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Han Yangling - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Han Yangling is the Han Jing Di Liu and Wang with the Queen's grave buried together different points of the cemetery, located in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province this is Weicheng Qu Zhangjiawan Town, north of the village after the Xianyang to the original cross-Weicheng Qu Xianyang City, Jingyang, Gao Lingxian three counties.
Since May 1990, the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Institute of Han Jing Yang Ling carried out large-scale survey, mapping, drilling, excavation and research, has achieved many remarkable research to explore. Han Yangling Mausoleum plane was irregular-shaped gourd, nearly 6 km from east to west, north-south 1-3 km wide, with an area of about 12 square kilometers. The Mausoleum, the tomb after the South, the North from the mass grave, Only cemetery, mausoleum, and other temple-building ceremony, Yang Ling and Pei Zangmu Park town, and other parts. Mausoleum west of the East Block, in the cemetery in the central west; after the hills, the south from the mass graves, mass graves from the North, one construction-site equidistant Mausoleum located in the corners; Peizang Mu Fei Bin Luo and the district by Stone Site is located on both sides of the North-South Mausoleum, symmetrical Prison cemetery and three construction sites in the west side of the Mausoleum, North-South arrangement of the word; Peizang Mu chessboard-like park located in the eastern side of the Mausoleum of both sides of the Sima Road; Yang Ling is in town at the eastern end of the cemetery. Mausoleum of the entire cemetery in the center, protect the corners, the north-south symmetry, things connected, the layout of regular, structured, the only shows I Royal sense of respect and strict hierarchy.
Emperor Han Yangling, after the hills are "sub"-shaped, west of the East Block of proven, Ling archeology in the Western Han Dynasty XI is the first time. This finding has basically solved the Han Tomb on the academic side or the South East side of this debate the long-term problems, according to deny the Han Dynasty Mausoleum Zhao Mu layout of the system point to solve the system of the Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the study a major problem.
  Mausoleum in the park from 86 mass graves found in the drilling and for the Excavation of Han Tomb of the field research, drilling and exploring a new subject for the study of Mausoleum of the system opened up new horizons. From these mass graves and the distribution of Funerary items placed inside, and no doubt at the time of the court system, so the group from the excavation of mass graves and research, the court system of the Han Dynasty, the imperial life, funerary practices of the study are of great value.
South Gate Cemetery Mausoleum Que is the first excavation of the times, the highest level, the largest Keep the best 3 Que site, and its doors for Que explore the origin, development, Que door system formation, impact, as well as the ancient Chinese architectural history research will play an important role. In addition, the South Gate Que sites also have unearthed the earliest found in the current quality of the brick go chess set, ceramic ridge and the largest animal Banwa and so on.
Bit South East Mausoleum, the tomb after the due south from the Southern District of mass graves in the northwest and the Mausoleum of mass graves from the North District, covers an area of 96,000 square meters respectively. 90 years -97 years, one after another in the Southern District of the 14 pits were discovered as a whole or part of the test dig, the pit has arranged intensive warrior figurines group, piling up the food warehouse, and cattle Sheep, pigs, dogs, chickens, such as ceramic animals and groups of pottery, iron, copper utensils life, a complete picture of the Han Dynasty of the military scene, may be related to the Western Han period, "Southern Army", "Northern Forces" have a certain relationship . Luo Shi by the Mausoleum is located southeast of the site. Uplift terrain here, was gentle slope-like appearance. According to the archaeological drilling a , A square near the site plane, while about 260 meters, a trench around the periphery. Center, site of some of the top place with a square piece of stone, called the local people "by Luo Shi", as measured by the north-south direction is. According to the study speculated that it may be for the construction of Yang Ling, when the level of calibration, measurement of height and position of the mark, At present, the world found that the standard measurement of the first stone. This construction site resounding terrain, the layout of regular, large-scale, Yang Ling should be the cemetery of the most important ceremony of construction of one of the system.
Mausoleum in the prison cemetery about 1.5 kilometers to the northwest, the area of 80,000 square meters, was found in the early 70's, The total buried here in prison for more than 10,000 people. 72-year excavation of the 29 tombs, found 35 human skeletons, arranged in order of their graves, the remains messy, pillow each other nationality, buried in haste, no items buried with the dead. Most of the skeleton wearing a "clamp" and "Di" and other types of iron instruments of torture, there are some obvious chop chop marks .
Pei Zangmu Park West from the eastern side of the Mausoleum of about 1100 meters, east to Ma Wan Xiang Jia Ya-meter highland village edge. A total length of 2350 meters, covering about 3.5 square kilometers. Muqu as a whole has been divided into a number of trench box, into the cemetery, the cemetery of these things into a row out into North and South, was board-like distribution. This Pei Zangmu found in the large number of Park, Wai integrity of the ditch, structured layout, arranged in an orderly manner, is clearly designed and arranged. The discovery in the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the 11 archaeological study is the first time, an important research value.

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