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Panxian big hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

State-level protection unit - Panxian big hole beads at the village of Dongxiang ten, 49 km from the county seat. Aims to teach people the original cave, Guangxu, "Pu Chi Zhili Office" in mind "Hong Kuo bright, dark pain-free, flat land, in three Buddhist temples built by the Temple-song set and, with one stone milk and high-rise flat-top, on Guanyinge building. Fold , Shek Pik force, and on their sides while Im Krebsgang big hole in the behavior. "After the villagers by Ao Glass. Holes and mountains of fossils, they were free to discard broken or pigs or fertilizers. In the 1970s , Geological workers have been found.

  In 1990, Liupanshui city departments will pieces from several Panxian Hole-in deposits collected stone products, please send the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology Research Institute. The ancient human research, such as Huang Wei-wen, director of view, a few well-made stone products displayed on the surface to repair and clear traces of technical standards, and this technology has always been seen as the same period in the Western culture There are then sent geologists for on-site, such as the new Yuan Zhen-spot survey, in the big hole collected a dozen pieces of stone products and a large number of fossils of mammals, including the East Stegodon, the Chinese rhinoceros, tapir, and other huge several species extinction.

  In April 1992, approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Panxian had a big hole for 21 days Excavation of clean-up, striking gains, with an area of 12 square meters, and unearthed more than 700 pieces of stone products, and more than 500 fossil specimens, including a human tooth fossils and a small number of mammals and dozens of birds, fish fossils and so on. Panxian to explore the outcome of several big hole, caused by archaeologists at home and abroad more and more attention and surprise. Is a big hole on the other sites of cultural relics and preserve the original surface of life at the time of disposal, contains a wealth of potential information. Big hole in the fourth century, the accumulation of rich and well-preserved for the establishment of a cave in southern China Quaternary accumulation of standard scratch the surface to provide ideal conditions.
  1993 Panxian big hole is carried out Excavation, was 4 ancient human tooth fossils, more than 2,000 pieces of stone products and nearly 10,000 pieces of fossils, as well as a number of ash, ash debris, burned bone, and other ancient relics of human civilization. Panxian Pleistocene cave is a big hole in the excavation of ancient human mid-Paleolithic sites, a rare world. In 1993 the top 10 national test The new discovery, Panxian big hole sites on the list was China's domestic and foreign experts believe that the cave site of a major ancient human found Panxian big hole in the excavation of the ancient world of early human sites are also rare, is a multi-disciplinary And a major research study on the value of the ideal places, the size of the cultural deposits in , The number of varieties of archaeological materials, with rival Beijing Zhoukoudian.

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