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Liu Zhidan martyrs cemetery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Zhidan, King of Guangxi, the word Zidan (later renamed the Zhidan), Zhidan County (formerly Security County) Jin Lu Zai Gou village in the town. October 4, 1903 was born in 1924 joined the Socialist Youth League in 1925 to the Chinese official party members.
Whampoa Military Academy in early 1926 the fourth gun Branch, graduated from the autumn of the same year, to participate in the Northern Expedition. In 1928, to participate in the leadership of the intifada Wei-hua, he served as Chairman of the Central Military Commission. He followed the CPC Central Military Commission Chairman of the Recorder of northern Shaanxi, Shaanxi and Gansu, deputy commander of the guerrillas, the 26 Red Army chief of staff of the 42 division, the division commander, Shaanxi and Gansu side of the Revolutionary Armed Services Committee Chairman, the Northwest Revolutionary Military Commission Vice - , 15 Red Army Corps Army Corps chief and deputy chief of staff, the Revolutionary Armed Services Committee, deputy director of the Office of the north-west, the 28 Red Army commander, the Red Army and the North of the CPC Central Committee seat of the Wayaobao garrison commander, and other key posts. In 1936, Song Renqiong with the rate of 28 Red Army Duhuang He east, on April 14, troops in the Shan Gong Zhan County in three cross-town battle at the expense of a bullet, only 34 years old. To commemorate the General Liu Zhidan, the CPC Central Committee in June 1936 decided to change the security Zhidan county, called the county. In 1940, the Bureau of the CPC Central Committee instructions in the northwest Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Government and the construction of the martyrs cemetery, the cemetery's design ZHONG. Ling coffin of the martyrs by the long - Moved to shift cemetery, one after another along the masses Lu Ji, President of the border Zhi Fu Lin Boqu buried in person. In 1974, Hu Zongnan Mausoleum of the KMT forces were severely damaged. After the founding of the PRC to re-repair. 70s in the late Premier Zhou Enlai's instructions, the Ministry of Civil Affairs for funding and carrying out the repairs. Followed by many countries in peacekeeping funds .
Liu Zhidan martyrs cemetery is located in Zhidan county seat of the security in the town, take the south to the north, covering an area of 33,000 square meters. The nation as a whole cemetery full of architectural features, with a solemn silence. Park Ji Nianting large stands of the central stone inscribed on the original Mao Zedong as saying: "I Northern Shaanxi and the only one seen by Comrade Liu Zhidan , That he is a very good party members. His heroic sacrifice for the accident, but his loyalty to the party for the country's spirit will always remain in the party and among the people, not indelible. "Kiosk around the distribution of party, government, military leader of the monument's inscription, 50-dollars. Mao Zedong wrote an inscription:" The leaders of the masses, national Hung. "Zhou Enlai wrote:" 5,000 years of up and down, Wan Wanqian hero, a hero of the people, it is necessary to Liu Zhidan a few. "Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription:" to learn the revolutionary spirit of Comrade Liu Zhidan, the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics. "In addition, modeling A unique monument of the earth pass, engraved on the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region icon, and inscribed "Shaanxi Yongbyon area to create "a few characters. Depths of the cemetery of the martyrs is the Memorial Hall and the tomb of General Liu Zhidan. Biyou cemetery of the martyrs memorial also displayed a wide range of items and brief life of a martyr.
  Liu Zhidan Shaanxi and Gansu is the revolutionary base side of the main founders, led by the guerrillas, and constantly fight against the enemy, the only 935 of July, he annihilating enemies of the Red Army command in the northwest more than 5,000 people paid more than 3200 teams, have liberated the extension, Yanchuan, stability, Ansai, Jingbian, security 6 County, Shaanxi and Gansu from this side and two bases in northern Shaanxi Even as an opening into the north from the Great Wall, south-sun (of) Yao (County), the west Qing Central, East Yellow River County, about 20 of the revolutionary base, the Red Army regular forces 2 Division 9 of nearly 10,000 college, when the KMT was reported saying: "Chi Fei Liu Zhidan northern Shaanxi Department has occupied the county seat 6, with more than 50,000 regular Red Army, the guerrilla Team Red Guards and the Young Pioneers more than 20 million people watching the northwest Shanxi, at any time there is the danger Dongduhuanghe Nature. "Northern Shaanxi has become the Communist Party in the Second Revolutionary Civil War preserved only in the revolutionary base. Well on the way in the Long March of Mao Zedong and the Central Red Army, it is from these reports was informed that the information be made into the history of northern Shaanxi Sexual selection, after Long March arrived in northern Shaanxi, north-west and the Red Army would So that in northern Shaanxi into the final of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Red Army's final goal, as Mao Zedong said: "Without the land, we can not under way." Liu Zhidan of the Chinese revolution, as well as the contributions made by him with the masses interest rates The same spirit of the revolution, for revolution and set an example of the people, loved by the masses People into folk songs extolling his minor, the American writer John Snow, Salisbury in their works to give him high marks, Suoerboli in his masterpiece "A Long March - the smell at the end of the story heard," said Liu Zhidan "Shaanxi Robin Hood."
  In 1986, Liu Zhidan martyrs cemetery by the State Council as the first States focused on the protection of the building to commemorate the martyrs units come here especially for the constant stream of tourists, visited over the years, to hold a memorial ceremony at home and abroad to visit those who have reached millions of people.

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