Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hong Jiannao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the 140 km to the north of Yulin, Shaanxi Province is the largest inland freshwater lake, "Sha Pearl." The lake area of 60 square kilometers, the vast Yan Bo, the unique landscape. Here you can enjoy sun, sand and water, sand can also watch the gulls, Swan Lake and the fish itself, very happy Kosai the south bank of a peninsula known as Red Rock Island, the island has many wild plants of the sand, it is worth to go.

  Hong Jiannao Forest is located in the northeast corner of the town of Rabbit with a total area of 54 square kilometers, Shaanxi Province as the largest inland lake. The average water depth of 15-16 meters, the greatest depth of 20 meters, with a total volume of 8.1 Cubic meters. Zhasa cents a dry creek, covered Python Rabbit River 7, and other seasonal rivers into the lake. Hong Jiannao white swans, gulls, wild fish, mandarin ducks, egrets, and so on more than 30 kinds of birds and more than 10 kinds of fish such as carp. Hong Jiannao not only as a tourist destination, Hong Jiannao of fresh fish and delicious and tender and delicious.

  Hong Jiannao clear water Days, yellow and white clouds, vast Yan Bo, the shuttle boat, the fiery sunset, night fishing boat song, the Youth Pre-employment swans, gulls sand Xiang Ji, lakeside grassland groups of sheep, people to enjoy the natural beauty of a harmonious environment.

  Hong Jiannao is a good place for leisure travel, yachts, boats, yurts, trees and grass, flood land, restaurants Hotel can be found everywhere, blue sky and white clouds, water grass distance call accordingly, backed each other, even more charming.

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