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Qingyanguzhen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyanguzhen located in the southern suburbs of Guiyang City, about 29 km away from the urban areas, only 11 years Ming Hongwu (1378), Guizhou is one of the most famous cultural town.
3 square km area of town, follow the layout of the town of Yong Ming and Qing pattern, so far still intact towards the door, back door, as well as old and the oldest stone Taiwan and the wooden counter. Ciyu town buildings, built nine Temple, the Temple of eight, five Court, three holes, the second temple, a palace, a hospital, 30 more than the ancestral hall of the temple, the momentum of these magnificent old buildings, Diaolianghuadong, absolutely exquisite technique, it is Amazing. Although many of them dilapidated, most of the charm still remains, rather watch the price .

Here is a Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity, God taught a few co-exist. In addition to a small town in a large number of temples, retain a Christian church and a Catholic church. Here in Western culture has reached an unprecedented blend.

Qingyanguzhen has a long history, since the Ming-hong 11 (1378) has been set up Qingyan fort 600 years. Early Ming, the central dynasty to control the Southwest border, in 2006 Hongwu (1373) Home Secretary to make Guizhou Wei command, control Sichuan, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi Yidao, as a result of Qingyan located in the Guangxi Guiyang into the portal of your (yang) Fan ( Fan set, this benefits County) are the main Yidao, Yi Dao in the transmission of documents based on the "Shop" and the transfer of military intelligence, "Tong." Garrison Shuangshi peak in the next Yidao next to the construction of the Tuen Mun, known as "Tuen Qingyan." 14 Hongwu (1381) Zhu Yuanzhang expeditionary force sent 300,000 Yunnan-Guizhou, a large number of army Qianzhong into the hinterland after in the next Dynasty, "don" by Into the same soldiers and civilians in the village, "Tuen Qingyan" into a "castle Qingyan." Revealed four years to seven years (in 1624-1627) when the green collar rock garrison, leading Walled 72, eight Fan Control Division of the twelve-lin your class from Fort Qingyan about 1 km of "four" Singapore (place names) to build Tucheng, when they were known as the "city of WANG , The Chinese transliteration of "soldiers city" or "Ying Pun," meaning that this is the embryonic form of this Qingyan City. Tucheng high-risk home, the former Walled Baonei Qingyan people to avoid Binghuo, Tucheng moved into the residence to a gradual scale of Tucheng, the south has become a set back (this water-hui), Guiyang northward, into the West Pingba (County) , Take the East-ri (county) of the Cross to pay Fort. After hundreds of years history, many times the expansion of renovation, and Tucheng to stone walls, stone streets and alleys. Qingyan this city has become a culture of the ancient town of the Ming and Qing style.

Guizhou Province as a historical and cultural town, Qingyan the point as many as 100 cultural relics, of which 23 have been incorporated <. At that time immemorial Change the Lion Rock, the ancient town sites can be seen everywhere. Staggered over the town in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient buildings, including nine Temple, the Temple of eight, five Court, three holes, the second temple, a palace, a total of 37 homes, of which 8 of the existing stone Square Square 3. These old buildings are sophisticated design, exquisite technique works, such as the stone Ciyun Si, life Temple carvings of art are seen in Guiyang fine. Temples, pavilions carved beams are painted buildings, flying white Zhong Yan Kok, although dilapidated, most of the charm still remains.
Qingyan town follow the layout of the town of Yong Ming and Qing pattern, so far still intact towards the door, back door, as well as old and ancient stone and wood counter the counter, Relics in order to give people long. The new mall is more so that the ancient town of the ancient town of charm to carrying forward the legacy.

In the stands have been set to repair the door wide wall, is still faintly visible remnants of the site of the ancient city wall, reminiscent of the ancient town of that year as a military fortress Bingzhun re-set at the majestic. In the face of "Zhao Lun 100 "Unique creative style, Liu was a master sigh as" rare "down the mountain lion, as well as the other two stone Square behind the historical and cultural accumulation, you can savor the epitome of the ancient town part of the culture. Entering Guizhou The first champion ZHAO Jiong to the mansion, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Marshal Office of the Secretary-General's just - Habitat, and shocked the world, "Qingyan lesson plans," as well as the site of Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao, LI, and other relatives of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries have been home, you will have a small town so rich in cultural and admiration.
Qingyan have their own unique and well-known far and near the native products. Sugar Rose (formerly " Piece of sugar ") sweet and delicious, the Department of Euparagonimus wide home in 1874 to 000 in the first production has passed the century-old name. Qingyan two-vinegar has spent 100 years old, has not changed, its thick holding a bowl of vinegar, soy sauce, such as black in color with Red, medium acidity, long aftertaste and the Hong Qu slightly sweet, "the old Guiyang," it is their preference.

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