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Hong Danxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulin city in the northern suburb of 3 km, also known as "Shek-hung," is a human into the natural landscape and the landscape in one spot. Qi Hong Danxia Shan Shui Sau, many ancient temples Grottoes, also in Shaanxi Province Mo Yan's largest group of stone has attracted a large number of fans visited the calligraphy.

  Redstone Hill as a result of all, it got its name Hong Danxia. Two Tiger Hill store, opened in Shek Kip, a note and a clean, from the oasis. Hong Danxia Dongbi to build the original red Temple, it was "permitted the creation of stone tablets," it reads: "Song and Yuan between the ancient temples", the Hong Danxia can be traced back to at least cut as early as the Song Dynasty, the last thousand years of history.

  Inter-dimensional integrated in the Ming Dynasty , Read-hung Temple. 28 Wanli (1600) spring, Gap cliff collapse, wall construction, and so do pavilion was destroyed. To the Qing Emperor Kangxi period and rebuilt, renamed Chen-yuan Temple. Temple Gate Tower son of the openings on the carrying amount of words "Hong Danxia" words, by well-known artists, educators Mr. Wang Senran 89-year-old when Inscription of the book. Hong Danxia, North-South Gap two hours. Gap North Liangbi middle, upper-yu is the coalescence River from the sparkling, shining gold floating natural lakes. A spill and a clean lake, clothing and stone, waterfalls Fei Liu, water hit with stones, "snow curtain, Qiyun Cave." Yantou standing, with the sound of water hit, Ming thundering, Bo Fan rolling waves, clouds and take off. Board hole, he could feel the chill Dunjue, Qin cool, as always wonders. Entrance engraved with "tiny Wo Long Cave", describe their dazzling eye-catching. South Gap, 12 meters high Dongya J, a long 250 meters, 18 meters high cliffs of the West, 284 meters long, Liangbi confrontation between the two peaks, depending on the wall cutting Into a cave, according to historical records, there are 44 caves, caves within the original stone statues, like clay, stone reliefs, tablets title in mind that in mind, according to the Ming Dynasty created during the "Cultural Revolution" was to do damage, keep the left. Is only the size of 33 caves, most of them are located in Dong Ya, the only West Cliff Cave 5, but Neither the face, wins over non-Xi. More There are caves Shengmu Dian, the main sanctuary, Kwun Tong, Shi permitted, Yuanjue Hall, permitted to sleep, Cihren hall, small hall Sumeru, the Park qin, such as Hall, with the exception of individual re-statue, mural, such as tablets gone .

  1. Zhongyuan in the first King; experience 14 years ago Aurora crustal movement caused by geological remains, making "The landscape of the world narrowed to expand the art of bonsai."
2. Red rock cliffs, rare in northern China Danxia Valley landscape.
3. Bailong waterfall, the valley falls within the first hanging. Is divided into Triassic, vertical drop more than 60 meters, two on short and hidden, under the long and open, If the Yulong snow, and shiny silver.
4. Longdong black, 30-meter-long, pitch dark inside the cave. Both here in considerable Jian Tan Fei Bao, but also look at flying rock cliffs, funny dangerous situation.
5. Yixian Tian, Jianshui here at all mountain, and thus jet, the towering cliffs, Cui Wei confrontation, mountain Consistency, leaving only first-line world.
6. Longtan Huang, 20 to 30 meters wide gorge. Very deep blue water, shallow Department clear bottom. And a few have a large number of ornamental stones.
7. Xiang Wen Shi, leap two red rock surface, like a pair of lovers embracing sweet kiss - Legend has it that this is black and white II Dragon King's closure of the sub-romantic incarnation.
8. Happy stone, 2 meters high and 3 meters long and 1 meter wide and half on shore, half in the water, the texture of natural, ancient long, graceful free and easy, is a masterpiece of nature.
9. Heilongtan to Austria to the quiet, green body of water that backed the vermilion Mountain disclosed by the wonders of the Ming bright. Boating on Lake may be playing Tan Zhong, Tan Bian can also take a walk.
10. Stalactite, here in the quartzite formation of stalactites, white stalactites in the red rock wall backed by, beautiful elegance.
11. Overhanging rock, stone caught between two cliff On the verge of collapse. Stand on their next Xinjingroutiao inevitable, it can be called "stone heart test."
12. Huanglong waterfall, silver-white water pouring down from the bottom, elegant chic, such as the Voice of pelting rain falls, such as Liebo. Falls behind its springs as the disproportionate piece of a huge beautiful water sculpture.
1 . Frescoes natural, in the spring water flows on the wall, cast a little bit of water, the water in the sunlight exposure, vivid and colorful streamer, traditional costumes everywhere, has developed a unique natural mural.
14. Tiannvsanhua falls, two waterfalls scattered up and down, a North-South, one out of a dark, add radiance to each other. Gone with the Wind Sa Sa, Suiyu fly.
15. Jian Cang Long, long and narrow You Qu, Shen Jian towering mountains.

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