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Chongwen tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongwen Jingyang pagoda is located 10 km southeast of the city's Chongwen Hospital School, is the highest in China Zhuanta, has a long history. This tower about 360 years ago, in order to save the country one of the best Zhuanta. Now the provincial-level key cultural unit. Text with the control and protection of the person. Wanli of the Ming Tower for 21 years, is a pavilion Zhuanta, the plane was octagonal, a total of Shi Sanceng, with a total 83.218 meters high, according to the gossip hanging from the top of the ancient principles of design, from the top down to the tower with all the brick building. All robusta for the shape of the tower, the bottom nine meters on each side, a total of around 72 meters, each of the four windows on each floor, each floor outside the four shrines, pay And on. Shrines built in the Ming Dynasty stone Buddha sitting or legislation, different patterns, very lively. The second floor of the south tower to the door engraved with "Chongwen Pagoda" words for the country's most Zhuanta by the twists and turns Tane can climb up to the top of the tower, inside and outside each tour can be. The weather was fine, the top board, Xian, Jing, Wei, Hua Yue, Li Shan Colors are fresh in our memory.
  Chongwen Weiranchuli tower at the north bank of Jing, 10 km southeast of the county seat of rural East Chongwen Taiping Village. This tower in 21 years Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1593) by Yang Jing Li Shang who reached the auspices of advocacy, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, craftsmen built by the construction official, Wanli 33 (1605) for completion. Chongwen tower as a whole with all the brick construction of the tower, a pavilion-style, a total of 13 layers. The bottom of each 9 meters long, 72 m circumference of dollars. Xu Mizuo for Taki, the tower was like robusta. South Tower to the door inscribed "Chongwen Pagoda" 4. Each tower has four four-door niche, or niche in the home or to take, the form different shapes of Health The Ming Dynasty stone Buddha statues. A tower of brick steps, and the twists and turns until the top of the tower. There are several towers on each floor canopy layer stack brick giant discount extended to form more than one meter wide waist canopy platform for visitors to tour around. Brackets on each floor, brick canopies in the first rafter to the particular pieces of brick grinding assembly, Mao mortise together, they match exactly, and there are all kinds of brick Patterns, very spectacular. Campanula are linked to each Yanjiao, Dawn River, Campanula BUZZ sound, the ancient tower has added more charm. At the highest level around the castle-style battlements of buildings which have, when the weather was fine when people travel by overlooking stack, to inspect eight points of the compass, eight water around Chang Yuan Wang, Li Shan as of late Shengjing more impressive fresh in our memory of Jing Second Wei River. Tongpen an original tower, the purchase potted under various different types of copper statue of Buddha 8, it is a pity that in the Guanzhong Tongpen drought in 1929 after the break were stolen, a small bronze statue of Buddha in 1980, also by the local children Dug to sell copper, the county was fortunate that the cultural unit found redemption, existing in the county museum. In the past, the highest Evergreen has a long number of cypress trees, no, 13 is the top layer, a 5 meter high bronze gourd closed-top, quite magnificent.
  Chongwen tower in the form of the Tang Dynasty broke the side of the tower and a typical octagonal, and all of the holes were arch roll style, and its high level of the grand gesture may Tingxiu Great Temple of Xi'an En comparable to the Wild Goose Pagoda.
  "Futu disappeared into the Ai Yun, Wei-shui runoff points near and far." "Do not have long-chu, who made resumption of south-east. Cloudless blue gill cut top, goes for the hat blurred. Respiratory Feng Yusheng, Central Road, Long Qu alone. Chang'an ten, to reduce Only one corner. Under gray as the color and condolences can be formidable. "These Sunburn population poem, describing the Chongwen Pagoda and the majestic presence. Twenty of the first lunar month every year, on the 2nd round for the plethora of local people will be ancient, ancient and out during the exchange of goods, information transmission, agricultural trade, and local drama, acrobatics performances, bustling, there was quite a crowd.
  Chongwen Tower 19 6 years on August 6 has been announced for the relics in Shaanxi Province and a number of key cultural unit. With the reform and opening-up and implementation of the Central Committee of the western development strategy continued to deepen, Chongwen tower has been to the outside world, it has become Jingyang window with the outside world and the world know Jingyang Jingyang to the world of bridge , Which is bound to raise the visibility of Jingyang to attract more and more concerned about people at home and abroad Jingyang, Jingyang's economic growth has played a huge role.

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