, set side, Suide, Mizhi, JIAXIAN, wubu, Qingjian, sub-continents 2 counties. State Department named the historical and cultural city is Yulin city's political, economic and cultural center.

  Yulin City has a long history, far short history. As early as the Paleolithic new, "river-bend" in this land of the Yellow Emperor family survive. At the beginning of the Xia Dynasty Yong Zhou Yulin in the sector, Qin Shang Jun is to become the Chinese-Mongolian economic exchanges between the center. Han, Wei, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, and so on are formed inside the city, at the beginning of the next Yulin Zhuang on the basis of the establishment of Walled Yulin, orthodox 2002 (1437 AD) built the city of Yulin. Integrated next seven years (the year 1471 Wei Yulin to set up. Yan Sui integrated nine-year legacy from Suide moved to the town of Yulin, Yulin said that before the town, and since then Kowloon side of one of the city. Qing Wei Yongzhengnianjian have evacuated the town of the establishment, located prefectures. The Republic of China, still home Yulin County. June 1, 1949 peaceful liberation of Yulin. Since then, Yulin has been the Yulin region Department of the seat. Approval of the State Council in 1988 revoked Yulin County, Yulin City to set up.


  Yulin City in the many cultural relics and scenic spots and Crafts collection. There are 5 provincial-level key protection units. The famous Great Wall from the north cut through the south-west throughout the city, on its Taiwan, Walled most well-preserved. At the foot of the Great Wall, the Yellow River oasis, a flock of sheep on the grass, are intertwined, one showing a desert strange customs border and customs; Yulin ancient city wall is relatively well-preserved ancient city wall of one of the city densely distributed with stars next floor, floor to poke, plum blossom F Daixing and Temple and many other scenic spots and historical sites, That stayed in the style of the ancient city; as the "number one Taiwan" and Taiwan Town "open-air art treasure-house of Chinese calligraphy" in Hong Danxia already known, the "Dictionary of Chinese scenic spots," there are special rules introduced; set scenery, Art, religion in one Qingyun Temple Monastery, Longtan black and poke holes, and other ancient temples, most of them to Complex, elegant demeanor to reproduce. Proletarian revolutionary Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Peng Dehuai and Liu Zhidan, Plum Island, Chou Wei Ye all here to stay immortal and glorious achievements of the footprints.

Loess Plateau in the city and the Mu Us Desert of the border, a vast, unique landforms. Can be cultivated, can-sik To fish, animal husbandry can. Kai-yu, River will be no merging of paddy fields, rice fragrance, called "Frontier Jiangnan"; the Great Wall along the green-lin, cattle and sheep flocks, melodious idyll, do not have a poetic.

  Yulin city is rich in underground resources, mainly coal, natural gas, salt, clay, mineral water . Yulin is the world's Jurassic Shenfu coalfield an important part of the initial estimate of the total reserves of more than 500 million tons of proven reserves of 30,000,000,000 tons. City gas distribution in the south, the west has been proved reserves 3,520,000,000 cubic meters, is Jingbian, Yokoyama large gas field is one of the three-rich region. The gas field, gas-bearing surface Large, good quality and is ideal for cities with air quality and chemical raw materials.

