Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Security revolutionary site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Security revolutionary site, Zhidan county seat is located in the foothills north blockhouse, July 3, 1936 to January 13, 1937 is the seat of the CPC Central Committee, in April 1936 a national hero Liu Zhidan east at the expense of security after the county changed its name to Zhidan county.
  The central authorities and Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhang and other leading In this period of residence, 21, held a meeting of the Political Bureau (the expansion) to study strategies and decisions issued instructions to adjust the policy so that the formation of anti-Japanese united front; leadership of the Red Army on the one hand, Western Expedition, the realization of the three main Red Army in the north-west Division of the General Assembly, declared a period of two years of the end of the victory of the Long March; arrangements for the reception Into the red zone for the first time in an interview with American reporters Edgar. Snow and Dr Ma Haide, "Red Star over China" made public on the Red Army broke the KMT's rumors and slander the news; Xi'an Incident of the correct approach to resolve a Civil war crisis has become a hub for converting the current situation; start of the Red Army University, for the forthcoming Anti-Japanese War prepared for the full force of cadres and train high-level Red Army commanders, the participants in the Shi Yao, Shi Deng, open playgrounds that the most primitive conditions, a study of the most advanced science and contemporary - of Marxism. Security is a stone cave for the national liberation of the pillars of red iron and steel foundry furnace.

  Security Life from the former site of the Memorial Hall in January 1966 hall, the opening of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other major leaders of the old home of the Central Military Commission and the Conference Room of the Central Political Bureau Conference Room, the former site of the China Anti-Japanese Red Army University. There are preservation of the former site of the cave and stone houses, 24-hole (between), covers an area of 2362 square meters, the library and so on Heritage 24, 1997 and set up the "red all the security" showroom, has greatly enriched the content of the exhibition.

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