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Qingliangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wo Qingliangshan also known as Shan, located in the north of the city of Yan'an Yan shore, separated from the river and the extension of Phoenix Mountain, across the Baota Mountain. Here towering mountains, landscapes chic. At present, the mountains are well-preserved buildings from the Sui and Tang to the Qing Dynasty of various types of caves, in which to poke holes is the largest caves, caves with carvings on the walls around a different look More than 10,000 small Buddha statue, a top Tai Temple, the West has totally rock body, peach-hole, halfway up a poem Bay, as water Yan'an, Moon Well, Piper's Bridge, will be scab-chuen, Fairy Cave, the glass tower, and other attractions. Qingliangshan is on the eastern side of the Yanan period of central printing plant, Xinhua radio station, Xinhua News Agency, the Liberation Daily, and other revolutionary text Site. For photography enthusiasts, Qingliangshan board can take into account the distance of the pagoda panorama.

  Junqiao towering mountains, the rocks of the temple, magnificent, beautiful scenery. Qingliangshan has always been to Yan'an in the first spot, Wing Masters history, a lot of words, as a tribute to cool the whole landscape is divided into three parts: To poke holes are mainly Buddhist grottoes, and other historical relics; is the second of the CPC Central Committee in Yan'an during the press and publishing units consisting mainly of the former site of the revolutionary cultural relics and sites; Third, the concept of teaching Taoist Tai Shan.

To poke holes

  To poke holes drilled in the past Sui, Tang, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties There are statues or maintenance. To poke holes in four major caves, large-scale, and cutting through the mountains. Inside the cave walls and pillars carved on a different form of 10,000 stone, the stone Seven Wonders of the Industrial Arts, the south-pointing carriage, are valuable historical and cultural heritage, history has been famous poet, love and appreciation for the people. Great writer Fan Zhongyan politicians had to write "cool Hing Man" 4, praise for its "cutting into SHI Yu Shan, the Buddhist greedy 10,000. The world is also rare, far more than martial art not keep." Poke holes with a cliff with the Department of poetry have Bay, like clouds, water according to Yan'an, Moon Well, the Moon and India, Fan Gongci, Pang Gongci, Yanshou Temple, the Fairy Cave, the Forest of Stone Tablets, is scheduled scab Such as the name King.

Taoist Qingliangshan

Qingliangshan cool at the Mountain View Road, is Zhenwu founder of the main temple for the ancient temple complex, unique architectural style, exquisite technique, magnificent momentum, great specifications, the resplendent, the Frontier is a unique plateau landscape of Taoism.

Chong Kung Fan
  Chong Fan Ancestral Hall in memory of the Northern Song Dynasty and Ming Chen Pang Fan Zhongyan home built. There Cinei Fan, general and Pang, the color of the statue-de-camp, as well as original handwriting Fan Gong, "Um Plum Blossom" tablets.


Poetry Bay

Bay was founded in the Song Dynasty poetry, poetry of the original Ming and Qing Dynasties inscribed more than 100, more than 10 pieces of existing, and On behalf of the great, famous Stele 14.

Glass Tower

Glass Tamin Chongzhen eight years on behalf of the construction, Shaanxi is the only tower of a small statue of Buddha covered with color, and so on Erlongxizhu exquisite patterns.

Corner Stone

Place the upper part of stone carving "Keiju Sin", the lower part of the "Second Long Zhu, "and" qi-Book spit, "Shek Kwu carved face of" Cape deer with spring-feng peony show, Mochizuki, such as rhino design. "

  Qingliangshan is the New China news, the birthplace of publishing. Of the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong in Yan'an period, there was a Chinese Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Radio Station in Yan'an, the "solution Daily "agency," the masses border "agency, the Central Department published, the central printing plant, the seat of the Xinhua Bookstore. There are mountains, "Press and Publication Qingliangshan Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall," a, the former museum stands a symbol of press, radio, print publication of the white marble statue of three people, there is next to the stone, engraved above Mao Inscription: "among the people, not talk." Lu Dingyi known as the Museum inscription, which is China's only professional press and publication of a museum.

  Qingliangshan northern Shaanxi region is second only to an important Baiyunshan sites for religious activities, the annual temple fair for the lunar Chuba, commercial and cultural activities prosperous. Qingliangshan is An important area of tourism, tourists every year open the floodgates for all this important and unique historical and revolutionary relics as well as beautiful mountains and intoxicated.

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