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Liu Zhidan martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Zhidan, King of Guangxi, the word Zidan (later renamed the Zhidan), Zhidan County (formerly Security County) Jin Lu Zai Gou village in the town. October 4, 1903 was born in 1924 joined the Socialist Youth League in 1925 to the Chinese official party members.
Whampoa Military Academy in early 1926 the fourth gun Branch, graduated from the autumn of the same year, to participate in the Northern Expedition. In 1928, to participate in the leadership of the intifada Wei-hua, he served as Chairman of the Central Military Commission. He followed the CPC Central Military Commission Chairman of the Recorder of northern Shaanxi, Shaanxi and Gansu, deputy commander of the guerrillas, the 26 Red Army chief of staff of the 42 division, the division commander, Shaanxi and Gansu side of the Revolutionary Armed Services Committee Chairman, the Northwest Revolutionary Military Commission Vice - , 15 Red Army Corps Army Corps chief and deputy chief of staff, the Revolutionary Armed Services Committee, deputy director of the Office of the north-west, the 28 Red Army commander, the Red Army and the North of the CPC Central Committee seat of the Wayaobao garrison commander, and other key posts. In 1936, Song Renqiong with the rate of 28 Red Army Duhuang He east, on April 14, troops in the Shan Gong Zhan County in three cross-town battle at the expense of a bullet, only 34 years old. To commemorate the General Liu Zhidan, the CPC Central Committee in June 1936 decided to change the security Zhidan county, called the county. In 1940, the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee instructions in the northwest Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Government and the construction of the martyrs cemetery, the cemetery's design ZHONG. Ling coffin of the martyrs by the long - Moved to shift cemetery, one after another along the masses Lu Ji, President of the border Zhi Fu Lin Boqu buried in person. In 1974, Hu Zongnan Mausoleum of the KMT forces were severely damaged. After the founding of the PRC to re-repair. 70s in the late Premier Zhou Enlai's instructions, the Ministry of Civil Affairs for funding and carrying out the repairs. Followed by many countries in peacekeeping funds .
Liu Zhidan martyrs cemetery is located in Zhidan county seat of the security in the town, take the south to the north, covering an area of 33,000 square meters. The nation as a whole cemetery full of architectural features, with a solemn silence. Park Ji Nianting large stands of the central stone inscribed on the original Mao Zedong as saying: "I Northern Shaanxi and the only one seen by Comrade Liu Zhidan , That he is a very good party members. His heroic sacrifice for the accident, but his loyalty to the party for the country's spirit will always remain in the party and among the people, not indelible. "Kiosk around the distribution of party, government, military leader of the monument's inscription, 50-dollars. Mao Zedong wrote an inscription:" The leaders of the masses, national Hung. "Zhou Enlai wrote:" 5,000 years of up and down, Wan Wanqian hero, a hero of the people, it is necessary to Liu Zhidan a few. "Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription:" to learn the revolutionary spirit of Comrade Liu Zhidan, the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics. "In addition, modeling A unique monument of the earth pass, engraved on the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region icon, and inscribed "Shaanxi Yongbyon area to create "a few characters. Depths of the cemetery of the martyrs is the Memorial Hall and the tomb of General Liu Zhidan. Biyou cemetery of the martyrs memorial also displayed a wide range of items and brief life of a martyr.
  Liu Zhidan Shaanxi and Gansu is the revolutionary base side of the main founders, led by the guerrillas, and constantly fight against the enemy, the only 935 of July, he annihilating enemies of the Red Army command in the northwest more than 5,000 people paid more than 3200 teams, have liberated the extension, Yanchuan, stability, Ansai, Jingbian, security 6 County, Shaanxi and Gansu from this side and two bases in northern Shaanxi Even as an opening into the north from the Great Wall, south-sun (of) Yao (County), the west Qing Central, East Yellow River County, about 20 of the revolutionary base, the Red Army regular forces 2 Division 9 of nearly 10,000 college, when the KMT was reported saying: "Chi Fei Liu Zhidan northern Shaanxi Department has occupied the county seat 6, with more than 50,000 regular Red Army, the guerrilla Team Red Guards and the Young Pioneers more than 20 million people watching the northwest Shanxi, at any time there is the danger Dongduhuanghe Nature. "Northern Shaanxi has become the Communist Party in the Second Revolutionary Civil War preserved only in the revolutionary base. Well on the way in the Long March of Mao Zedong and the Central Red Army, it is from these reports was informed that the information be made into the history of northern Shaanxi Sexual selection, after Long March arrived in northern Shaanxi, north-west and the Red Army would So that in northern Shaanxi into the final of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Red Army's final goal, as Mao Zedong said: "Without the land, we can not under way." Liu Zhidan of the Chinese revolution, as well as the contributions made by him with the masses interest rates The same spirit of the revolution, for revolution and set an example of the people, loved by the masses People into folk songs extolling his minor, the American writer John Snow, Salisbury in their works to give him high marks, Suoerboli in his masterpiece "A Long March - the smell at the end of the story heard," said Liu Zhidan "Shaanxi Robin Hood."
  In 1986, Liu Zhidan martyrs cemetery by the State Council as the first States focused on the protection of the building to commemorate the martyrs units come here especially for the constant stream of tourists, visited over the years, to hold a memorial ceremony at home and abroad to visit those who have reached millions of people.

