Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dragon and phoenix palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragon and phoenix palace is located in the city of Liupanshui Shuicheng Iron and Steel Company of the West, is a very unique park on the ground floor. This natural cave was nearly 100 meters deep with a total length of 2.8 km, a very odd view of wonderful, beautiful.
Dragon and Phoenix entered the palace, first of all to see that hole Thunder, Thunder-off hole to habitat Hole, which features Qixia have running water inside the cave, the walls have a natural karst formation of the Dragon and modeling Fei, Xu shed, such as Health, it is said that the underground palace dragon and phoenix as its name. In the first area, formed a stalactite of thousands of modeling for visitors to dizzying. Crane cents a sheep, the Tigers have a gallop, a Buddhist-chee days, almost step King.
After this - as the area is an ancient river, the water features on the ground floor of the stream was up to 800 meters. Specialized departments, like the ancient river boat set up for visitors by tourism. River rafting, enjoy a cool underground river of clear water, enjoy a river bank and shrinkage of the cliff, all visitors to click one's tongue spray Odd. A lot of cross-strait along the river landscape, welcoming Shuangshi, small ice-snow lotus, a flying stone, Yixian Tian. Optimus Prime ... ... there is magic to the extreme.

Long Feng to the palace and a magic hall, known as Concert Hall, in the tens of meters deep underground, the hole-up area of competition more than 1600 square meters, To accommodate 1,500 people. In the right side of the hall, there is a natural stage, covering an area of 80 square so that the natural underground concert hall looks more lifelike. Hall, no theory is the Office of the Office of the top wall, floor or stage, were filled with thousands of karst stalactite shapes, Shi Shi Man Wai curtain down in the wall, hanging - Top wall, set up in the artificial light of the lantern, one Hong flow blurred, so beautiful.

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