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Huaxi Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaxi is spent River Park, located 17 km away from the urban areas of the West Huaxi town in the southern suburbs, which I mt really into water, scenes of the past, as one ethnic customs, as the "Pearl of the plateau." Marshal Chen Yi to swim across the Huaxi, had left the "true-san water everywhere is that the layout of Huaxi is more natural; Shili He Beach as bright as a mirror, a few steps Garden a few fields. "The poem.

  Beautiful small mountain, stands on the River to spend the two sides, Yamauchi many runs through the cave, its underground river running under. River twists and turns of the flowers, clean water Enuoduozi. Hill cliff over the river through, the more the bridge hit the wall, forming a small number of turbulence, a small waterfall, a small lake dam, Flood land. Yanxi the two sides, Cuoluoyouzhi distributed to a number of halls in the south-pointing carriage Ting Xie, step-by-step stile fly bridge, the Hotel Villa, to the Hill this ring around the water, again and again-Yan Tang, flood land of ten beautiful scenery of the magnificent Qing Zhi added. Near the banks of the Shan-lin, but meters high, looking like a big natural landscapes. On top of the hill Cui Yan, Qu path loop, across the cave, "Ge Fei," Qiao Jian-shan, the board of visitors to the Peak, overlooking the panoramic Huaxi. Another called Kameyama hills and Shan-lin dependent, in Huaxi center. Fei Jia in the foothills of the bridge, the river flow falls whereabouts of the Department of green water flow rate slowed down to form a band of small lakes, travel Boating can be roaming, the list of cross-strait magnificent scenery. "Dam bridge" above the trees shade of red there is a small white house, is said to the Anti-Japanese War, Chiang Kai-shek in command of this "war of resistance" issues. Bridge at the bottom of a game booth, Marshal Chen Yi in 1959 in the poem says: "A bit Ting Huaxi game mountainside More than the fee-scrutiny. Jun persuade him to a forward, striking the highest game. "Fresh idea, Nairen aftertaste.

Founded in 1937, the Huaxi Park, located in the south-west of Guiyang City, Huaxi town, is well-known scenic spots.
  Park Bridge dam, hundred bridges, repair Xiangjiaba Flow thunder, Ben Chu Yu Fei; Hibiscus Island, Cape Island put the quiet streams, the little green Lee; Shan-lin, Snake Hill, Kameyama, Meishan, Hill got up craggy rocks, Man Guteng Drive, a tree or rock crevices; Park Song-Mei, Taoyuan Bi , Cherry Park, Gui Garden, 4:00 Garden flowers, Chaziyanhong, gold Yishanbangshui Avenue, the picturesque. Yan River Park spring flowers, cool summer, He Feng, Jin Qiugui-air, the depth of winter plum Qingxin, Ting, Taiwan, the floor, House, albeit not very clearly, the entire park throughout the year on the cover of shade. For this reason, enjoy-the "Pearl of the plateau," Huaxi Park's reputation spread far and wide names. Premier Zhou Enlai, Zhu Peng, such as roaming and the great man had lived in a small Creek Park. Premier Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao rafting park praise "beautiful mountains and rivers of Guizhou and pleasant weather." Dong: "Even as they hang around your building, it is said Zhang Xing cited Huaxi" Yaxing. By Chen Yi Yin "real-san water everywhere is that the layout of Huaxi is more natural. Shili He Beach as bright as a mirror, a flower bed a few steps farmland." She is Miao-dimensional portrayal. In recent years, General Secretary Jiang Zemin, Premier Li Peng and other Party and state leaders also swim across the Huaxi Park.

Huaxi is located in the scenic sub-tropical, 1100 meters above sea level, climate Wenliang, no summer heat and winter cold without, is long recognized tourism resort. Huaxi Park is located in scenic areas, 10,312 National and Hunan and Guizhou, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guizhou-Guangxi railway through Huaxi, Guiyang airport in the region, domestic and international telephone points around the park, both inside and outside the park grade hotels, boarding houses spread all over, the style snacks, delicacies many tricks, soil Special technology products, the list goes on. Welcome domestic and foreign tourists come to visit and tour .

Huaxi Park Hill is a really really natural water park, known as "China's first love," a flower in the wind and the River, the river bottom clear, the scenery around the next show; There are many features of the landscape, Gui Garden, Garden, Bristol, and so are well-known gardens in Taoyuan; the history of this people Landscape is also extremely rich in both well-known writer Ba Jin and Xiao Shan in 1945, held the wedding of East homes, and Premier Zhou Enlai had been staying in homes of the West, Japan's Dai Anlan General tomb is located here also.

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