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Security revolutionary site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Security revolutionary site, Zhidan county seat is located in the foothills north blockhouse, July 3, 1936 to January 13, 1937 is the seat of the CPC Central Committee, in April 1936 a national hero Liu Zhidan east at the expense of security after the county changed its name to Zhidan county.
  The central authorities and Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhang and other leading In this period of residence, 21, held a meeting of the Political Bureau (the expansion) to study strategies and decisions issued instructions to adjust the policy so that the formation of anti-Japanese united front; leadership of the Red Army on the one hand, Western Expedition, the realization of the three main Red Army in the north-west Division of the General Assembly, declared a period of two years of the end of the victory of the Long March; arrangements for the reception Into the red zone for the first time in an interview with American reporters Edgar. Snow and Dr Ma Haide, "Red Star over China" made public on the Red Army broke the KMT's rumors and slander the news; Xi'an Incident of the correct approach to resolve a Civil war crisis has become a hub for converting the current situation; start of the Red Army University, for the forthcoming Anti-Japanese War prepared for the full force of cadres and train high-level Red Army commanders, the participants in the Shi Yao, Shi Deng, open playgrounds that the most primitive conditions, a study of the most advanced science and contemporary - of Marxism. Security is a stone cave for the national liberation of the pillars of red iron and steel foundry furnace.

  Security Life from the former site of the Memorial Hall in January 1966 hall, the opening of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other major leaders of the old home of the Central Military Commission and the Conference Room of the Central Political Bureau Conference Room, the former site of the China Anti-Japanese Red Army University. There are preservation of the former site of the cave and stone houses, 24-hole (between), covers an area of 2362 square meters, the library and so on Heritage 24, 1997 and set up the "red all the security" showroom, has greatly enriched the content of the exhibition.

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Qian Fosi Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qian Fosi Grottoes, also known as Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Stone Temple space, such as the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes. Is located in Huangling County of Yan'an City, 40 km west of the Department Ssangyong village in the town of the West, dug grottoes in the Mid-levels between the old quarry area.

  This single-room cave to cave, the cave mouth Department for the three-room stone carved stone cave Fangmu canopy structure, 2.02 m wide inter-Ming, the 5.04 m-wide Yan Zhu for the octagonal, in order to review Lin Po-loaded live basis. Between the stigma linked to the amount of late, Shi shop four brackets, a single copy sumac fight, so that for the facilities for wood, for the Fang canopies. There are post-Song Chongning 3 years under (1102 ~ 1106) title tourists in mind. Cave and the Cave Grottoes in Shanxi for the canopy to retain the original intact, is to study Construction of the Song Dynasty valuable information. Grottoes was flat "CONVEX" shape, sit west to east, the cave mouth for a square, 2.4 meters wide and 2.6 meters deep, there are more than 60 Buddha statue.

  I have a cave shrines around the one to two garden column and separated into the three hole, as Yan Lang. There are brackets on the second floor. This is like the construction of the Song Dynasty Chisel, very magnificent. In the middle is the entrance to the corridor Liangbi relief as the Goddess of Mercy. Grottoes within 5.3 meters high, 9.3 meters wide, 12 meters deep. For the middle of the shrines, 3.38 meters high, 5.9 meters wide and 4.73 meters deep, with the Big Buddha seated 12. Central sitting Buddha, standing on both sides of the Monju, Fugen II Kassapa and Savimbi, the two disciples Ananda. Cave has carved the middle of a Guanyin Qianshouqianyan. Cave carved with things Liangbi high of 2.8 meters Oliver 9, in which a gesture Dongbi barefoot beautiful statue holding a bowl. There are 500 Ocean and the posterior wall of a hundred followers from the statue of bladder, large scenes, magnificent, and to inter-Fo Yuefa map, pan de map Enlightenment under the bodhi tree, Puji-story Buddha, and other living creatures. South-east wall has carved Buddha 24, the north-east wall there is 16. The proportion of co-ordination statue, smooth blade, a strong sense of texture, especially the head, hand, foot versed in the art reached a high level, is a sculpture art. Cave north side of the wall before the pharmacist for the Buddha, 2.55 meters. Buddha pharmacists left Chubachi hold, right-handed measures "for curing diseases and India", for the next seven Buddha, under the tower for the two monks, for head-like look. Pharmacist Buddha to the top of the drive against the wind and fly like a trip. Flying a right hand begging, begging a flying left-handed, both by wishful clouds. Inscription inside the cave, according to records, the caves dug in the Song Dynasty St. years ago thousands of high archaeological value and research.

