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Longhorn Miao customs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guizhou Province in the central and SAR 6 Zhijin County at the junction of the mountains, in the Special Administrative Region 6 60 km away from the shuttle worked a village inhabited by the ancient and mysterious Miao branches - Longhorn Miao. They speak dialects of Central Miao, mainly in the Long-standing alone 12 villages, the only branch of the Miao 4,000 They live year round in an elevation of 2000 meters or so deep in the mountains, Mao Fang wall, spinning weaving, still living a mysterious and ancient tribal life-style, little contact with the outside world is still relatively intact and the continuation of an ancient , To head for the Longhorn symbol of the unique cultural traditions of the Miao, whose unique Is that women have to wear on their heads like a big Longhorn Mushu, Liangjiao higher than that of both sides of the head, around the corner are 2-4 kg of hair.

This culture is very simple: there is a very original democracy and equality; there are very rich married marriage, funeral and religious rituals; there are unique and very beautiful music and dance Batik art of embroidery. Men and women to live their cultivation of the natural texture of economic life in Huangruo Shiwaitaoyuan, isolated, or even marriage in this nation has concluded. This marriage has become a strong bond, this 12-Longhorn Miao village closely linked.

  Longhorn Miao Department Miller, the head as a result of banding to the 1.5-foot 2-foot wooden named Longhorn, 3 kg ? ? 6 kilograms of black and white sets of wool banding huge headdress of the adult characters. Like color embroidered Jing chicken feathers woven into a beautiful dress, modeled on the chest Qing chicken produced by the navy sheep Weiyao blankets and white blankets sheep leg wrappings, forming a single Wonderful landscape. La-painting every family, every household cloth, the women back bucket with water, sewing kit made of straw, old spinning wheel and Gongnu, seven small small knife Prince, Prince small pot, as well as color harmony beautiful dress, so that Dizzying people, the annual day of the first Five-Year Plan to spend the jump section, Miao is the Longhorn young men and women Shall We Love the season, the beautiful love duet, the courting of the tug-of-war as the way, playing matchmaker to marry the beautiful sounds of 3 and low tactfully Shaw's Lusheng, picturesque, people stay pleasant side.

Longhorn Miller not only a grand wedding, and also a grand funeral, burial "Ga fight," mourning "ga", Friends of the money to send gifts carved bamboo, in the presence of many relatives and friends of the deceased and read out the gifts and gift collection, which means to allow the deceased to go to another world when people suddenly forget their relatives and friends for their concern and
  Longhorn Miao Richuerzuo this, the sunset and the interest of mankind can be called the Min living fossil.

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