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Fanjingshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fanjingshan scenic spot is located in the north-west of Tongren Prefecture, in Jiangkou, Songtao, Indian River County at the junction of three, Wulingshanmo is the main peak, 2572 meters above sea level, with a total area of about 567 square kilometers, the area has a unique scenery, but also in China Sub-tropical forest ecosystems to preserve the integrity of the more typical one. Fanjingshan Shuilv Shan-ching, every one will have between two mountain streams, known as "River 99." These streams come together to form a Black River Bay, 11, and so he manger of the main rivers, Chengfangshezhuang Pentium and, more rapids along the dangerous shoals, the water falls down. Originated in the western region, as of Wujiang River in the north of the river systems, Fanjingshan that is River watershed of the two.
Fanjingshan not only beautiful scenery, Buddhist or resort, "the Vatican net", that is, with extraordinary Buddhist refined meaning. Wanli self-evident starting to build the temple Vatican brakes, Dachaoshan cutting of pavement, and become the Emei Shan, Wutai Mountain, Putuo Mountain, Jiuhuashan corresponding to the distance of the famous Buddhist. In the protection zone, retains a large number of temple ruins, with the growth of a variety of rare and ancient trees, the habitat of rare birds and animals, such as Guizhou golden monkey.

  Fanjingshan preserved 7,000 years ago to 200 million years ago Tertiary and Quaternary ancient plant and animal species and rich biological resources, is Rare sub-tropical community than the original integrity of the ecosystem area.
Fanjingshan because of the special geological formation of the geological structure, its shape thousands, lofty mountains and the landscape of KIWI. The territory of high peaks, gurgling streams, Fei Bao outlet, a Qixiu landscape.
Fanjingshan Buddhist region History has a long history, dating back more than a decade ago during the Tang Dynasty rim and a simple Buddhist temple activities. Out to the early years of Wanli (1573) Buddhist activities in unprecedented prosperity. Fanjingshan and Maitreya is the famous gym and gym Monju Mount Wutai, Mount Emei Fugen gym, gym and King Jiuhuashan, Dao Yin Pu Shan Buddhist equivalent to the five famous mountains in China and gym.

Mountain region has a large number of historical sites and cultural relics. The strong local customs Fanjingshan more tourism has added exotic colors.
Golden Peak is an unexpected isolation of Shi Feng, net of up to 94 meters, at the top of the clouds all the year round Wind around, rising Ziqi, the day when clouds break, brilliant Choi, a Golden Peak, a magnificent view, the Jinding Hongyun said.
Temple also known as the town hall under the wing, at the beginning of next, after the collapse many times without repair deposit. Built in 1992 and opening of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha hall for the Western Regions and usher in the Yu Guanyin, came to worship Mo Jian people one after another.

Yabian party rock perseverance, more than 10 meters high, on top of a bucket-shaped rocks on a smaller stone pillars, large small, such as the mushroom-shaped, it got its name. This great touch stone dumping trend, the odd dangerous abnormal, but it is the top site, to stand firmly a number of years.
Fanjingshan mushroom is the soul of the fine is a symbol of Fanjingshan. Hill at the top of the mountain as a whole layer upon layer, the ultimate aim of fostering an orderly manner, such as the potential of the ancient books voluminous code piled Qitian, towering momentum, it is referred to as "rolls of the book." Tang legend was to return to West to learn from their experience, the white horse riding through the clouds and fog, the former kick hit Fanjingshan Fall from his horse into a pile of Buddhist fossils.
  Jin Daoxia located in the middle of the Golden Summit, about 90 meters deep, narrow the Office of less than 1 m, only one passed, could be described as "Kazuo when Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo." Legend is that Sakyamuni and Maitreya Buddha dispute Jinding religious, and the fair determination of the Jade Emperor, gold therefore have to break Daopi . Believe in the people based on the legend on the left to build Hall of Sakyamuni, the right to build Hall of Maitreya.

  Prince Edward Stone is a unique scenic spots, according to legend Emperor of the Nine Emperors Feizi mother Fanjingshan to practice, the mother did not see a small Prince Edward, the palace has quietly slipped out of difficult obstacles s finally came to the riverside Port Fanjingshan feet, looking at Prince Edward Kim , The mother has kept shouting, tearing people's minds, tear ... ...
From the western Indian River on the direction of the Gap Fanjingshan way from the Golden Summit 2,500 meters, Gap Kuanjin one person through, Deep Gap million Ren Jian, head bottomless, is not a dangerous place, the Vatican is watching the net Hill beauty of the place.
  Ecological Fanjingshan Good habitat, streams all over, and he is called "99 River." Clear streams, and the supremacy of the Pentium, the more dangerous shoals in the white water, or water falls. Yu Shan is a good place for the water.

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