  August 6, 1956, Shaanxi Provincial People's Committee for the release of the first provincial-level key protection units. Grottoes are to repair Lam Wai-ring, summer and fall, whirling shade, cool unlimited, and one group "deeply Buddhist temple flowers and trees" Realm of extraordinary. Huang Zhen grotto under the temporary roads, each day from the county seat of China and Pakistan issued a vehicle for sightseeing.

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Wuqi Town, the former site of the revolution - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuqi town at the former site of the Revolutionary wuqi depression Yan-Shan south of the city. October 19, 1935, led by the CPC Central Committee and the Central Red Army after a Long March, arrived in northern Shaanxi wuqi (Qi said at the time) in the town, north-west into the Soviet Area, which ended in victory for the Central Red Army's long march.

Mao Zedong arrived From the town, that is, on the same day by calling Peng: "Qi is the Soviet border town, east of here that the red regime, the city learned that the security forces in red, but the town of Qi, between the town of Jintang Foping a host of golden arm Fort Shou-100, Proposed eradication of the team. "Peng also telegram the next day to discuss the town of Qi course of action, Second, the third column cross Ye Jianying, Deng made command.

October 20, the central leadership with Comrade Mao Zedong, and so heard in northern Shaanxi 26 Red Army Cavalry Regiment, political commissar of the attack, such as Spring's report, that the Northwest Soviet counter-insurgency a serious error of the situation, the instructions "Daoxialiuren to stop fishing People. " On the same day, Mao East Peng, and other research with the enemy. Mao Zedong's instructions, Zhuidi beat back, not anti-enemy into the base. 21, Mao Zedong, the Red Army command in the first Peng Chuan Road, Kawasaki 2, 3 first-line She Fu-chuan, 35 annihilated the enemy division Cavalry Regiment, 32 Division defeated the enemy and two of the 36 Division Cavalry Regiment. This Wuqi town is well-known "cut tail" campaign. Central Red Army game is the final battle. Liu Qibai a total of enemy prisoners, horses and seized more than 1,000 horses.

In late November 1935, made straight victory in the Romanian town of Battle, to the "National Revolutionary Party Central Committee headquarters on the north-west of the term of office , Held a cornerstone ceremony. "In October 1936, the Red Army to join the three main north-west, from declaring the end of the Red Army victory. Wuqi town of revolutionary Mao Zedong, including the former site of the old, old Zhang, and so on. Wuqi located in the old town of Yan foothills of depression , The two houses be divided into North and South. Institute for Southern old Mao and 5-hole soil Liecheng holes in a row. 9 hole then I rock and soil cave 1 ranked 4 Ulva cave, a total of 13 holes. Between the two houses, stone have been linked to the hole. To commemorate the town wuqi "tail cut" victory in the battle, called the victory platform Shan Shan. Shan Dong Lu has a revolutionary martyr's cemetery and the monument a martyr. After the founding of the PRC, in 1966 and 985 years on the former site of the People's Government to carry out large-scale maintenance.

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Nanniwan revolutionary site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanniwan at the former site of the revolutionary Yan'an City, 45 km south-east. Nanniwan Junken the cause of the Communist Party of China is the birthplace, is the birthplace of the spirit of Nanniwan.

