Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Panxian ancient ginkgo scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Panxian ancient ginkgo scenic spots located in Anshun county set Town's 35km properly Stonebridge Village, the scenic area of about 146km2, including the Lok Man stone bridge in the town area, water Town area, a scenic area outside a city gate, the fire Town area. Growth area within the strain of thousands of ancient ginkgo tree and the youngest 300 years old and older up Chitose.
?? experts believe that such a focus and merging into one village and the ancient ginkgo community in the world is very rare. The local government is planning to declare end of the Shanghai Guinness Book of World Records. Guizhou Province has Panxian ancient ginkgo as a provincial-level scenic spots Scenic Area

?? ginkgo tree is 30 0 million years ago the Earth left over from the ancient plants, known as "living fossils" of the ginkgo tree tree leaves strange, delicate, four seasons, spring green, golden yellow in the fall, the fruits of their "medicine ginkgo can''is rare Ornamental trees. Panxian ancient ginkgo scenic area of Ginkgo biloba tree is extremely unique. Trails, ridge, Wu Ji, stone steps, stretching out in all directions, the whole due musicians up in a village above the roots. Summer in layer upon layer of green leaves now turned into a golden-wide, covered with fallen leaves a stone path, Heiwa housing, post-harvest rice fields ... ... Even in the village of clear and transparent stream, river, stone , Is also a fan of Ginkgo biloba has become the gold decorate.

?? It is reported that the sale of ginkgo fruit, which is the local villagers, one of the main source of income, which the villagers of ancient ginkgo tree all the more cherish. Ginkgo biloba are the body, said nuts, "ginkgo", are valuable drugs and health care hard to come by and file the best food. Ginkgo biloba can extract the drug in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

?? local village people live longer, the average life expectancy of 70-80 years old. Scenic areas within the village of Le due oldest old 106-year-old, ruddy face, every day drinking wine on February 2, 2 Meidun eat a bowl of rice, a bowl of meat and potatoes of the two. In order to improve the ancient ginkgo tree The ecological environment, the local government plans to move about two-thirds of the villagers, only the ancient tile-roofed house of wood and a small number of villagers. I hope this nature be left to the people's strange village has been retained to go for visitors and local people to bring more enjoyment.

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