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Yulin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yulin City in Shaanxi Province is located in the north, east and separated from the Yellow River in Shanxi Province across the West and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Gansu Province, which borders, Inner Mongolia, north, south of Yan'an. Area of 43,000 square kilometers and a population of about 3,160,000. Yang Yu-wide municipal, Tree, Fugu, Yokoyama, Jingbian, set side, Suide, Mizhi, JIAXIAN, wubu, Qingjian, sub-continents 2 counties. State Department named the historical and cultural city is Yulin city's political, economic and cultural center.

  Yulin City has a long history, far short history. As early as the Paleolithic new, "river-bend" in this land of the Yellow Emperor family survive. At the beginning of the Xia Dynasty Yong Zhou Yulin in the sector, Qin Shang Jun is to become the Chinese-Mongolian economic exchanges between the center. Han, Wei, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, and so on are formed inside the city, at the beginning of the next Yulin Zhuang on the basis of the establishment of Walled Yulin, orthodox 2002 (1437 AD) built the city of Yulin. Integrated next seven years (the year 1471 Wei Yulin to set up. Yan Sui integrated nine-year legacy from Suide moved to the town of Yulin, Yulin said that before the town, and since then Kowloon side of one of the city. Qing Wei Yongzhengnianjian have evacuated the town of the establishment, located prefectures. The Republic of China, still home Yulin County. June 1, 1949 peaceful liberation of Yulin. Since then, Yulin has been the Yulin region Department of the seat. Approval of the State Council in 1988 revoked Yulin County, Yulin City to set up.


  Yulin City in the many cultural relics and scenic spots and Crafts collection. There are 5 provincial-level key protection units. The famous Great Wall from the north cut through the south-west throughout the city, on its Taiwan, Walled most well-preserved. At the foot of the Great Wall, the Yellow River oasis, a flock of sheep on the grass, are intertwined, one showing a desert strange customs border and customs; Yulin ancient city wall is relatively well-preserved ancient city wall of one of the city densely distributed with stars next floor, floor to poke, plum blossom F Daixing and Temple and many other scenic spots and historical sites, That stayed in the style of the ancient city; as the "number one Taiwan" and Taiwan Town "open-air art treasure-house of Chinese calligraphy" in Hong Danxia already known, the "Dictionary of Chinese scenic spots," there are special rules introduced; set scenery, Art, religion in one Qingyun Temple Monastery, Longtan black and poke holes, and other ancient temples, most of them to Complex, elegant demeanor to reproduce. Proletarian revolutionary Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Peng Dehuai and Liu Zhidan, Plum Island, Chou Wei Ye all here to stay immortal and glorious achievements of the footprints.

Loess Plateau in the city and the Mu Us Desert of the border, a vast, unique landforms. Can be cultivated, can-sik To fish, animal husbandry can. Kai-yu, River will be no merging of paddy fields, rice fragrance, called "Frontier Jiangnan"; the Great Wall along the green-lin, cattle and sheep flocks, melodious idyll, do not have a poetic.

  Yulin city is rich in underground resources, mainly coal, natural gas, salt, clay, mineral water . Yulin is the world's Jurassic Shenfu coalfield an important part of the initial estimate of the total reserves of more than 500 million tons of proven reserves of 30,000,000,000 tons. City gas distribution in the south, the west has been proved reserves 3,520,000,000 cubic meters, is Jingbian, Yokoyama large gas field is one of the three-rich region. The gas field, gas-bearing surface Large, good quality and is ideal for cities with air quality and chemical raw materials.

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