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"Li Yung from" Dong Xiang Miao Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Southeast Guizhou Miao Village Dongxiang state, with its focus on the most southern part of the most representative and, along the "Rongjiang, Jiang, Liping" line can savor the most unique style Dong Xiang Miao Village. Tourists usually put together three places known as the "Yung from Lebanon."

Rongjiang: Rongjiang is the birthplace of Dong Miao culture, as a result of the river bank into a row of fig So named because, so far there are more than 40 county, 100 up and down the banyan tree. Rongjiang a total of 15 ethnic minorities, including Dong, Miao, Shui, Yao occupy the four main minority of the total population of 84.4 percent, to build a unique geographical Rongjiang color of the national culture.

The relative distribution of national conditions and customs collection To Sambo Dongzhai 1000, down Dongzutaige Jae, 72 Dongzhai, Tong wonders of life as the main scenic spots.

Congjiang: There has been hailed as a "culture of the Hmong living fossil" Basha.

Basha Miao Village is located in the mountains of 90,000 branch Moon Hill in the hinterland, Liu River from the county seat Congjiang Kilometers from the five natural villages, a total of 422.

Basha said to be the ancestors of the Miao is the vanguard of the movement when, for thousands of years, here's a man to retain the custom of braided hair bundle, and hang the birds all the year round the waist bullet gourd, horn, machetes and carry gun powder; woman was string together -Bun, and Play Salisbury, dressed in Miao Wang Fang-Indian dress Triangle graphics.

Liping: Liping is the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the western Hunan, Guangxi Basin and the hills of the transition zone. Here is the most famous scenic spots and eight states Zhaoxingdongxiang River area.

Zhaoxing formerly known as the "Chao Tung" Walled in row upon row of Diaojiao Lou, Xi Lou, Song Ping embellishment Between. Drum Tower 5 in the current Dongzhai in the Drum Tower is the most concentrated, the Drum Tower in-house full of decorative taste Dong Jia, wing angle side canopy filled with animal patterns, the story characters. Huaqiao and the Drum Tower, along the same ceiling Diaojiao Lou, and even as a Feng Yuqiao, even on rainy days can be an However, not wet unharmed.

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