Wednesday, December 10, 2008

South River Grand Canyon - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Tao Yuan-ming's second home, Guizhou and the Shangri-La" - South River Grand Canyon;

Yang Kai-South River Valley Park, away from Guiyang City more than 60 kilometers. With typical development, the momentum of the grand canyon karst scenery and the variety of types, the attitude of the thousands of community features waterfalls, is the aesthetic value and scientific value The high spots.

Canyon more than 40 kilometers in length, Qiao Li peak, reached the depths of 398 meters, the experts complete the scientific test results showed that: South River Canyon formation of the oldest, deepest valley, typical for low Zhongshan Valley landscape, Very beautiful and magnificent. Canyon, there are eight natural landscape Yu, falls more than 40 kinds of gestures, the highest drop up to 150 meters.

Development of the area is now 18.4 km, tourists may shun River in Jasper as the river carried out in the thrills of rafting, or a stroll on the cliff path along the cliff, but also through the typical karst forests. Possession of the cliff Monkey, monkey climbing in the play, mandarin ducks in the river, duck tour, groups of fish can be seen on the River Osprey birds flying egret, Wild scene.

South River Grand Canyon has set up a model eco-tourism area rich in natural resources, ethnic song and dance every night you away, the distinctive wooden plant fine Bath, natural spring water swimming pool, a vivid of the Buddha Sakyamuni, as well as the Maitreya Buddha many flickering million, consisting of Foshan, outdoor barbecue, Kuajiangliusuo made you feel good, too happy.

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