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Nanniwan revolutionary site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanniwan at the former site of the revolutionary Yan'an City, 45 km south-east. Nanniwan Junken the cause of the Communist Party of China is the birthplace, is the birthplace of the spirit of Nanniwan.

  100 years ago, this densely populated, adequate water, fertile land, production and economic prosperity are. By the mid-Ching Ming and Qing rulers to stir up Han ethnic disputes, to kill each other, so this has become overgrown with weed and grass, thorns everywhere, few deserted, the beast appeared on the desolate land. Anti-Japanese War into a stalemate after Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang army to the Communist Party, the Anti-Japanese Base Area of the Eighth Route Army launched a large-scale raids and the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of troops surrounded the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region The implementation of strict military siege and economic blockade of a clamor to "starve the Eighth Route Army, the Eighth Route Army in dire strait." At that time, the sparsely populated border, barren land, only 1,400,000 people, it is necessary to take on tens of thousands of cadres, soldiers and students with food and clothing, it is difficult. As Mao Zedong said, "We have to get Not even clothes to wear, eat no oil, no paper, no food, no soldiers footwear, the staff has not been covered in the winter ... ... Our major difficulty is very. "In this critical historical juncture, the party in February 1939 Central Committee, Mao Zedong made in a timely manner "to develop the economy, ensuring supply and demand," the general principle and the "self - Hands-on "and" plenty "of the call to mobilize the broad masses of soldiers and civilians to carry out large-scale production campaign. In 1940, according to Commander-in-Chief Zhu De to carry out large-scale production of the CPC Central Committee on the movement of the spirit of the instructions Nanniwan visits the-spot survey to investigate, the settlers decided to self-sufficiency. 1941 In the spring, one hundred and twenty of the Eighth Route Army division commander and political 359 Wang Zhen led, was ordered into Nanniwan, blazing, land reclamation, Fengcanlousu, overcome difficulties, create material wealth. In 1942, production reached self-sufficiency rate of 61.55 percent; in 1943, the production of self-sufficiency rate of 100%, to 1944, a total of 359 brigade land reclamation 2 .1 Million, 37,000-harvest grain stone, 5624 pigs, grain delivered to the state turned over 10,000 stone to the "cultivation of a more than one." Officers and men simply with their own hands and sweat, will be uninhabited bent Nanniwan "Hirakawa Hong rice, duck fat over the pond. Everywhere crops, cattle and sheep are everywhere," Jiang northern Shaanxi . Feb 1943, northwest of high-ranking cadres Board meeting, Mao Zedong personally for the brigade 4 inscription leading cadres, Wang wrote to the "creativity" and the award of all 359 officers and men of the brigade, named as the "vanguard of economic development" . In March the same year, the Corps of yan'an literary and art circles and labor teams Yangge Lu Yi-80 South to mud Troops, Shaw III, Ai Qing, Fang Tian, and other condolences letter word. He Jingzhi Authors, Mark wrote the song "Blue Cross" to sing: "a good southern northern Shaanxi, the mountain is covered with flowers open, full of (it) Hill; Nanniwan to learn that everything is Jiangnan, to fight again Production, 359 brigade is a model ", from well-known song of the South Wan was born, after Guo Lanying a famous singer to sing, sing all over the north-south river, singing well-known, northern Shaanxi all know that there is a good Jiangnan - Nanniwan. Nanniwan spirit is the spirit of Yan'an is an important component of their self-reliance and hard-core spirit, inspired generations of Chinese people to overcome Difficult to win victories. Since reform and opening up Nanniwan better development and construction, in particular the strengthening of ecological protection and construction. In September 1989, Jiang Zemin, general secretary of Nanniwan inspection, to see the building of a new oil field, looked out the gurgle of crude oil, he said happily: "It seems that this oil than Daqing oil Ah-ching! "" Nanniwan today, and in previous years, generally do not. "Nanniwan now been built to commemorate the revolution in the main, set visit, tourism, economic development as one of the multi-functional economic and cultural center. The beautiful countryside of Scenery, the forests colorful blurred landscape, simple deep cultural practices, inspiring Revolutionary sites, backed each other, the view is refreshing, full of passion.

  Xi'an is located in Nanniwan - tomb - Yan'an - Nanniwan - Hukou Waterfall - Xi'an tourism on the Link. Yan'an is one of the attractions attractions, is also a modern city leisure resort, not the sentiment Tao Zhi Place. Nanniwan the main attractions are: Mao Zedong Nanniwan old inspection, the Department of the former site of the 359 brigade brigade, regiment on July 18 Martyrs Monument, the monument to the martyrs group on July 19, cadres of the Central Authority by the former site of the rest, the reclamation area Nanniwan Government Site, the former site of the Eighth Route Army Artillery School, nine Longquan Nanniwan large-scale production and exhibition room . In April 1992 by the Shaanxi provincial government released the third key cultural unit.

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