  100 years ago, this densely populated, adequate water, fertile land, production and economic prosperity are. By the mid-Ching Ming and Qing rulers to stir up Han ethnic disputes, to kill each other, so this has become overgrown with weed and grass, thorns everywhere, few deserted, the beast appeared on the desolate land. Anti-Japanese War into a stalemate after Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang army to the Communist Party, the Anti-Japanese Base Area of the Eighth Route Army launched a large-scale raids and the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of troops surrounded the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region The implementation of strict military siege and economic blockade of a clamor to "starve the Eighth Route Army, the Eighth Route Army in dire strait." At that time, the sparsely populated border, barren land, only 1,400,000 people, it is necessary to take on tens of thousands of cadres, soldiers and students with food and clothing, it is difficult. As Mao Zedong said, "We have to get Not even clothes to wear, eat no oil, no paper, no food, no soldiers footwear, the staff has not been covered in the winter ... ... Our major difficulty is very. "In this critical historical juncture, the party in February 1939 Central Committee, Mao Zedong made in a timely manner "to develop the economy, ensuring supply and demand," the general principle and the "self - Hands-on "and" plenty "of the call to mobilize the broad masses of soldiers and civilians to carry out large-scale production campaign. In 1940, according to Commander-in-Chief Zhu De to carry out large-scale production of the CPC Central Committee on the movement of the spirit of the instructions Nanniwan visits the-spot survey to investigate, the settlers decided to self-sufficiency. 1941 In the spring, one hundred and twenty of the Eighth Route Army division commander and political 359 Wang Zhen led, was ordered into Nanniwan, blazing, land reclamation, Fengcanlousu, overcome difficulties, create material wealth. In 1942, production reached self-sufficiency rate of 61.55 percent; in 1943, the production of self-sufficiency rate of 100%, to 1944, a total of 359 brigade land reclamation 2 .1 Million, 37,000-harvest grain stone, 5624 pigs, grain delivered to the state turned over 10,000 stone to the "cultivation of a more than one." Officers and men simply with their own hands and sweat, will be uninhabited bent Nanniwan "Hirakawa Hong rice, duck fat over the pond. Everywhere crops, cattle and sheep are everywhere," Jiang northern Shaanxi . Feb 1943, northwest of high-ranking cadres Board meeting, Mao Zedong personally for the brigade 4 inscription leading cadres, Wang wrote to the "creativity" and the award of all 359 officers and men of the brigade, named as the "vanguard of economic development" . In March the same year, the Corps of yan'an literary and art circles and labor teams Yangge Lu Yi-80 South to mud Troops, Shaw III, Ai Qing, Fang Tian, and other condolences letter word. He Jingzhi Authors, Mark wrote the song "Blue Cross" to sing: "a good southern northern Shaanxi, the mountain is covered with flowers open, full of (it) Hill; Nanniwan to learn that everything is Jiangnan, to fight again Production, 359 brigade is a model ", from well-known song of the South Wan was born, after Guo Lanying a famous singer to sing, sing all over the north-south river, singing well-known, northern Shaanxi all know that there is a good Jiangnan - Nanniwan. Nanniwan spirit is the spirit of Yan'an is an important component of their self-reliance and hard-core spirit, inspired generations of Chinese people to overcome Difficult to win victories. Since reform and opening up Nanniwan better development and construction, in particular the strengthening of ecological protection and construction. In September 1989, Jiang Zemin, general secretary of Nanniwan inspection, to see the building of a new oil field, looked out the gurgle of crude oil, he said happily: "It seems that this oil than Daqing oil Ah-ching! "" Nanniwan today, and in previous years, generally do not. "Nanniwan now been built to commemorate the revolution in the main, set visit, tourism, economic development as one of the multi-functional economic and cultural center. The beautiful countryside of Scenery, the forests colorful blurred landscape, simple deep cultural practices, inspiring Revolutionary sites, backed each other, the view is refreshing, full of passion.

  Xi'an is located in Nanniwan - tomb - Yan'an - Nanniwan - Hukou Waterfall - Xi'an tourism on the Link. Yan'an is one of the attractions attractions, is also a modern city leisure resort, not the sentiment Tao Zhi Place. Nanniwan the main attractions are: Mao Zedong Nanniwan old inspection, the Department of the former site of the 359 brigade brigade, regiment on July 18 Martyrs Monument, the monument to the martyrs group on July 19, cadres of the Central Authority by the former site of the rest, the reclamation area Nanniwan Government Site, the former site of the Eighth Route Army Artillery School, nine Longquan Nanniwan large-scale production and exhibition room . In April 1992 by the Shaanxi provincial government released the third key cultural unit.

