Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ethnic customs zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou ethnic customs to the city of Kaili Miller, group, the Dong ethnic style and more features. Kaili City, near the Green Man, the top Weng, Matang, on Grande, West River, Shi-dong, the newspaper Beijing, anti-ranked, Tonggu 9 Miao, Dong, and other national conditions and customs of the main tourist attractions. Here the colorful costumes of ethnic minorities, national holiday under various names, suspended House, Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, and other appropriate national construction density, in perfect order. Walled string of villages, everywhere can enjoy not only to minority women Tape embroidery spinning weaving, batik, and so on Cross-technology labor, the purchase of local ethnic flavor to the meal, and according to traditional protocol for the guests of the National Organization of song and dance and sports Activities Carey simplicity of its rich ethnic customs and rich in unique culture, was established as the eastern Guizhou ethnic customs tourism. Hmong living in the here and other minorities, in the long-term life and work to create the splendid traditional culture, they Walled to the mountain, while the family together , All Walled Village village Tsui bamboo wood, tree-lined. The large number of festivals, every major assembly, all singing and dancing together, "Song of the world, the dance of the marine"; here national territories have different customs and wind, especially in the river boat in the south of flowers, the Green Man, Ma Tong, Weng of ethnic villages, such as customs and the most Type.

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