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Hu Guosi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Guosi Guizhou Province is located in the city of Liupanshui Danxia the Town Panxian water in the mountains, 17 kilometers from the county seat. Hill Danxia 1888 meters above sea level, limestone topography around the cave, mild climate, abundant rainfall and sunny, suitable for tree growth, the ancient "Lin" said Ran in animals and botanical gardens.
  Protector Wanli Ming beginning, the beginning of Taoism as the "Emperor Xuan Gong." Apocalypse 2002 (1662) destroyed in the war, to build the Temple Road to I do not know. Revealed a four-year, Yu Hai, also known as "Bu Mei," Kim Su Xing Anhui, was the Ming Dynasty general. After more than ten years of its hard, Siyu begun to take shape, is the ancestral Danxia Shan mountains. 11-year-zhen (1638), geographer, travel explorer Danxia Xu Shan in person visits. In the shadow of the repair monks, accompanied by Xu visited the place of mountains and rivers, rivers, the humanities, such as traffic, and the information included in one by one, "Xu's Travels", has greatly enhanced the country's Red Hill in the know Degrees.
  Chang Yue-Qing Emperor Qianlong 46 years monk in the beginning of this open Jietan; 30 Guangxu light followed by a monk Tan Kai initiation ceremony for monks, to carry forward Buddhism; Guangxu St. 32 largest financial monks in Beijing have all the Royal Secret Inspector possession of Emperor Guang Xu After, scarf, jade and India, Jinbo. Royal Emperor Guang Xu was also closed, "Qian set of state for South-West Hill Danxia State jungle ", which got its name," Hu Guosi. "Guangxu years, the fruit Zong, who often had to Lingshan Si Guizhou Guiyang, Kunming Qiongzhu Si, Yi Liang of farmington temple abbot, is very popular.
  In 29 years (1940), Yuan Xiu monks Danxia Tan Kai initiation ceremony for monks. At the same time also held 49 days of water and land Lent to the anti-Japanese spirits in front of Memorial. The Buddhist, Xu Yun, China and India, and other optical 13 provinces 7 in the city of 65 monks participated in Dade, Danxia for Temple since the biggest Buddhist activities.
  In 1949, after a large number of monks in the monastery Hu Guosi office of the National abbot of the temple, the abbot. One well-known persons Master welcome home, out of Red Hill, he served successively as Burma, founder of the Buddhist Association of China, the United States after New York, New York, to create Miaojue Temple Monastery is now the abbot. Hu Guosi when people have a reputation, "the monk times," said.
  1958 Danxia forest was felled tree supervisor. In 1964, Hu Guosi fire accidentally, the temples were destroyed. However, no deposit of the temple, but local believers and tourists up the mountain four-Jingxiang remain the same ceremony. In 1981, when the smell in the Master Zhuoxi Danxia Hill, and his disciple Hui is jointly funded reconstruction Hall. In very difficult conditions, the completion of three Tile House, worship Buddha, pilgrims to rely on public donations just to make ends meet. 198 , Chang Wen transferred to master Mercury Temple Hill Danxia are involved in the management of one of the state, Xijie houses destroyed. In April 1985, members of the County People's Political Consultative Conference Tung-jung are Buddhist in the county during the Second Session of the Sixth People's Political Consultative Conference, submitted a "rehabilitation of historical sites Danxia Hill, the development of tourism in the county," Let's case, the initiative to repair Danxia Hill Protector , Have the attention, to be approved by the reconstruction, and the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1986, the foundation official.
  After several years of construction, Hu Guosi existing Mountain Gate, the Hall of Maitreya, the Main Hall, Yu permitted, the Hall of Avalokitesvara, Zhaitang, Kwun Tong, and other construction. Chinese Buddhist Association, Mr. Zhao Puchu personally wrote to the "Dan Hill, "" Hu Guosi "and" Main Hall "horizontal inscribed board. Terauchi is further building Danxia Mountain plan, within a few years to solve traffic one by one, lighting, drinking water and so on.
  Hu Guosi in addition to a collection of Emperor Guangxu of the Royal Secret Inspector objects, there to Zhao Kuo-chung, Weng Tonghe important questions and others, Ying , Paintings and so on. Temple abbot of the New York Miaojue welcome home Master contributions are Yufo Temple, gold Maitreya, the Buddha in Tibet, and Avalokitesvara, and other instruments used in a wide range. Another previous possession of the initiation ceremony for monks with brass by the "bright golden ring Bao Wang Fan-Indian" and the millennium-old "Pattra Sutra", "Guizhou Panxian Danxia Lotus Peak Hill with a warning qianfoensis Recorded ". Hu Guosi scenic spots and historical sites are:
Danxia Jade Buddha Temple Hill. Hu Guosi Yufo hall for a sit-Yufo, Yufo a horizontal, "Lin Yu Fo." Yufo such as domestic and Myanmar, the United States by the Buddhist community gift, an air of serene, with wonderful solemn, can be Fodiao of products. Longpumuta. Long Pu in the 12th Masters with the Hill on behalf of Danxia Fasi, after the death of the all-monks Muta legislation for a public, high-five, before the tower there, "Long Pu Shi Lue's life monument." Muta Block parking spaces for coffins, five from fabric for stone, the ground floor of the Chamber of Secrets Xiucheng. Bier a big front, more than 300 oil-sheng jin, a built-in oil Batteries, fuel lines after the closure of Lotus Lantern, "a long light." This would be subject to a mid Tim oil. "Cultural Revolution" was to blow up Muta has been repaired.
Building on view. In the Tenth Five or six years, where the monks of the Middle Temple in the pool concept to build on the floor, five-storey high, hanging on "South-day scenic spots," horizontal inscribed board. Now be re-financing , Is still "Guanyin floor," Deng Lou considerable magnificent sunset view.
Zi-dong. Danxia at the foot of a mountain, the hole over 400 meters long, Linlang stalactite, Saga rocks. Is now in the construction of a stone cave-in-class, the introduction of lighting circuits, is a further extension of `.

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