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Dugong Ci - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dugong Ci at Yan'an East Baota Qu Qi Lipu, sitting east to west, in the face of Okawa, the temple is below 210 National Highway, apricot water from the temple before the flow slowly. There was a time Shek Wan, Tai legend writer, poet Du Fu had to delay Evening shoes here pillow interest rates, according to later generations would be cutting power Cave ancestral halls built to commemorate the show. According to Set, "Tang has Kawaguchi, theft by finding Du Temple, as Shishi in mind, Tang Du Ting Wang, and a GAO, overlooking the river, a stone temple published in the Mexican poet who give more than pay" this.

  Du Fu, the United States and sub-characters, often claiming to be a poem carolinianum Shao Ling, is the great Tang Dynasty poet. Learning at an early age, knowledgeable, and very ambitious youth Political ambitions. Tianbao 14 years (75 years of the Year) broke out in July shocked by the Tang Dynasty, "Shih." The war then all of a sudden the rate Youwei House to join the army of Du Fu Cao helmet into the bottom of society, he had to pull out women to carry children, and people began to flee along with the career. 765 in May, the first Qin Du Fu's first Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province today), arduous journey came to Yan'an state (this Fuxian) Qiang settled in the village. In order to find Lingwu Su-tsung, to participate in counter-insurgency, Du Fu Qiang villages starting from the north, Shihmen, Xu Walled-off, tens of thousands of Huashan, reached the Yanan along Chuan Qi Lipu. Lu arrived path Ansai-clearance near the rebel misfortune to be making excessive demands on Krupp, chief escort . After nine months of the year 757 in April, the poet has risked his life, from childhood through the path of confrontation line between the two armed forces, went to Feng Xiang, Su-tsung was appointed as Zuo Shiyi, as a result of criticism after the side had been put down, back again Qiang village, to visit relatives.

  Du Fu's trip to Yan'an twice, his life is experienced by an extremely important Pieces, so he has a better understanding of the people, understand the suffering of the people, so that the poet "You Min patriotic" thinking more firmly in this section of poems in the infiltration of a wealth of thoughts and feelings, so only wrote the "three-up view of the water" , "The slogan of late line", "Yuhua Gong" and "to avoid", "a source She Di", "Qiang Village 3" "North levy", "Pang Ya" and "Xi Guan Jun Wen thieves have been temporary habitats", "Beijing received 3" over the first well-known poem. These poems reflected the profound social life at that time, exposed the cruelty of the ruling class exploitation and oppression of the working people who are suffering sympathized with the performance of the noble poet's patriotism ?.

  Yan'an people in memory of the great poet, he was in Yan'an after the Sichuan Road, named "Du Fu-chuan," and he slept in a place built, "Du Gongci" in commemoration of. Dugong Ci was built in what year may not be detailed examination, by the year 1040, when Ren Fan Zhongyan state governor sent an open Book title "Du Fu-chuan," the words engraved on the old quarry area, the temple can be seen at this time there. 23 years of Qing dynasty (1843 AD) skin Kreis (this Yanan) Governor Chen Binglin also "less Lingchuan" words carved on cliff. 27 light years (1847 AD), the reconstruction of the ancestral hall and Du Ting Wang, Shek Mun there on both sides of the stone couplet Or close the state, Zhuang Lu-hung, chief policy-related ", and the grotto Cinei long joint Xiangyingchengqu miles away, rather text color. Tongzhi the years, Du Gongci soldiers were destroyed in the 5-year Guangxu (1879 AD) and Rehabilitation.

  In recent years, local governments and the tourism sector funds devoted to maintenance and expansion, in addition to the resumption of rehabilitation The original ancestral temple, Cliff stone inscriptions, rubbings, couplets, but also a new pavilion, exhibition room, at home and abroad to become places frequented by tourists.

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