Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Walled round on - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhai Kaili last round at about 50 km south of the city, is a Hmong village, visitors can tour. Walled within the Miao people dress in costumes for the characteristics of the so called "Miao dress." Apart from here can enjoy the unique Miao Diaojiao Lou wood construction, but also the public can enjoy performances of the highway Walled wine song, dance costumes Miller Lusheng dance, carrying eight Lusheng dance programs, and so on. There are streaming across the stockade support slope, slope back to Xu Ping, 8 acres and 150 meters long of a race track. Ma of the third lunar month every year, Ray Hill, Carey, Ma Jiang, Danzhai County at the junction of four young men and women of the Miao nationality, to be held in the climbing activities, Duige, horse racing, when up to a million-sheng People.

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