Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wei-Bin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei-Bin Park is located in Xianyang urban centers, del Weihe River, the natural landscape in the park to the layout of the main cultural and entertainment district, animal viewing area and rest area with a total area of more than 420 acres, of which 98.7 acres of water surface, the green coverage reached 92% Wei-shui known as the Sea of Green Pearl said.

  Wei-Bin Park Built in 1959, after nearly 40 years of construction, the old flood land shortage has become a set of garden, paintings, the pleasure, culture, food service and enjoy a comprehensive cultural-entertainment places to rest, has now completed post-secondary type of flower garden 7 , A variety of shrubs more than 30,000 trees and 10,000 square meters of lawn, garden construction area of 3 More than 00 square meters, as well as the Qin Fenglou, jade belt bridge, Qin Yuan, the tulip garden, Bai Shulin, such as red lotus lake more than 10 representatives of the Department of attractions.

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