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Baiyun Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

JIAXIAN Baiyun Mountain in northern Shaanxi is located 5 km south of the Yellow Sea, as a result of the mountain monuments built Baiyun, the foot of the mountain valleys of the Yellow River singular style and famous. Baiyun built in the Song dynasty, the Qing Ming owners. Wanli next 46 years, the Wanli emperor Zhu Yijun Baiyunshan to a pro-imperial decree issued, thanks to the pro-imperial "possession of Road" 4726 Since then known earthquake, local officials and people with disabilities letter literally create a Taoist temple. After experiencing continued construction on behalf of the conversion, a total of Baiyun covers an area of 81,000 square meters, mainly built by Road, both Buddhist and Confucian temples, 54, 99 kinds of paintings, there are both ancient, sculpture, painting, calligraphy And music-rich culture of fine , Become famous Taoist Holy Land, the Northwest's largest group of ancient buildings in the Ming Dynasty, the most influential in northern Shaanxi Taoist culture destination. Baiyunshan a national key cultural unit, scenic spots and places of worship.

  Baiyunshan Guchen Yong Ling, also called Ridge Saga, after the white clouds throughout the year as a result of wind around, Baiyun Mountain said, because of the temple, "the Mountain Gate without lock Bai Yun Feng" and called Baiyun. Baiyun Taoist resort, since the Ming Emperor Wanli thanks to the pro-imperial "possession of Road" after the 4726 volume to reputation earthquake, focused incense over the centuries, pilgrims near and far who have come so far. In addition, Baiyun, or the entire northwest region's largest Gu Ming Dynasty buildings, row upon row of large and small halls of the temple, look at the major magnificent, absolutely exquisite look small. In the Baiyun can also be seen not far from the Yellow River Grand Canyon, the vigorous northern Shaanxi Loess scenery at a glance.

  According to the "good records" records, Wanli next 33 years (1605), and finally Sandoz Liyufengyun tour of the Quartet, came to Baiyun Mountain, Mountain View, and watch his show, we live Jie Lu, medical herbs, and set up of Christians, Puji all living creatures, he noble medical ethics, medical skills, a four-time famous, Million by name Yufeng respect for the real person. Baiyun is a real person under the auspices of the start of construction.

  White Hill is a typical view of the temple culture, it is the motherland's traditional culture, in all cultures, the Yellow River culture, the Loess culture, national culture, such as organically in a melting furnace, and its profound meaning, diversity, wide-ranging, after all, a great culture Treasury security.

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