Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Al-River area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River Scenic Area is located in Shuicheng Xian Bao-hua and Rural Zhongshan Qu, according to the junction of Township, from the central urban area only 18 kilometers, there is direct access to the main highway, traffic is extremely convenient. Karst area better-canyon cliff, Li Po Valley, the arc-feng, Cong Feng, cave, such as Tianshengqiao typical plateau karst landscape as a whole, the shape The thousands of karst landscape. Its features are: rise amid Pinnacle, deep valleys, towering cliffs, steep confrontation, the same cave, changes in the singular.

  Zone to the mountains, a big hole that set valleys, caverns, rivers into one, covering an area of 16 square kilometers. There are 2.5 km of the river canyon tour, hope Rock on the shore Tengluo clouds, dense turn small trees and vegetation to protect the good. Aare River Scenic Area has been included in the development of Liupanshui city in 2002 one of the 10 practical things, the city and county (district) level, the Government has invested 1,000,000 yuan for infrastructure development and construction of scenic areas.

  Area will be in the building However, the ecological focus to the core of the water tunnel cave Tanqi group, live in a cave, Canyon sightseeing, rock climbing, national conditions and customs, environmental protection, education, industry and tourism projects. Eventually built into the hills and water, holes, ethnic customs, leisure holiday as one of the natural landscape and human landscape combined with the scenic quality.
The area within Tall and magnificent 800-meter-long tunnel, about 100 meters inside the cave, and 30-10 meters wide, inside the cave, there are innumerable stalactites of various patterns, water inside the cave and canyon can be linked to sail. There are scenic cliffs more than a dozen large and small dry cave, the largest hole can accommodate tens of thousands of people, the size of the rooms were small hole-like beads Cloth, silver stalactites, and strangely shaped.

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