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Yang Jialing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Jialing is in the leadership of the CPC Central Committee from November 1938 to March 1947 period of residence. There was also carried out large-scale production of a vigorous campaign Rectification Movement, the main site of seven of the CPC Central Committee, Yan'an forum on literature and art venue for two visits, the site in the back slope of the hill, scattered A row of the cave, which is Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi and other leading comrades of the home that year.

  From November 1938 to March 1947, Mao Zedong and other central leadership of the CPC Central Committee and lived. During this period, its command of the CPC Central Committee and the Anti-Japanese War battlefield behind enemy lines Introduction of the liberation war, the leadership of the movement and the large-scale production Rectification Movement, held the party's "Seven" and the Yan'an forum on literature and art. This built in 1942 in the Central Hall,
  1945 years from April 23 to June 21 in the grand auditorium of the Central Party held its seventh congress, attended by the General Assembly 547 official representatives of the people, alternate representative of the 208 people on behalf of the 1.21 million party members nationwide. "The Greatest" elections Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Ren Bishi for the secretary of the Central Committee, Mao Zedong as Chairman of the Central Committee and Chairman of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Chairman of the Central Committee. Since then, Mao has been Tam Chairman of the Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Chinese Communist Party has become second only to the world's second-largest party. Seven of the CPC held in the period of democratic revolution of the last and most important congress.

  Mao Zedong from November 1938 to May 1943 to live here, the autumn of 1940, as amended Zaoyuan moved to the central hall of residence, in 1942 and moved back to Yang Jialing. In 1943, Mao Zedong and other leaders here one after another to move from Zaoyuan. Mao Zedong In the meantime, wrote the "May Fourth Movement", "youth movement in the direction", "against the enemy was a good thing, not a bad thing", " Journal of the word "," Bethune Memorial "," China's revolution and the Communist Party of China "and" New Democracy "," Anti-Japanese Base Area of the regime "," anti-Japanese united front strategy "," of the preamble And travel "and" transform our learning "and" rectification of the party's work style, "and" anti - Party jargon "and" economic issues and financial problems "and other works of brilliant.

  Here is the central leadership with Comrade Mao Zedong in Yan'an of the longest-living resident, during a lot of influence.
  Yang Jialing Mao Zedong in the cave before the stone table, met with U.S. reporters Anna Road Sisitelang, popular at that time for "fear of the United States and disease", "all reactionaries are paper tigers," a well-known thesis. In July 1939, Zhou Enlai by the resident Yang Jialing, to make a report of the Central Party School, Sheng Qi shock on the way, he fell in the rock, right arm fracture, as a result of poor conditions at the time treatment, Caused by life-long disability, only the right arm bent 60 degrees.

  Early in September 1939 of an evening, and his wife, Jiang Qing, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Liu Ying Zhang and his wife, Bogut, the wife of Li Fuchun and Cai Chang, and so on in the cave before Deng Xiaoping and Zhuo Lin, Kong Yuan Xu and held the wedding dinner, were the original hole Comrade-in-arms Irrigation was drunk, and those who have amazing Deng Xiaoping, Li Fuchun was Qiao Shi, and other organs, and sufficient water to drink, a drink made from Deng Xiaoping.

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