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Zhang Ling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Ling, a Han dynasty tomb of Liu Bang, the city of Xianyang in the kiln Weicheng Qu Dianxiang Sanyi Village North, 20 kilometers away from the urban area. Ling-east side 162 meters, 132 meters north-south and 32 meters high, the review was fighting form, a complete closure mound. A national key cultural unit.
  Liu Bang, the word quarter of this Peixian Jiangsu , The creator of the Western Han Dynasty. 20 BC for nine years, Chen Sheng-Ze in the rural uprising. In response to the Peixian Liu Qi Bing, Fang said the sights. Xiang Yu and his rebel army together with the eradication of the Qin Dynasty. Chu-Han in the war is won, that is, Liu throne, is a Han dynasty, the capital Chang'an. Liu ascended the throne after seven Packet Yixing , It would be a result of their rebellion or an excuse for their rebellion, which has to get rid of six. Before he took power, has been able to Huodadadu, the overall situation, the camp Liu, policy makers are like clouds, like rain fervent. Power, it concerns the many-fold, Zhong Chen for fear of rebellion, can not tolerate risk one's life with his subordinates. Chopped Letter, condemned Peng Yue, cutting Chen, Chang Liang-down, so there is song goes: "Jiaotu death, good cooking dogs, birds make a high, good arch possession, the enemy glass, policy makers are dead." Liu Di Wei home after home via Peixian , Hosted a dinner in honor fellow townsfolk, micro-tipsy feeling when smoked sword dance for the song goes: "Come from wind Yunfei Yang, Wei Jiahai Come inside the home, Andhra Come observe the Quartet with disabilities. "This is the history of the famous" Song of the Wind. "Liu is China's first stroke of a sword to slay the White Snake, into the Xianyang, the world is made. In his later years, when the British punitive expedition as a result of cloth, Arrow sore recurrence, On the road back to the military case, Empress Lu invited him to the doctor, he refused medical treatment, and that his fate By the day, BC??????died, 61-year-old throughout the year, the posthumous title, as "high and the emperor."

You are a poet Wang Qing Zhang Ling after a poem:
Zhang Ling small eastern city of Rizhao, still traces of fly-by-Lin.
Que Elegy Weiyang Gong, Ying Hua Du households tears China.
Copper has been one speech on Chinese air Shima left lying autumn wind.
The most sentimental Ping Xianyang, with the evening mist and smoke Sui Sui.

Liu is not only an outstanding military strategist but also as worthy as a politician, as a peasant uprising The sleeve into a feudal emperor in Chinese history, the contribution is indelible.
  Chang Ling-Ling and around the Empress Lu Xiao He, Cao Can, Zhang Liang, such as Bo Zhou Wen-Chen Pei Zangmu generals.

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