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Fenghuangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phoenix Mountain is located in Yan'an City, Yan'an is a "famous four", "Chui Xiao Ye Feng cited" named after the legend, the past can be a great spot Yan'an place. Qing "Yan'an Chi House" set: "the inter-city, the tooth Wei-ran, for the first Koriyama, there are towns Lau, Song Jian Fan Zhongyan, Canbei still." Fenghuangshan top 1132 meters above sea level, in order to Yan'an City, hills around the crown, is also relying on the main city of Yan'an, the ancient city defense fortifications were built in the mountains of the east slope of Hill and the banks, Cheng troops to root Walled place. There are ancient ruins in the mountains in the town Lau, Phoenix House, Wenchang Pavilion, Walled Rokuro, Di Qing Chai and legends in the Northern Song Dynasty Yang Rokuro (Yanzhao) summoned to the building and soldiers dug hole. The mountains along the ancient city wall of the building, according to research, founded in 215 BC, have elapsed since the years 2000, Yan'an was the first urban flood control construction, the largest and most complete at present to retain a city. It has been set, and after the Qin Shi Huang unified the Central Plains to the north Slavery was a threat to the security of the Qin Dynasty of the main enemy, the general life force lead Mengtian 300,000 North Hun levy. In order to advance and retreat Mengtian cutting open division, to take two important military strategy of steady offensive line to play safe, defensive-line step-by-step in order to attack Shouzhi. Extension of the state out of its course, life has been building large-scale construction in the Phoenix Mountain For the pool, with the border war for a long time the chain and the rehabilitation of all ages, especially the famous Tang Dynasty Yuchi Gong guarding the extension of the period, the Governor personally repair the city expanded. Since then, the famous Northern Song Han Qi, Fan Zhongyan, who Pang, Yang Jiaqiang, Shen Kuo, such as when stationed at improving the human reinforcement, so that the city form a magnificent scale, joint military around the To the throat to a total of five across the city, was history as the "five Hualien City." Shi-Sheng Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty to avoid Shih, through the extension of the state, the brush to write "plug-Lo" line: "Three Pagoda bell Wen-chuan, Shih skin (this Yanan) crow five city should be."
  Fung Wong Shan in this ancient city wall appears to be simple, but Reduction of the historical situation of the Millennium, the combination of the broad masses of officers and men of the frontier soldiers and civilians from the blood and sweat, her words become a historical monument, a heavy historical connotations of the landscape. January 13, 1937, Mao Zedong led Yanan city after??????stationed. The first residence is Phoenix Mountain. As a result, Fung Wong Shan in the name of more Famous. Beautiful and mysterious ancient and modern legends, much more to the history of this ancient city to add a bright, famous people throughout history have been climbing Range Rover, overlooking the magnificent scenery of Yan'an. At that time, even Riliwanji Mao Zedong's also busy drawn by free climbing at a time when Shang Jing Xu Teli congratulations for the 60-year-old, this Teachers to teach the moves in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border was shocked, and it was legendary for a long time. In recent years, with the development of Yan'an city, Fung Wong Shan in the past has been in Yan'an City, northwest of the barrier and into today in the mountain city of Yan'an City Park. In the mid-80, set up in Yan'an National Forest Park, Phoenix Mountain To include Phoenix in the mountains now Shijingyousui, cool shade, Deng Lin Feng-ting, relaxed and happy, Yan'an has become extended visitor and to a long-term perspective, leisure and entertainment, the city of Yan'an is a new tourist resort.
  Of the CPC Central Committee on January 13, 1937 to November 20, 1938 by the Manner. During this period of the CPC Central Committee, the Agrarian Revolutionary War to the War of Resistance Against Japan is a strategic transformation period, and spent the strategic defensive phase of the War of Resistance Against Japan. In order to meet the full implementation of the Anti-Japanese War of Resistance Against Japan and line of the CPC Central Committee held a number of important meetings, such as Luochuan and the sixth meeting of the Sixth Plenary Session, and so on, promoted The rapid development of the work. Now here are open for visits Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, the former site of the old and the Red Army General Staff. Mao Zedong was an old sit in the northwest to the southeast of the courtyard, the hospital 3 to the left of the house is confidential Branch, 4 to the right of the kitchen, a positive Ming is one of the two dark Shiyao 3, the cave is on the left of Mao East Room of the books, is on the right side and the Office of the bedroom. Mao Zedong's Red Army General Staff in the south of the old, the hospital in a positive 3 hole Shi Yao, Liu Bocheng and chief of staff tende far, Xiao Jin-ray and so on have lived here. Geshan the door on the right side there is a big house, is the research operations. In the north-west corner of the courtyard there are a few Dao-shaped house The office is confidential. Zhu De, Zhou Enlai at the old General Staff of the opposite ramp, a 3-hole and 10 Xiaoqing Shi Yao tile-roofed house, in which a positive 3 hole cave was shared by Zhou Enlai and Zhu De. ??

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