Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Qian Fosi Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qian Fosi Grottoes, also known as Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Stone Temple space, such as the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes. Is located in Huangling County of Yan'an City, 40 km west of the Department Ssangyong village in the town of the West, dug grottoes in the Mid-levels between the old quarry area.

  This single-room cave to cave, the cave mouth Department for the three-room stone carved stone cave Fangmu canopy structure, 2.02 m wide inter-Ming, the 5.04 m-wide Yan Zhu for the octagonal, in order to review Lin Po-loaded live basis. Between the stigma linked to the amount of late, Shi shop four brackets, a single copy sumac fight, so that for the facilities for wood, for the Fang canopies. There are post-Song Chongning 3 years under (1102 ~ 1106) title tourists in mind. Cave and the Cave Grottoes in Shanxi for the canopy to retain the original intact, is to study Construction of the Song Dynasty valuable information. Grottoes was flat "CONVEX" shape, sit west to east, the cave mouth for a square, 2.4 meters wide and 2.6 meters deep, there are more than 60 Buddha statue.

  I have a cave shrines around the one to two garden column and separated into the three hole, as Yan Lang. There are brackets on the second floor. This is like the construction of the Song Dynasty Chisel, very magnificent. In the middle is the entrance to the corridor Liangbi relief as the Goddess of Mercy. Grottoes within 5.3 meters high, 9.3 meters wide, 12 meters deep. For the middle of the shrines, 3.38 meters high, 5.9 meters wide and 4.73 meters deep, with the Big Buddha seated 12. Central sitting Buddha, standing on both sides of the Monju, Fugen II Kassapa and Savimbi, the two disciples Ananda. Cave has carved the middle of a Guanyin Qianshouqianyan. Cave carved with things Liangbi high of 2.8 meters Oliver 9, in which a gesture Dongbi barefoot beautiful statue holding a bowl. There are 500 Ocean and the posterior wall of a hundred followers from the statue of bladder, large scenes, magnificent, and to inter-Fo Yuefa map, pan de map Enlightenment under the bodhi tree, Puji-story Buddha, and other living creatures. South-east wall has carved Buddha 24, the north-east wall there is 16. The proportion of co-ordination statue, smooth blade, a strong sense of texture, especially the head, hand, foot versed in the art reached a high level, is a sculpture art. Cave north side of the wall before the pharmacist for the Buddha, 2.55 meters. Buddha pharmacists left Chubachi hold, right-handed measures "for curing diseases and India", for the next seven Buddha, under the tower for the two monks, for head-like look. Pharmacist Buddha to the top of the drive against the wind and fly like a trip. Flying a right hand begging, begging a flying left-handed, both by wishful clouds. Inscription inside the cave, according to records, the caves dug in the Song Dynasty St. years ago thousands of high archaeological value and research.

  August 6, 1956, Shaanxi Provincial People's Committee for the release of the first provincial-level key protection units. Grottoes are to repair Lam Wai-ring, summer and fall, whirling shade, cool unlimited, and one group "deeply Buddhist temple flowers and trees" Realm of extraordinary. Huang Zhen grotto under the temporary roads, each day from the county seat of China and Pakistan issued a vehicle for sightseeing.

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