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Wuqi Town, the former site of the revolution - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuqi town at the former site of the Revolutionary wuqi depression Yan-Shan south of the city. October 19, 1935, led by the CPC Central Committee and the Central Red Army after a Long March, arrived in northern Shaanxi wuqi (Qi said at the time) in the town, north-west into the Soviet Area, which ended in victory for the Central Red Army's long march.

Mao Zedong arrived From the town, that is, on the same day by calling Peng: "Qi is the Soviet border town, east of here that the red regime, the city learned that the security forces in red, but the town of Qi, between the town of Jintang Foping a host of golden arm Fort Shou-100, Proposed eradication of the team. "Peng also telegram the next day to discuss the town of Qi course of action, Second, the third column cross Ye Jianying, Deng made command.

October 20, the central leadership with Comrade Mao Zedong, and so heard in northern Shaanxi 26 Red Army Cavalry Regiment, political commissar of the attack, such as Spring's report, that the Northwest Soviet counter-insurgency a serious error of the situation, the instructions "Daoxialiuren to stop fishing People. " On the same day, Mao East Peng, and other research with the enemy. Mao Zedong's instructions, Zhuidi beat back, not anti-enemy into the base. 21, Mao Zedong, the Red Army command in the first Peng Chuan Road, Kawasaki 2, 3 first-line She Fu-chuan, 35 annihilated the enemy division Cavalry Regiment, 32 Division defeated the enemy and two of the 36 Division Cavalry Regiment. This Wuqi town is well-known "cut tail" campaign. Central Red Army game is the final battle. Liu Qibai a total of enemy prisoners, horses and seized more than 1,000 horses.

In late November 1935, made straight victory in the Romanian town of Battle, to the "National Revolutionary Party Central Committee headquarters on the north-west of the term of office , Held a cornerstone ceremony. "In October 1936, the Red Army to join the three main north-west, from declaring the end of the Red Army victory. Wuqi town of revolutionary Mao Zedong, including the former site of the old, old Zhang, and so on. Wuqi located in the old town of Yan foothills of depression , The two houses be divided into North and South. Institute for Southern old Mao and 5-hole soil Liecheng holes in a row. 9 hole then I rock and soil cave 1 ranked 4 Ulva cave, a total of 13 holes. Between the two houses, stone have been linked to the hole. To commemorate the town wuqi "tail cut" victory in the battle, called the victory platform Shan Shan. Shan Dong Lu has a revolutionary martyr's cemetery and the monument a martyr. After the founding of the PRC, in 1966 and 985 years on the former site of the People's Government to carry out large-scale maintenance.

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