Wednesday, December 10, 2008

China Plaza - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China Plaza is located in the China Road and the junction Weiyang Road, surrounded by color TV factory, Huitong commercial buildings, residential quarters Guangsha project, the Cape of Good Hope Hotel, Baoli Qin residential quarters, the people's livelihood, and other well-known commercial units (area) surrounded by, Is very advantageous geographic location.

  Chinese area of 34 square 5 acres, about 360 meters east, 125 meters north-south widest point, the property a triangular shape proudly Xianyang in the western part of the design theme is China's first emperor Qin Shi Huang Tong Juma east when the sculpture (also known as eternal glory) The main line, the square is divided into eastern, central and western parts of the three.?????for the western end, a symbol of Palace, an area of about 5000 square meters. "Palace" a central "Nine-palace", meaning "Jiujiuguiyi." "Palace" at the eastern end of the abstract and realistic image of a "second-long play-chu," which authorities dark plants, when in open water pumps, immediately from the "Second-long" tail of the volume under a curtain, at the same time, station On the north side, located in the "Dragon II" between the two marble sphere will be uniform and a clockwise rotation, some people say that I am a symbol of the ancient city of Xianyang will be rolling in wealth. "Palace" is an antique building on both sides of the wall, it was like a screen, it was like "palace" of the city walls, and others say it is the whole wide "Finishing touch." In the city walls on both sides of the now completed about 5 acres of small children amusement park, which has been the favorite children's western suburbs.

  Central Square is one of about 210 meters of the channel, Channel 2 in the "track", it symbolizes Qin Shi Huang traveled east on the road. On both sides of the channel for water And in the "palace" around the sink-connected. Slot in the pond with 28 spray pumps, water pumps when open, will be given out immediately about 80cm of water umbrella, the water flows down the sink, and slot into the pool, and then smoke slot pool, and from the circulation. Some say that both sides of the channel sink the moral of the Chinese culture yuan Long. In the North-South Corridor on both sides of the hills are grass-and its ups and downs of the terrain as a symbol of China's Loess Plateau, the lawn of the yellow walls symbolizing the King of the Loess Plateau Canqiang love setting. There are 155 lawn sprinkler heads, spray irrigation, the landscape is very noticeable. Lawn surrounded by fences, giving a Return to nature feeling. For the sculpture at the eastern end of the First Qin Emperor Tong Juma, the Pentium before the horse is a pool, the pool is divided into "Weihe River," "Yellow River" and "East Sea" in three parts, "Weihe River," with a water fountain, the water from "Weihe" Into the "Yellow River" and into the final, "the East China Sea." As part of the entire eastern end of Qin Shi Huang Wei River over the east, the Yellow River in the East China Sea until victory for the reunification of China.

  China Plaza for a total of 43 pumps, with a total capacity of 96 kilowatts of electricity, courtyard 38, 13 searchlights, when the dark, colored lights throughout the square Nai Kan, combined with the surrounding hotels, shops of the Ni Hongdeng Contrast, the night view is fascinating.
  Place both the dynamic Chinese King, and King of the static, both King's day, night and the King is not only a way to make a good place for leisure tourists, is a favorite of children in the western suburbs of the playground. It's built to the city has added a line of beautiful scenery.

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